Sunday, October 24, 2021


Do you plan to sell your RV within the next year?

Many seasoned RVers are thinking about hanging up the keys on their RVing days – newbie RVers, crowded campgrounds, expensive amenities, reservation systems that are so frustrating they make a person want to throw their computer out the window… camping is not what it use to be.

Have you thought about selling your RV? Do you think you’ll do so? Do you think you’ll sell it within the next year? After you vote in the poll, please leave a comment and explain your answer. Thanks!


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Steve Perkinson
7 days ago

I really like the model I have. Allegro Open Road 32SA

10 days ago

We owned 2 class B’s for a total of 40 years. Have owned a class C for 6 years. It makes me want to travel and camp even more! As long as my hubby is physically able to travel (I drive) we plan to keep this rv.

14 days ago

I was watching an RV show and they said on average the typical RV owner keeps his or her RV for about 8 years before selling. Since my mothers death I have contemplated selling mine since she helped me buy the unit. I will travel probably another 3 years before selling mine. I do not see myself traveling with my daughter like I did with my mother in the coming years. Selling now? Not yet. But in a few years? Probably.

Susan Smith
15 days ago

No, we won’t be selling our 2008 26′ RV anytime soon that we’ve named Goldilocks. We bought her 3 years ago after buying a used 20′ (too small), then trading that one in for a used 30′ (too big) and then trading that one in for the used 26′ (just right). She’s the perfect size for my husband and me to live in full-time right now and can be parked easily if we camp somewhere else..

15 days ago

We both love our 19′ TT and plan on keeping it for many years. It’s a perfect size for us (PTers) and our 2 little weiner dogs. It has all that we want and almost nothing we don’t.

Julz RV traveler
16 days ago

We only plan to sell/trade for more horsepower. Loving every minute in our A!

Roger lee lyle
17 days ago

have an A might look for a high end C

Diane Mc
18 days ago

No, God willing. At our ages, never know what could be around the corner. Plans all set for 2 months Feb/Mar & another month in May, 2 weeks in September. Will keep going until we can’t.

Sink Jaxon
18 days ago

Well well, I was censored by RVT…guess I’m done for telling the truth. Bye bye RVTravel, it was fun while it lasted…hahaha! 🙂

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
18 days ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

You know the rules, Sink. No name-calling, putting people down, etc. I left your comment in for awhile but when someone came back at you and they were slamming you and your comments, I just deleted both before things got any worse. Sorry ’bout that. (Not.) But if I hadn’t done it, someone else would have. [Kinda made me feel like sending my sons to their rooms for fighting. Can’t do that anymore, now that they don’t live here (for one thing), and because they’re 42 and 45. Oh, and they’re both 6’8″. So, kinda tough to send them to their rooms.] Yep, it’s been fun. Take care, Sink, and enjoy your fresh fish. 🙂 –Diane

14 days ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

Sounds like the battle this newsletter created between the vaxx and anti vaxx and the campground that says vaxx up or don’t come. Missed that little comment but glad to see things are kept on the up and up.

Mister Ed
18 days ago

Done full-timing. Selling 5th wheel and buying a Class C and start touring Canada from coast to coast! We hope!

18 days ago

Yes because of age – mine and the RVs’! Me 82; RV, 2007 Teton fifth wheel and it has developed water leak in the side wall that I am unable to repair myself. I may buy a smaller tow camper for those times I just have to get the heck out of here.

Gene L
18 days ago

We are 5 years with our third MH. Just put it up for sale today. It’s been a difficult choice to make. We are too young to stop but health issues are driving the sale. Plus campground and reservation issues also take the fun out of leaving on a moments notice. Maybe we will return in a few years.

18 days ago

Started rving with my partner when i retired in 2001. Suspended, other than annual fishing trip, due to his health issues in 2015. He passed in 2019 and i have renewed a “close-to-fulltime” existence which i missed considerably. Unless physical limitation happens, I plan to continue for at least 7+ years. Then reevaluate!

Jim G.
18 days ago

My 1985 Molded Fiberglass travel trailer suits me just fine and I plan to keep for quite a long time.

Dan H.
18 days ago

24’ MH will be for sale soon. This our 3rd MH and last one, tired of repairs, and highway noise. Sold the toad this week. New Ford truck due next week that was ordered 30 days ago. 27’ travel trailer has been on order since last May, hopefully get it next April. Hope we have 5 years left on road, than will park it somewhere as a get away. On a funny note. Try to trade-in a toad or get another dealer to buy it, they look at the car like it’s from outer space.

John Koenig
18 days ago

Full Timer here with NO desire to return to home ownership. In many cases, it’s the home that OWNS the owner. High taxes + utilities + maintenance etc, etc, etc. The ONLY thing I miss about my “stick & brick” is the deluxe shower & the whirlpool tub. Now, if the collective “we” could get COVID under control, I could get back on the road. Sadly, I DON’T see that happening anytime soon. I expect that 2022 will largely be a repeat of 2020 + 2021 🙁

Gary G
18 days ago

Might sell the fifth wheel, but will replace it with a smaller unit or a shorter motor home.

Bob Weinfurt
18 days ago

My MH is 44 years old but still going. It’s served me well and is my home away from home. It’s pretty basic and easy to repair when needed. Really don’t want to have the headaches that some newer ones have.

Steve S
18 days ago

No, we are full timers

Lee Cattaneo
18 days ago

I answered yes as I don’t see that we will ever get back to the freedom to roam that rving used to provide.