Friday, June 2, 2023


How often do you eat dessert after dinner?

Just thinking about dessert makes our sweet tooth tingle… OK, sweet tooths don’t really tingle, but you know what we mean: We want dessert right now!

How often do you eat dessert after dinner? Do you have ice cream every night? A cookie or piece of chocolate before bed? What about once a week? Once a month? Only for special occasions? We know some people have a bigger sweet tooth than others (ours is big).

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment and tell us what you usually have for dessert. Make us even hungrier, why don’t ya?!


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Jim Larocca
1 year ago

Desserts come in various kinds. Mine is a another Wiskey 30 minutes after dinner.

1 year ago

We never eat desert right after dinner! However at night b4 bed we partake in some desert!

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

I’ll usually get something after dinner, but not always. It can be anything from a Klondike bar down to a leftover piece of Halloween candy. Since I don’t drink sodas, it’s not a big deal calorie wise. When I was in the Navy and watching what I ate much more closely, I’d often resort to just a spoonful of ice cream, to help keep me on track but not make me feel deprived.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

being diabetic, i need to be careful what treat i have as a dessert. it also effects how well i sleep.

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago
Reply to  keebler

And with the screen name keebler… ;~) ;~)

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I usually have something an hour or so after dinner but it’s not always something sweet.
I try to stay somewhat in shape. (round is a shape)

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I absolutely love Reese Cups…….. I just can’t help myself, LOVE em!!!

Jim Knoch
1 year ago

Being diabetic, I stay away from sweets, so no big deal skipping desserts. My DW on the other hand has enough sweet teeth to want dessert regularly at every meal.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I wonder if there is a difference in many people’s mind between dessert and a bedtime “snack”. In the evening my wife and I will often have a bowl of ice cream. This is a couple hours after finishing dinner. (Supper) So does that constitute a dessert or just a snack ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Davis
1 year ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

This is me. I don’t consider that dessert but a later in the evening snack. I pretty much never have dessert right after dinner.

1 year ago

I once worked for an overweight boss who loved desserts. About once a month he’d take me to his club for lunch, where they had great desserts. As we ordered our lunch Larry would order desserts for both of us, knowing that I don’t care for sweets. So as he ate his dessert I’d sip on my coffee, leaving my dessert untouched. When he finished his dessert I’d say, “Larry, I’m too full to eat this dessert. Would you like it?” Of course he would.

This was a monthly ritual. It was a great deal. He got two desserts and I got a free lunch. Plus he was an enjoyable lunch companion.

1 year ago

Is a piece of fruit dessert? If so, most nights of the week.

1 year ago

I have a major sweet tooth. I have several Dove dark chocolates after dinner every night. I crave sweets after a meal.

Paul Schwengel
1 year ago

one or two Fig Newtons 4 nights out of 7….

Dan A
1 year ago

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!😄

1 year ago

Dessert after every meal, sweets in between meals, & before bed. It’s been that way all my life, & I’ve always been 6’2″ & 175lbs. I have a metabolism that burns it off.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I guess we will consider our after dinner yogurt as dessert. If we have friends over for dinner we’ll come up with something more decadent.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

“Decadent dessert” like yogurt with sprinkles on top, Tommy? 😆 Yep, my “dessert” every night is a bowl of two or three types of fresh fruit with Activia. Yum! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Tony V
1 year ago

Does a small bowl of raisin bran count as desert? If so, about once week. Otherwise, maybe once a month I’ll have a couple fig bars. Traditional desserts like cake, ice cream, cookies are usually only with special dinners.

1 year ago

Maybe once every few weeks – if we have guests for dinner, otherwise once every few months. However, my husband will have milk and homemade cookies every night of the week!!

Wayne Braxton
1 year ago

Since I am diabetic I usually avoid the typical desserts available. But my wife has become very good at preparing some excellent sugar free or low sugar delicacies. When those are not available I just grab a hand full of grapes!

Jan Kuester
1 year ago

Most often, we eat fruit for dessert. Other times, a slice of bread and peanut butter, as we don’t eat bread with dinner, it’s a nice treat

John R. Wilkins
1 year ago

More often than not, whenever we’re eating dinner out, we order dessert, but order the dessert as a takeout, so we can enjoy the dessert later.

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