Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Do you know how to use a sewing machine?

Today’s million-dollar question, ladies and gents: Do you know how to use a sewing machine? And gentlemen, this isn’t just for your lady. Do you know how happy they’d be if you could alter their new dress for them? Fix the hems on their pants? Sew the kids a new scarf? They’d be thrilled! If you think sewing is for sissies… you’re wrong!

If you can’t sew though, you’re not alone. The British Heart Foundation’s Big Stitch Campaign found that 60 percent of UK residents cannot sew. We’re going to guess that number is the same, if not less, for U.S. residents too.

Oh, and if you or someone you live with does like to sew but can’t bring their sewing machine in the RV with them, check out this mini one. It’s perfect for small spaces!


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Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

When I was a kid I used my mothers sewing machine more than she did. Now that I’m older and retired, I have it in my attic but haven’t used it in decades.

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Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 month ago

I didn’t vote, I always wanted to sew but but life hasn’t allowed. Took a semester in junior high school. Bought a sewing machine second handwhen with X but was not allowed to use it because of “too messy” although his board war games were ok to spread out all over apartment. Ever hear “you have to spend money to save money? Got yelled at for spending LESS than he did on one game board (machine tools pattern thread cloth) Now, I would be willing to trial with an instruction book and EZ pattern..

Jennifer R Willner
1 month ago

I have sewed my own clothes since I was about 10, which makes it 50 years now. I have a little side custom sewing and alterations business. I have sewn all the curtains, cushions and bed covers for our RV. I conceded the new dinette cushions to a professional upholsterer though. I take my sewing projects with me on the road and purchased a lightweight portable but heavy duty sewing machine just for the RV. Of course. I set up the machine and ironing pad outside, under the awning, on a folding table we take with us. I plug into an outlet on the side of the RV. It’s pretty awesome to take my hobby, and business, everywhere with me.

1 month ago

Back in the ’50s, Mom made chair back covers for the kitchen chairs. I was 6 and she let me hem the matching cloth napkins for the table. I now have my own antique sewing machine in my shop to make sleeves for some tools, new seat covers for my shop stools, etc. My wife has two machines set up for “daily” work – from my ’80s leisure suits, shirts and ties, to bridesmaids dresses, dresses for her and daughter, and a whole bunch other things that can be sewn, to include Teddy Bears. Plus 3 antique pedal machines and a small travel machine. Still have my Mom’s machine that I learned on. Sew I guess we so. ??

."Gene Bjerke
1 month ago

I answered that I know how to use a sewing machine, but I am very limited. I taught myself the basics by borrowing my mother’s old treadle machine to cut down a sail years ago. I could run a straight stitch if I had to, but I have always been married to a woman who was a skilled seamstress, so I haven’t done any machine sewing in years. I can hand stitch a bolt rope to the edge of a sail, but my fingers have gotten too clumsy to handle anything smaller than a sail needle.

John Koenig
1 month ago

Five+ DECADES ago I worked in a Singer Sewing Machine retail store in NYC where I learned how to operate a sewing machine. I don’t know if there are any singer retail locations left.

1 month ago

Learned to sew when I was a young teenager, my Mom taught me. Then I had a semester of sewing in “Home Economics” class in 9th grade. I made a lot of my clothes when in high school. I mostly do quilting now, still love to sew.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

Had a sewing class in Home Econ in high school (also cooking). My Dad was a tailor. So my Dad would help me on difficult things, like sleeves. Had the best, no pucker, perfect sleeves in class. I made school clothes for my younger sister & myself. 3 brothers escaped. Haven’t sewn since then. Thinking I could with a little refresher.

1 month ago

I put “..don’t know how..” although from watching my wife, mother and sisters I think I could attach two pieces of material. To qualify this I think I could fly an airplane too but would not attempt that even though I’ve seen many airplane movies.

Mike Albert
1 month ago
Reply to  Impavid

I think you could just use duct tape and staples to put two pieces of fabric together. Never tried to sew on a machine. My wife has one, used it to make the kids Halloween costumes (really good), tried to make a costume for both of us and ended up in the ER where she worked since she sewed through her finger. OUCH! We now have an additional anchor for our boat if needed.
Be safe!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Hi, Mike, and Impavid. I learned at a very young age not to run the sewing machine needle through my finger. It was a painful lesson, but I never did it again. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

1 month ago

Know how to use and know enough not to use it😊

1 month ago

we don’t now and never have had a sewing machine.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

Haven’t really needed to sew since Boot Camp in the late 80’s, but it’s not a skill you easily forget. Besides, there is a manual, right??

David Telenko
1 month ago

I wanted new front seat covers for my CJ-5 Jeep. So I took a sewing class at an adult school. Was fun learning & how to use a walking foot sewing machine. Several years later a buddy was selling his walking foot machine, so I bought it. Have made tons of covers for stuff & the like. I’m not by any means a seamstress but have fun using it. Hardest part is remembering how to properly set it up!

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Back in the 50’s when I was in grammar school they taught us (girls AND boys) how to use sewing machines. Unheard of now, of course. I bought a “Frostline” kit and made a stuff sack for my sleeping bag. That raggedly bag is still with me with that ancient goose down sleeping bag is as well.

That was my last project (1978).

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
1 month ago

Sandy is great with a sewing machine. For our 2015 HR Ambassador she made a Cover for our Tow Bar Package, Windshield Wiper Covers and Covers for our Side Mirrors. Of course she does the usual house sewing duties at our Brick and Stick home up north. We also have a small sewing machine we carry in our Coach. Stay safe, Stay well

Montgomery D. Bonner
1 month ago

Oh, before then bought antique ones in Scotland, and rebuilt them as hobby. Now fix singer ones if necessary. Have two featherweight’s and carry one on long trips in case we need one. Maybe the best built singer ever made.

Montgomery D. Bonner
1 month ago

Used to sell them for sears, that is where I learned how to use one.

1 month ago

Also travel with a sewing machine which came in handy when the first lock down hit and I needed to make masks. There’s a FB group called RV quilters.

jim R
1 month ago

I once made a cover for my 19 foot sailboat using a heavy duck cotton. My 5 years in the Navy came in handy; I used every swear word I ever learned….

1 month ago

I’ve been sewing on machines since I could read, or thereabouts. My husband was also taught to sew. We both make quilts, although he only does occasionally. We have a herd of machines, Vintage Singers (1950-1960), including a hand crank one bought mostly to take camping; I have a couple of classic electric ones that occasionally go in with me, but we seldom have power and no generator. 2 modern machines. I have sewn most anything over the years, with the exception of tailored clothing, incuding totes, small awnings, etc. for our popup and small travel trailer.