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Did you serve in the military?

Did you serve in the military? If so, thank you for your service! This poll is for the ladies and gents of the audience, so don’t be afraid to vote.

If you feel like leaving a comment and telling us when and where you served, we’d love to hear your stories. Thanks!


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10 months ago

1969-71 US Army. Ft Knox~FT Sill: Basic, AIT & Artillery Combat Leadership; Vietnam: 20 months in 25th Infantry and 1st Cav Airmobile (less 2-month all expenses paid vaca in Cambodia in May~June 1970). I was in 102 howitzer batteries on guns and then in Fire Direction Center, always split battery with just 3 guns providing direct support. Proud to have served – would do so again. History: Dai Viet militarily conquered southward from the 12th century to mid 1800’s when French came. Reunification was nothing more than “we want back what we had conquered” to Ho and Giap. The south and central deserved to have their independence – including from the French.

Thomas A. Cronquist
10 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Thank you for your Support. I was with the A 1/5 Cav and arrived in Country in December 1970, and hear stories about the drive into Cambodia. In 1972, back to Tigh Nin and help the ARV’s again in Cambodia. Was at Fire Base Mace. Great guys and thank you for your Artillery Support on my missions.
Tom Cronquist

Joni Weed
10 months ago

I guess that I am a little shocked to see that only 3% of respondents say they are a woman and they served. I was an active duty army nurse, a nurse in the reserves, and a civilian nurse for DOD while serving with my active duty husband. All in all, this covers 20 years of my life. Women in the armed services are usually independent and adventure seeking. Anyway, that is my experience. Wonder where they are? RVing is a great time for my retired spouse and me.

Joan Richardson
10 months ago

1973-1978 Army Reserve Unit. At now defunct Persideo. Letterman hospital in ICU/CCU and NICU. Enjoyed a couple summer camps as a nurse for a boy scout camp just outside Yosemite.

Steve Brooks
10 months ago

USAF, October 1966 – October 1970. Assignments: Cigli AFB in Izmir, Turkey, and Westover AFB in Massachusetts.

Arthur Ruggles
10 months ago
Reply to  Steve Brooks

You are the first person I’ve heard of who also served USAF in Cigli AB, Izmir. I was in Usaf Security 1959-62, 11/2 year in Izmir. From time to time I look through photos and 8mm movies from then. It was an eye-opener experience. Art Ruggles

Mark O.
10 months ago

USAF, 1975 to 1980. Loring AFB in Limestone, Maine. Was an AF brat for my entire childhood and saw the whole country. Great way to grow up.

10 months ago

USAF 1977-1981.

Roy Davis
10 months ago

Failed my physical! My twin brother passed and served.

Don Ramsey
10 months ago

Yes, served 1967, discharged 1970. Was in Vietnam 1967-1968 and in Germany 69-70, rest of time was in U.S.

Vanessa Simmons
10 months ago

After 12 1/2 years as an Air Force officer, I got out to raise two boys in central Montana. I joined the Army Reserves and did another 11 years as a supply Sgt. Loved the structure and adventure.

Michael Arndt
10 months ago

Yes, 1969 to 1989

10 months ago

Yes I served my 20 years with the United States Air Force. I think the best years of my life. I loved the structure things done by the book not the wing it attitude of the outside world. The friends I made foreign and at home. Visited 37 countries and never would have been able to afford such if not for the military. My children got to see and visit places most children will never get a chance to. And moving every 4 or so years might be difficult but they made many friends and still converse today with. Military brats they weren’t and how others parents were impressed with their respectfulness, honesty and structure they presented. I’d do it all over again.

Teresa Bryan
10 months ago

I served 29 years in the Air Force. Loved every minute of it! Women served too!

Richard Winchester
10 months ago

Joined the Army Oct 11, 1966 at the age of 17, took basic Ft Lewis, Washington. Completed Combat Engineer Training at Ft Leonard Wood, MO. Also known as little Korea. During my 23+ years included 4 tours in Germany 2 tours in Viet Nam. A short tour at Ft Hood, Texas where I met the love of my life and we are still married after 48+ years. 1 tour at Ft Benning, GA. And 2 tours as a Drill Instructor and Senior Drill Instructor at Ft Leonard Wood. Retiring in January 1990.

10 months ago

US Army March 1970 until March 1996. Mixed AD and USAR. Retired 1996 after a major reorganization in the USAR program. Retired and enjoying life. It was my pleasure to serve.

Lawrence Neely
10 months ago

The draft ended as I left high school but I applied for an Air Force Scholarship. But I flunked the physical for a pilot (very picky back then). But I worked in the Defense industry doing military avioncs systems.

10 months ago

No I didn’t serve. But was a Air Force brat. My Dad was in for 25 yrs. My brother was in the Army for 4 yrs. Thank you to all the Veterans for your service!

Joseph A Daily
10 months ago

My brother a Marine in China in 1945 received a telegram which said, “Another Marine hit the beach today. Mom’s doing fine! I became a Marine 19 1963 a few days short of 18 years later. I was in SE Asia in 1964, 1965 and 1966. Once a Marine always a MARINE!

10 months ago

US Army 1966 thru 1969. SE Asia 13 mo. 1 day. When got back to the States we were not allowed to wear our uniforms in public. Was in Chicago during Democratic Convention. What a mess! Being in uniform would have been dangerous.

Bob P
10 months ago

I proudly served 7 years 7 months to the day in the US Marine Corps, including a year and 13 days in Vietnam. I returned home 17 days early on emergency leave because my wife and new baby were in the hospital for surgery plus I was due for discharge on November 10. Everything went well.

Bob M
10 months ago

I served in the Air Force. Then got a civilian job with the Army. Retired with almost 37 years federal service which included my Air Force time supporting the Warfighter. Thanks and God Bless to all who served.

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