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Have you ever called the police about an incident in your campground/RV park?

It is no fun when a situation arises at the campground or RV park you’re at and the police have to be called, either by you or another nearby camper. It’s not fun and it can also be really scary! Especially if it’s a dangerous situation!

Has this ever happened to you? If you answer yes, will you please leave a comment and tell us what happened? We hate to admit we’re so curious but… we’re so curious! Thanks!


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Joseph Kleinsmith
6 months ago

Was at Morgan Hill Thousand Trails in CA. Contacted Sheriff who contacted Health Dept and Animal Control. We’re 2 Class C’s door to door, all windows covered and stinking of CATs. Park Mgr said she couldn’t do anything and said I could move. I already was 3 rows away. My call to authorities resulted in Mgr getting an a$$ chewing as urine odor could of instead been a dead body or cooking meth and she refused to investigate or take any action. Sheriff Animal Control gave RVer till next day to clean-up smell and they were not allowed to move till after next days inspection. Sheriff was given name of other TTrails Park 40 mile away in case the slipped off in the night.

2 months ago

Wow. Who was the manager there at the time?

7 months ago

Does the campsite police count? Otherwise we had an attendant call the campsite police to get a group of children quieted down inside a trailer. Come to find out they were unattended to and they had no idea where their parents were. I think they knew we called because they glared at us. At least I was able to get to sleep that nite.

7 months ago

Yes. While camping at the Ferryboat Campsites in PA the people next to us had a Rottweiler that wasn’t trained. While preparing to leave, I was unhooking the cable and water connections, when the dog ran over and lunged at me. I put my hand up to protect my face and punched the dog with my other hand.
I called the police and the owner of the campground. Both saw the people attempting to pack and leave. I had the dog owner arrested and demanded the officer get his medical information as I was going to the hospital. I underwent rabies vaccination as a precaution.
Three months later, I received a summons for court. The dog owner wanted his money returned and record cleared. He lost and had to pay an extra $300 court cost. My witnesses were all Corrections Officers.

Carol Woodard
7 months ago

We were at a state campground in Colorado. My husband and I were in our RV. My daughter was sleeping in a tent. She came in about 1 am to tell us that some guy in a nearby site was beating a woman. You could hear him hitting her and she is yelling Please don’t! We called police. The couple was from out of state. When the police got there the woman would not file a complaint. The police knew she was being abused but their hands were tied if she wouldn’t do anything about it. They were gone by early morning.
Also happened while boondocking. Someone else called police. So sad.

Richard Hughes
7 months ago

I said “No,” but I was ready to call the Ranger when the owner of a 250 thousand dollar RV parked nextdoor, set off fireworks. The Ranger got there first.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

Yes because I was working security at the time. We had a drunken group who were screaming and hollering at 2AM. When they got obnoxious, I called the Sheriff and we had 4 deputies there in 10 minutes. They hauled 2 of them off to jail (outstanding warrants) and came back in the morning to escort the rest out of the park. This was during a Bluegrass festival.

Tim Bear
7 months ago

We were c/g supervisors for an IN state park for a week or two. That’s all the time it took for one of the bathroom cleaners to decide he ‘didn’t like’ me. But when this dipstick told me he was carrying a gun and would keep an eye on me, we called the sheriff’s office. When the deputy arrived, he told us he’d keep the idiot engaged long enough for us to pack up and leave the park, so the guy couldn’t follow us out. It was the quickest c/g departure we’ve ever done – we were gone in about half an hour! The district supervisor later told us he’d fired that fool.

Diane M
7 months ago

No, but I almost did. People camping two sites away from us, five adults and three kids, in one small, ratty tent. They put up a sign that said, “We have no food. Help.” They had no lights, not even a flashlight, no electricity. They went around to other campers, asking for food or money. We thought about helping them, but they looked scary and used such foul language we decided not to approach them. They were gone the next morning.

