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Have you ever flown in a small private jet?

Sorry, but we’d take a private jet over an RV any day! Well, maybe not… but if it came with free worldwide travel and champagne, then maybe…

Have you ever flown in a small private jet? If you answer yes, please leave a comment telling us where you went! Did you ever own a private jet? And if you did (or do), where was/is our invite?!

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Gregg G. (@guest_158244)
1 year ago

Great stories in the comments!
I’ve done quite a bit of flying in small 3-4 passenger planes, but I guess I’m a prop-setter, not a jetsetter…

Gigi (@guest_158200)
1 year ago

Yes, as an RN, a friend worked for a pvt company and we flew a man and his wife from Palm Springs Ca, to Reno, Nv. After we dropped them off my friend said “Want to see what it (the jet can do ?) Of course I said yes and we took off almost straight up !
I love to fly, my Dad got his private pilots license when I was 10, and I was his first passenger, we flew over our house, and all around, he took me up frequently. One time we sent my brother off on a commercial flight from Midway. My Dad said, ” Everyone should fly in a helicopter once in their life” so we did from Midway to Meigs field in Chicago, which is no longer there.
I have also flown in a Hot air balloon, a seaplane, a small plane with big windows over the Grand Canyon, and of course many commercial flights.
I love to fly.

Brad (@guest_158196)
1 year ago

Yes…the man I worked for over 30 years owned 24 planes over the course of his life. I was able to sit in the right seat many times! This is a great way to travel.

Jim (@guest_158195)
1 year ago

We have flown in a small LearJet 3.
Unfortunately it was a air ambulance to return us to our home area from an extended RV trip to Alaska.
However, in the end all was well, except missing the final 2 months of a 3 month RV adventure.

Carolyn (@guest_158281)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

Unfortunately, that was our experience, too. My husband broke his femur in a freak accident while scuba diving on an island off the coast of Honduras. It was quite an ordeal, but culminated in a flight home on a Lear Jet ambulance. That flight was amazing!

Bob p (@guest_158192)
1 year ago

No jets but caught a flight from Yuma, AZ to San Diego on a USMC C-45 5 passenger for an overnight Liberty to see an old friend in the Navy. Noisy, uncomfortable, and the only A/C was altitude. I was young and foolish then now I’m just old. Lol

Gary and Gladys (@guest_158187)
1 year ago

A number of years ago the Fortune 500 corporation I worked for had a Gulfstream, as well as 4 other dual prop planes. The CEO had a philosophy that unless those planes were in the air they were not paying for themselves. So if we had to fly anywhere you first checked with the corporate office to see if a plane was available, if none , or the destination unrealistic you would fly commercial.

When they would send a plane to pick us up, you never knew what you were going to get, oftentimes it was the Gulfstream. One of the first rides I believe we were flying into a mountain airport in Pennsylvania, during landing we slid off the run way, quite the experience!

What was nice was the fresh donuts and coffee on the plane in the morning, and the top shelf liquor cabinet for the ride home, all available to us regardless of position in the company.

Sadly the CEO left for brighter horizons, the new CEO philosophy was those are my planes strictly for me

DW/ND (@guest_158185)
1 year ago

I have flown many times in Air Force two place T-33 jet trainers and also an F-89 Scorpion as well as several larger cargo aircraft. I also have a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating and ground instructor tickets. Sadly none are current today – so I practice with MS Flight Simulator and lament the years past!!!

Bill (@guest_158184)
1 year ago

When I was doing slot machine purchases at an Oregon casino a sales rep from Bozeman MT picked me up in Salem OR and we flew to Bozeman for lunch near the gaming machine factory and a tour. I was back home for dinner. 600+ air miles each way.
It was a 6 passenger Falcon.

George Jefferson (@guest_158182)
1 year ago

Not a Small one, but a Big one – Gulf Stream V, I was working a security detail, and of course got there early, familiarized my self with the jet, found a seat ( big nice lounger ) and was reading the news paper. The Pilot whom I had met earlier came back and informed me that Mr. Principle with his detail was 5 minutes out. I thanked him and he stood there a minute and then said ” Well you might want to get out of his chair ” hahahahahahahahhah, I immediately jumped up Carefully folded the newspaper and stepped outside to meet the team. Those were the days!

Roy Davis (@guest_158179)
1 year ago

Not in a private jet but have flown on many small commuter jets, twin engine prop jet. I recently looked at flying on one. I will be going back and forth to Houston area and there is a Executive airport 25+ miles west of the city that is a lot more convenient.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_158178)
1 year ago

Not in a jet but I have been up in a single engine Cessna a few times.

Rich (@guest_158177)
1 year ago

but I have earned my Sport Pilot certificate.

Brian Burry (@guest_158172)
1 year ago

Yes, when in the Army, at Fort Bragg, during the Vietnam War, I was in my Special Forces Training before deployment. We had a week between training courses, and I flew on a military hop (space available) , back to visit my family in California. When I Arrived at Pope Airbase, I was one of 4 to ride on a C6 (Military type Lear Jet). It was really fun and I was thrilled, as I usually only flew in cargo planes on prior hops!

Jeff Craig (@guest_158171)
1 year ago

Not private, but did get to fly several times in a US Navy C-20D (Gulfstream 3) in and out of Kauai from JB Pearl/Hickam on Oahu. They weren’t ‘Corporate’ cushy, but they’d been updated and were a nice, dependable ride.

Philip Smith (@guest_158169)
1 year ago

No to a jet but yes to a small, private turbo-prop, and I got to sit in the co-pilot seat!

Christine (@guest_158168)
1 year ago

I worked with a doctor who owned his own small plane. He took me on a flight from Chicago to an airfield somewhere…I really don’t remember, and then back again. It was exciting, but I never really got over being nervous. I’m not nervous in a commercial plane so I don’t know why I was in a private plane. Something about it being so small.

Cindy (@guest_158167)
1 year ago

My husband got his pilot’s license when we were first married. We were farmers and he and his dad bought a Cessna 172 to help survey and manage the farm ground. My father-in-law then got his pilot’s license. I flew in the small 4-seater many times. When the farm was sold almost 20 years ago, so was the plane, and I haven’t flown in a small aircraft since.

Tom (@guest_158165)
1 year ago

No private jet but did fly private prop plane. Also during my Navy days I flew off a carrier in a propeller plane, that was a experience I’ll remember for life.

Linda (@guest_158164)
1 year ago

No, but I have flown in a small prop plane that took off and landed on water. Fun, fun, fun!

Thomas D (@guest_158163)
1 year ago

My friend worked for Gulfstream and wanted to take his family for a ride. Company said they could rent the plane and he’d be responsible for crew and fuel. If I remember correctly it WOULD have been in the neighborhood of $26000 for that ride that didn’t happen.

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