Friday, December 9, 2022


How do you feel about farm-raised seafood vs. wild-caught?


What’s better, farm-raised or wild-caught seafood? Well, we have our opinions but that’s not what’s important here! We’re wondering if you have a preference when you buy or eat seafood?

If you do prefer one over the other, will you go out of your way to buy it? Does it depend on how you eat at restaurants? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below today’s poll. Thanks!

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11 months ago

When I’m out shopping for seafood, and all your choices are farmed, I use an app called Seafood Watch, a guide to sustainable seafood, which has always been a good way to get farmed, but I do prefer wild caught…

Gregg G.
11 months ago
Reply to  Larry

Right on, Seafood Watch is a good source and very easy to use! Not all wild caught or farmed are the same, this makes it simple and only takes a couple of seconds while shopping to make an informed “best choice”.

Jeff Craig
11 months ago

Growing up in Oklahoma, my ‘seafood’ experience consisted of perch, crappie and the occasional bass we’d catch. Living in the Puget Sound for the last 25 years, I’ve experienced how much better wild caught salmon (King, Chinook, Coho, even Silver) tastes compared to farm-raised Atlantic salmon. While I support ‘farm raised’ fish, doing so without safety and health regulations is just asking for disaster. We’ve seen it with flooded farm pens in Louisiana, that allowed Asian Carp to make their way up to the breakwaters of Lake Michigan – and they are consuming their way through native species and ecosystems like a forest fire. We had a similar issue with farm pens in the Hood Canal, allowing 70,000 (probably more) Atlantic Salmon to escape into the wild. You know it’s a problem when Fish and Wildlife gives everyone a free pass to catch as many of the escapees as they want. The future of meat will be sustainable and likely 3D printed. It’ll happen, because we refuse to go vegan.

11 months ago

Wild Alaskan Company for wild caught seafood delivered to your door.

11 months ago

We always look for wild-caught and avoid farm-raised.

11 months ago

Look how Asia on youtube raises shrimp at the outflow of sewage plants. Yes your shrimp from there are eating turds.

11 months ago

Natural is better than artificial, but artificial has become a necessity. Hopefully science can reduce the harmful aspects of artificial. In any case, we are at the mercy of a burgeoning population.

patti panuccio
11 months ago

No GMO and only us farms.

11 months ago

Investigate Chile’s problem with “farming” salmon and then determine the answer.

Cindy Rasmussen
11 months ago

The flavors are much better on wild-caught.

James LaGasse
11 months ago

Only US farm raised seafood, many overseas fish farms are not properly regulated and fed farm waste and high levels of antibiotics. Even in areas where fish farms are regulated they are lax in enforcement and many officials look the other way for small bribes. If they won’t say where the seafood is raised I’ll pass on it.

T Edwards
11 months ago

There’s a reason so many Americans are overweight. There is a difference between grass fed beef and feed lot grain fed beef just as there is a difference between wild caught fish and grain fed farmed fish. Fat cattle fed fat corn and fat fish fed fat grains equals fat humans that consume those meats.

That said, there isn’t a sufficient supply of wild caught fish to meet the world demand. Same applies to naturally grown grain, to beef and pork, and to poultry.

Modern farming (including fish farming) is driven by Big Food, seed, and chemical company advancements aimed at increased profits but not increased health. We are a product of our own success – soon to be in excess of 8 billion that may well run out of fossil fuels needed to support energy intensive agriculture and fertilizer production racing toward that inevitable cliff were there will be too many of us and too few resources to support us.

So enjoy that “fat farmed fish” while it’s still possible to produce it.

11 months ago
Reply to  T Edwards

People are overweight (myself included) because they consume more food energy (calories) than they use through exercise. Moderation in all things…

Bob p
11 months ago
Reply to  T Edwards

Along those same thoughts, I formerly worked for a major chicken producer hauling chickens from the farm to the processing plant. When a chick is hatched it is sexed the same day and separated with the hens going to egg production and roosters going to food production. The 2nd day they are sent to the prospective farms where they are fed with growth hormones. 42 days(6 weeks) we pick up the full grown (4-5#) roosters and bring them in to be processed. They are still “peeping” they haven’t aged enough to cluck. This is turned into the food we eat which still has the growth hormones in the meat. This is the reason we are fat, the same applies to any food we eat, even vegetables are given growth chemicals to increase production so we are products of chemical companies. ITS CALLED PROGRESS!

11 months ago
Reply to  T Edwards

T Edwards, Right on! I couldn’t agree with you more. We could sit and talk for weeks on end I’m sure. Most folks have no clue how much corn and corn derivatives are in most processed food.

Your health, pay it forward to yourself now, spend the money to buy healthy foods now, you’ll save on prescriptions later in life.

11 months ago
Reply to  Jane

I totally agree with eating healthy foods! Hey they say free range-no HMO’s added, etc. So we read what they say they are, but how do we actually know that what they say is true? Sure there are GOVERNMENT agencies out there that just check the box & turn their backs & accept the cash on the way out. I suppose we could raise everything like our Grandparents did (LOL) mine did mostly! I guess we just have to be careful on what we eat, my wife is in charge of buying & cooking & she has done an awesome job of it!