Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Do you mostly brush your teeth with a standard or electric toothbrush?

Brush, brush, scrub, scrub, oh what lovely teeth you have! When you brush your teeth do you do so with a standard toothbrush or with an electric toothbrush?

We know today’s poll isn’t the most exciting, but forgive us. We’re still in a turkey coma and we have toothbrushes on our mind since we brushed our teeth A LOT after all those desserts!


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9 days ago

Both, Morning brush manual, night electric

10 days ago

Electric hooked up….Manual boon docking

Jeff Craig
11 days ago

About a decade ago, my dentist recommended I use a Sonicare toothbrush and Waterpik due to my bleeding gums and the risk of periodontal disease. I got both from Costco when they were on sale and within two semiannual cleanings, my dentist saw marked improvement. After a few years, my gums were back where they ‘should have been’, and I have only had one cavity in that time (under an existing filling). It just proves that an ounce of prevention (and a lot of flossing!) prevents 87 Metric tons of cure.

William Maginot
11 days ago

I use both – an electric at night and a standard in the morning.

Diane Mc
11 days ago

I do the reverse…lol.

11 days ago

Teeth. Those fake things I take out rinse toss in the teeth hopper continue drinking my coffee through tight lips. Wait an hour to boil and bubble, remove brush quickly a ribbon of self adhesive pop and snap into place upper and bottom and ready for another day. The days of standing in front of the mirror are long ago. Diabetes and medication took care of them.

11 days ago


11 days ago

I’m so glad to see that the majority are using an electric toothbrush. I’m a (newly) retired hygienist. There is so much research now (decades) that supports that an electric brush is superior to a manual toothbrush. An oscillating brush head is best, then a sonic. Stay away from dual-head brush heads (jack of all trades, master of none) Invest in a good name brand (Oral-B-Braun or Sonicare) stay away from the off brands and the $5-20 ones. Change your brush head every 3 months or if you are sick.

12 days ago

Standard toothbrush after breakfast/lunch; electric toothbrush, Water Pic, and my dentist-recommended mouthwash at night.

12 days ago

you mean you’re supposed to brush ’em? lol. electric all the way.

12 days ago

remove, soak, regular brush, rinse, replace.

Dale e Rose
12 days ago

I use a brush that’s for my dentures, and a Sonicare on my few real teeth.

12 days ago

One word…dentures.

Scott S.
12 days ago

I use a regular brush in the A.M. In the evening before bed I use a Sonicare electric. It keeps my dentist from whining.

12 days ago

Use a standard brush as electric can cause gums to recede if you’re prone to that. Then use a Hydrofloss to finish up.

11 days ago
Reply to  Chris

Any brush can cause a recession if you brush incorrectly. Manual toothbrushes can do a lot of damage.

12 days ago

Husband uses electric…I use standard!

12 days ago

How about a sweet gum branch, broken off and used with baking soda.

Richard Hughes
12 days ago

Other or both. I have several brushes. Depending on where I am, home or traveling, I have different brushes. One electric and regular in the house, one set in the trailer and one set in my travel kit. I also carry a couple of new regulars in the truck and car.

12 days ago

Have always brushed twice daily, but switched to electric toothbrush 5 years ago, & added a WaterPik flosser 4 years ago that I use before bed time. Both have made a huge difference in health of teeth & gums.

Dr. Willie Live
12 days ago

Soak my teeth in a cup. If you have more than two teeth you have to use a teeth brush.

12 days ago

Worth noting: our Dental Techs always know that we use an electric, and specifically Sonicare. They have told us many times that it makes a big difference in how well we clean our teeth. Since we would like to die with our natural teeth, the electrics are a no-brainer!