Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Would your dream RV have more than one bathroom?

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to share a bathroom with your partner or travel companion? We can dream of a whole bathroom to ourselves! No knocking, no extra hair that’s not ours, no hair products or makeup or razors…

Think about what your “dream” RV would look like. Would it have one bathroom or more than one? Would it not have a bathroom at all? It’s not uncommon anymore for an RV to have more than one bathroom so, hey, maybe your dream will come true with your next RV!


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7 months ago

I tell them to go to the outhouse or the restroom if they want nice. Otherwise I like my master bathroom and no one is allowed in.

Leslie Smith
7 months ago


John Koenig
7 months ago

On my 39’3″ TRUE Super-C diesel puller, I am VERY happy to have a bath & a half (even though I’m a solo). The toilet in the full bath is placed so that my legs bang into the wall and a cabinet. The half bath doesn’t have that problem and is comfortable. Also, the one time I had a problem with one of the macerating toilets, I was able to use the other toilet until I could get the problem toilet back in service.

Thomas D
7 months ago

Easy to say one bath is fine but when you’re an old man with enlarged prostate, when you gotta go you gotta go. We were looking at a bunk fifth wheel with 1/2bath so we could take my father in law with us. Unfortunately he passed before we could find one suitable. My stick and brick has 3 baths for 2people at the present time
No waiting

7 months ago

Ever hear of KISS? Why, when we are looking for simple, uncomplicated living—trying to get away from the rat race— would We want more complications.

paul sanchez
7 months ago

two baths and a large shower

Diane Mc
7 months ago

Our bathroom is split, sink/shower separate from toilet. Perfect for us. If I had all in one, then a half bath then I could see having a half bath. Personally one is ok, but I would like double sinks! That would entail a bigger coach, but that ship has sailed. Somehow we make it work with just one.

7 months ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

Montana High Country 5ers 330RL and 331RL have double sinks.

Donald N Wright
7 months ago

My Airstream shower is only 6’2″ high, and built for slender people. I am not. The bathroom with the toilet has a space wasting counter style and I have already altered the transom above the door.Someday I hope to meet the Hobbit who designed the bathroom.

Diane M
7 months ago

One bathroom is fine, as long as it is roomy.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

It’s just the wife and me in our current RV but we have a bath and a half and love it. For the most part the half bath is mine and I keep my toothbrush, shaving stuff, and my prescriptions there. As a friend once told me, ” You know the honeymoon is over when your spouse comes into the bathroom and takes a crap while you’re brushing your teeth”. Good luck getting that thought out of your head. 😂

Last edited 7 months ago by Roy Davis
Donald N Wright
7 months ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

Imagine what she thought. “Why doesn’t he get the @#$%& out of here”.

Deborah Mason
7 months ago

The only place I’ve ever lived with more than one bathroom was a seasonal quarters house trailer in Death Valley. Grew up family of 5 with one bath, don’t see the need for more than one. It’s easy enough to take turns.

Dad Jokes
7 months ago

We’ve had a split bath in our Class A, and the only real downside is the skylight blinding us in the morning. I put up a lot of velcro tape and some Reflectix as a sunshade, and that took care of the problem, but I’d really like a fully enclosed bathroom with an AC and heater duct.

7 months ago

Currently we have a bath and a 1/2. Works great when we have guests aboard and the rear bath is a lot larger than when we had a single bathroom.

Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

I’m happy with the one full bathroom in my class C. I guess if I had a class A, having 1 1/2 baths would be more convenient.

7 months ago

16 yrs FT with 1.5 bath. Wouldn’t have it another way.

7 months ago

Only one bathroom needed in our fifth wheel because the bath was split. A separate toilet “room” was located across the hall from the sink and shower. Worked great for us for 6 years and 33,000 mikes of RV travel.

7 months ago

When we full-timed on our 40’ DP we enjoyed the 1.5 baths. Now, with a 24 footer we need the space for other things, so one is enough.

7 months ago

I said yes only because being on the older side and both of without a gall bladder…you get the picture. But it would still have to be no longer than 30′. I might go 32′ if I loved the floor plan. So I guess I won’t be getting 2 bathrooms. We solve this with a portable toilet.

7 months ago

When second baths were introduced, my wife and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want that. Our current rig is 43′ and we specifically wanted 1 1/2 bath and all electric (a misnomer, because of the diesel boiler, but its what they call them.) We love it and it would be hard to go back to not having the extra half bath.

That said, we have room for one. I agree with others who state that on shorter units the space is more important. I also agree that a macerator toilet could possibly be more issue prone but, knock on wood, three years and no issues with ours. The half bath has a gravity toilet, so if we do experience an issue with the macerator, we have a backup.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

Our current RV is almost our dream RV. It is a 1.5 bathroom floorplan in a 43′ DP. However, we have decided that 36′ is closer to our “dream” because we strongly want to fit into more campsites. So, while 1.5 is nice, we are happy to downsize to only 1 in order to downsize to 36′.