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Did you fly on a plane in 2021?

2021 was yet another year of hectic travel—more canceled flights and staff shortages… Oy! Despite the troubles, though, many people still managed to fly in 2021. Did you?

If you did fly on a plane in 2021, did you do so just once or more than one time? Tell us where you went in the comments, especially if it was somewhere warm and tropical. We want to live through you!


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1 year ago

Sure, why not? Just back from a trip requiring 4 different flights. Headed out in March for 4 more flights.

1 year ago

December, vacation in Cancun, Mexico

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

The last time I was in a plane it was a Cessna back in the late 1970s. Truth is, I’d rather drive to where I’m going, especially now that I have a motorhome.

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

Flew to Orlando in Sep to meet my son, dil, grands, her mother, sister and brother (and their significant others) and my sister and fiancé for my grandsons first birthday. All flew in except my sister and her fiancé who drove down from GA. Flew to MT over Christmas to be with son, dil and grands.
The return to LV from MT was delayed an hour. It was an hour late leaving Phoenix because the manifest and seat count didn’t match. After several people tried the count they determined that someone with a “lap child” had put that child in a seat. From now on they will probably make an announcement on flights that aren’t full that those children need to be in your lap unless you want to pay for another ticket.

Robert Beckelhimer
1 year ago

Love flying, hate airlines! I flew a lot when the airplanes had those big fans on the front of the wings and actually had service in the cabin.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Took four days to drive the RV and Jeep out to the midwest, so my wife could stay and help a family member for a few months. I flew back home from there.

Tom Macfarlane
1 year ago

LAX to Alaska and back. Rented a motorhome in Anchorage and spent 3 weeks on the road. And saw the Aurora! But yes, I would like to tow my trailer there instead.

Bill Tate
1 year ago

Florida to New Hampshire and back. Had limited time so had to fly. Had been vacinated and masked still got covid from the flight.

1 year ago

I flew roundtrip from Mesa AZ to Lansing MI with a stop over in Detroit. It was a solo trip but for one of the most important to me. I went to take care of the 2 grandbabies, ages 2 & 4, while the parents had a trip. It was a joy that filled my heart.

Gary Byler
1 year ago

Yes, my wife and I flew on 2 trips. In August 2021 round trip to Las Vegas, then in November 2021 to London, U.K. got on a cruise ship at Southampton to Ft. Lauderdale, FL then flew home. We have 3 trips scheduled in 2022 1 via driving and 2 involve flying(1 international flights) both also involve cruising. With all modes of travel masks and proof of vax w/booster shot required.

Diane M
1 year ago

Actually, I’ve never flown on a plane – never had a need or desire to do so.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

No but after Seattle traffic once, my wife flew the second time and I stayed in Idaho with the trailer.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I did not, but I rarely do. I prefer to drive wherever I can. I usually enjoy most, if not all, of the drive and I do not have to rent a car when I reach my destination. Although my car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) does not have unlimited storage space, I do usually travel with more baggage than airlines allow without additional charges. If I travel with little luggage, then I at least avoid lugging a bag through the terminal or awaiting its arrival at baggage claim.

1 year ago

love, absolutely love airplanes. i hold a Sport Pilot certificate and there is nothing better than flying! OTOH…I avoid the airlines like the black plague. unless a true emergency I will not fly commercial.

Max Hegler
1 year ago

I did numerous times in my personal Cessna. Have not flown commercial in years.

1 year ago

I have not flown in a plane since 2005. Have no need to, we RV to wherever we want to go.

The Lazy Q
1 year ago

Nope but my wife did twice. Maine and Michigan.

1 year ago

Twice. Jacksonville FL to go to a wedding on Amelia Island and to Key West.

1 year ago

Round trip DFW-RNO for the air races. Nice flight, nice crew, no problems. Got around the mask mandate by sipping coffee most of the flight.

1 year ago

I flew home to see my family and doctors. It was nice to not have a person crammed in beside me. I have an immune system disease so I stayed masked in the airport and plane.

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