Friday, June 2, 2023


Have you ever been transported to a hospital in an ambulance?

This is one of those polls where we ask a question that we’re scared to see the answer to. We really hope the majority of voters answer “no,” that you’ve never been transported to a hospital in an ambulance before, but…

If you do answer yes, will you share your experience in the comments below? If it’s too personal, that’s OK. But if you feel comfortable, we’d like to hear your story.


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Brenda Grady
1 year ago

Only once; well, actually twice but in same day. I was skiing at Beaver Creek Ski Resort in CO. At top of the ski lift, there were 3 very young girls in a pile due to problems exiting the chairlift……I exited my seat and was maneuvering around them when one decided to cross in front of me. I diverted off to left and went head over heels down a slope. The next thing I remember I was being transported inside a “body bag” strapped to a sled behind a snowmobile. Once we arrived at base of ski area, an ambulance was awaiting me and took me to the local hospital. A variety of tests were done but due to possible concussion, I was put into another ambulance and transported over 2 hours to Denver. Not the way to spend a ski vacation!

Linda Rex
1 year ago

When I was 5 my Father and I were in a car accident. The local ambulance was not available so I was transported in… a hearse. Imagine my mother’s surprise when a hearse pulled up in front of our house!

Neal Davis
1 year ago

In January 1968 my grandparents, my brother, and I were run off the road while being passed by a careless driver. Because I had a bloody nose I was taken to the nearest hispital in an ambulance. After a few minutes in the emergency room I was released to my parents because I had no other injuries.

1 year ago

Once. Had a vertigo event. Couldn’t even walk to the gurney which was only 10 feet away.

John C.
1 year ago

I’ve had two rides, one after complications from a stress test at doctors office. The second after many back surgeries, the pain meds I was prescribed I had an allergic reaction to ( couldn’t breathe) and was rushed to hospital.

1 year ago

O wait I need to change my answer because I was involved in an accident that well its embarrassing and so yes I was, once. Never again. Long story and one not to be repeated. Our daughter was as well. Glad that never happened again.

L. Worrell
1 year ago

Only twice — once from my doctor’s office to the hospital (about one mile away) because my doctor said to come to his office and then they were surprised that I drove myself! And a few days later, I was taken to a larger hospital for a procedure and brought back to the original hospital for surgery. The second time, the ambulance was late and so I got red lights and sirens at all the intersections!

Marie Dalzell
1 year ago

Thankfully only once. I was thirteen and was hit by a car while crossing the street. Luckily I was fine.

1 year ago

On the 4th of July 2021…. Fell off a ladder & broke my neck, with Spinal Cord Injury……Always wanted to ride in an Ambulance…But Not As A Patient

1 year ago
Reply to  travilenman

Got to be specific when you want to ride in an ambulance. As for me never to be repeated.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

Only once in my 64 years. A med I had been taking for a year put me in anaphylactic shock about 15 years ago.

1 year ago

My wife gave birth to our 5th child in the back of an ambulance, before they were both taken to the hospital.

Paul Cecil
1 year ago

Yes, I have twice been transported in an ambulance. But both times were for non-emergency trips. I was being transported from one facility to another in both cases. The first time I was being transferred to a cardiac hospital, and the second time I was being transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation center.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

My “Yes” is like Paul’s. Just transported from one hospital to another. Also there was the time my doctor drove me from her office to the ER at the nearby town.

1 year ago

I have never been the patient in a ambulance but had to follow one over the Cascade Mountains with my husband in the back. The great news is he is fine now!

1 year ago

I had a heart attack at 10AM, was in the hospital room recovering from stent put in place by 3 PM. Went home 2 days later.

Judith Pupek
1 year ago

I was transported to the hospital as a “fake patient” in a disaster drill when I was in nursing school!! It was fun!!

Jon Meyer
1 year ago

I answered no but I have been to all the hospitals in the area in an ambulance. I was an EMT on our volunteer service for 15 years, with the highlights being delivering a baby and a defibrillator save.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Meyer

Jon – Thanks for providing that service!

Mark Bob
1 year ago

My wife got a ride to the hospital, but it was in a flying ambulance, the Life Flight helicopter. ATV accident. Pretty banged up, but a complete recovery, thank goodness.

Carol U
1 year ago

I was transported to hospital in ambulance after motorcycle accident. Minor injuries. It could have been worse because my husband said the driver smelled of alcohol and was holding his radio backwards while speaking into it!!

1 year ago

A few years ago I came up from the lower level to the kitchen and was talking with my wife when I was hit with a severe dizzy spell – Vertigo! Terrifying and lst experience with this on the ground. (I’ve had vertigo while flying – a completely different thing). Ambulance to emergency room -10f – soaked in sweat – cold ride even with warmed blanket! ($1,700. 11 miles)

On December 29th my wife, with COPD had a difficult time breathing and was unable to walk. I couldn’t get her down the stairs and to the car so I called 911 and she was transported by ambulance to the emergency room. She stayed in the hospital 2 nites to clear up pneumonia in her left lung. ($2,200. – 12 miles).

1 year ago

Twice, one in 1975 after car accident and in ‘89 after motorcycle accident. Don’t remember anything about either ride in ambulance. Only think I do remember if police asking for drivers license and registration. With a broken clavicle I couldn’t get to my wallet. I got a ticket in both incidents for failure to provide both. 🤔 Took both tickets to traffic court and won.

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