Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Have you watched a movie in a theater since the pandemic began?

Before the pandemic began, movie theaters were thriving. Theaters were coming out with membership programs where you could see almost as many movies a week as you wanted. Since the COVID pandemic began, movie theaters have been struggling.

Since March of 2020, have you watched a movie in a movie theater? If so, have you been more than once? Even often? Tell us in today’s poll. Thanks for voting.


  1. Relevant to the poll: I’m not ready to be in crowds yet.
    Joining in the comments: I used to really enjoy the theater for a full emersion experience (sci-fi, action, etc) or group dynamics (comedy) but stopped going a few years ago when common courtesy disappeared from a critical mass of folks… Talking, phones, folks walking around, all diminished the experience. The last 10 years or so I only go to theatres that enforce rules and serve alcohol, such as Alamo Drafthouse; this solved about 99% of the problem!

  2. Probably haven’t been to a movie theater for at least 3 years before the pandemic. The movie about the book club was the last one.

  3. we would go but apart from the new Bond film there’s been nothing worth seeing. we didn’t go to see Bond as my wife had and is still recovering from surgery. pre-pandemic times we went to the movies quite a bit usually matinee after the film had been out for a while. no crowds. we’d likely do the same so we can take off our masks. i can’t imagine being stuck wearing a mask for 2+ hours.

  4. I haven’t been to a theatre in over 32 years. And that visit was to see the private viewing of Ghost in Sydney Australia. It was a cost issue and to many sick people, kids and all the talking and other interruptions that just took away the theatre fun. So VHS/beta and the video LPs then to DVD and now streaming all hooked to surround sound. VHS collection long gone. My own chair, bathroom, and food selection at savings more than half the cost. Once movie is over a 10 step walk and to bed.

  5. We have been to one, Tuesday $5.00 special. Do not normally go the movies. It was ok, but at home I can pause for bathroom and snacks 😁

  6. We live in a rural area of Montana. The closest movie theater is in Idaho, about 70 miles away. So we just don’t do theater movies.

  7. Did not go much before. Not at All now. It has gotten kinda pricey to go for what you get. Seems Hollywood wants to lecture ,with every movie, on how you should think. They are not the ones that should be lecturing.

  8. Even before the pandemic we mainly went to the drive-in (90 minutes away from home, but 30 min from where we camp). However, since they reopened the local theaters I’ve gone to see seven movies, during the day when there are few people there, to help support them.

  9. Only once, but we did as we always do. Wait until the movie has been out a few weeks and then go to an afternoon weekday matinee. Seldom more than a dozen people in the theater and few or none in our high row.

  10. Haven’t been to a Movie Theater in a long time, but just had to see the New (2021) Dune Movie.
    It was good and there were very few viewers in the large Theater!

    • Also no intermission for 70 year old bladders! Not that I could move fast enough anyway because my shoes were sticking to the floor😳

  11. We live in a small town that has a theater. They have a Tuesday special $5. & a free small popcorn. We go to the early matinee only a few people there.

  12. I think that the last time that I watched a movie in a theater was 2018 because my nephew wanted me to go with him. Prior to that I saw a movie in 1988 while on a date and in 1983 with friends from graduate school. I tend to watch black and white movies on our television if I am going to have to sit somewhere for two hours or longer. I can pause the movie and accomplish things in addition to seeing the movie that way.

  13. Movie going is the one past time we have enjoyed the last few years. Only went a couple times a year previously. Since we can now go during the day the theater is almost empty.

  14. One movie, New James Bond movie, there were 6 people in the theater.
    I had recvd my booster 2 wks previously.
    First time I had been in a theater in st least 10 yrs.
    Pretty good movie!
    Bond died!

  15. We got free tickets from AAA for some reason. They just stayed stuck to the refrigerator for about a year. We finally decided to use them and then found out what a pain it is to use their website just to find out what is playing and what the showtimes are. When we finally went to the theatre there were a total of two people watching the movie including my wife and I. We did get to spend $20 on two drinks and a tub of questionable popcorn. Afterwards, the parking lot was nearly empty when it should have been fairly full, especially with 20 screens in one theatre. The tickets would have cost over $10 each. It’s no wonder theatres are closing. Makes Amazon Prime look real good.

  16. We did occasionally go to the AMC theater nearby. When the Pandemic came, we signed up for the online service. After downloading the required player, then another, were still unable to view movies. AMC was no help and refused to give a refund. No more AMC movies for us, pandemic or not.

  17. I can’t remember when the last time I went to a movie theater, I don’t even watch much TV anymore. As Ed K said there’s nothing worth watching plus you’ll spend $20 per person between tickets and concessions.

  18. Haven’t gone, but I’d like to. Even if the theaters had been open in our area, I’m not about to sit through a movie with a mask on. Not fun! I’d rather sit home and watch a movie without a mask.

    • Not a movie, but a concert $$$$$$ tickets. Three people in front of us were playing with their phones. Texting, emailing and talking. I politely asked them to turn off the phones since it was distracting, and was told if I didn’t like it, I should move to another seat.
      Well, 5 minutes later an usher approached them and asked that they turn off the phones. After an argument, they were told to leave.

  19. One movie, after I received my booster. Mid-week matinee, it was a very small theater, sat in the last row. There were 7 patrons total. It was so enjoyable. Don’t know when I’ll do it again.


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