7 months ago

We camped last summer at a county run campground in Southern California to attend a friend’s retirement party. There were camp hosts and rangers. This campground specifically stated no more than 6 people and 2 vehicles per site. On one side of us was a group picnic area. The people camping on the other side of that moved into it with 8 tents and at least 30 people. They drank and partied all night. On the other side was a group of about 20 who had at least 6 cars, one which they parked in my site. This group rented an RV and had no clue about how to set it up so we helped them. However, around 5:00PM the needles and crack pipes came out and they got really rowdy. We left to go to the party and I was so worried if my trailer would be safe. I asked the druggy crowd to watch it and since we helped them set up, they were happy to keep an eye out. I was never so glad to leave a campground in my life. I spoke to a ranger and she could care less. It was scary.

M. C.
7 months ago

One morning a racoon was in our campsite and he was not acting normal. We called the park host who called the Sheriff. They feared that the racoon was either poisoned or rabid. They had to put him down but first they needed to go to their office and get a smaller gun. I can still hear the sound of that gunshot.

7 months ago

We were camped over a holiday weekend in a USFS campground in the mountains. Several car loads of boys showed up and tried to camp in a single campsite adjacent to ours. Because the number of people and cars exceeded the campsite limits, the campground host thankfully moved them to two vacant adjoining campsites on the far side of the campground. Despite a high wind warning and a county-wide fire ban, the boys built a bonfire and drank until the wee hours. About 1:00 am, my wife and I were awakened by what sounded like 5 shots. We left early the next morning, cutting our stay short by a day, but were stopped by a deputy sheriff who asked us if we had heard anything during the night. We told him the same story I have just related, but he didn’t explain what had happened. The following day, we saw a story on the local TV news about an “accidental” shooting at our campground in which a 20 year-old from Denver was killed. We have not camped there since that night 10 years ago!

Sharon W.
7 months ago

Our camping neighbors decided to shoot the window out of my daughter’s car. This was while my son in law and granddaughter were napping in their tent about 10 yards away from the car. The police were called and before they could get to the campground, the people packed up and left. We had a good description of them and were told they were caught and arrested. It was a female with two teenaged boys. She was the mother of one of them. Imagine her parenting skills letting her son bring a gun (air, bb, bullets…we don’t know) with him. Campground officials did nothing to help. In fact, they tried to discourage us from calling the police. Won’t be camping there again. After all that, we got an email asking how our “camping experience” was at this campground. Needless to say, their ears were filled. Still nothing was done. Not even an apology!!

Darla VanAlphen
7 months ago

We had neighbors at a campground that we waved to coming and going. One morning their CO2 alarm started going off. We saw car was still parked and door was locked with no one answering. Fearing the worse we called cops. They were also concerned so they popped door lock. There was a leak, but people were with friends. When they returned they were happy about leak being detected.

7 months ago

We called the police about what sounded like a domestic violence situation, a woman screaming and crying and a man shouting. Turns out according to the police, they were just drunk and fighting but no violence. Still glad we called because it could have escalated.

7 months ago

technically, no but we did have to call park staff three times in three different parks over the last 35-years about unruly and drunk “campers”.

– kids shooting a rifle at glass bottles and tin cans. amazingly nothing was done.
– drinking, shouting, gunning car engines, screaming, blaring music, they were summarily evicted from the state park.
– amplified music well past midnight. warned and they quieted down.

7 months ago

At our seasonal park our neighbor likes to have a DJ on their lot. A clear violation of park rules that state music should not be heard at any distance off your lot, ie the roadway. After calling the office about it the manager said call the local police dept. there are local noise ordinances. The really funny thing is when the police show up about the dj complaint the park manager sends them away telling the police that they authorized it.

Lisa Adcox
7 months ago

At a state park and the Day Use area was across the lake and we watched Teenagers keep coming and going for over an hour and seen them selling drugs. Called police and the Park Rangers showed up and it was lots of scattering happening.

Another time I was workamping and seen two young adults come down by game room arguing and he pushed her down and got abusive. Game room had no phone plus mobile phones did not have service there and I tried to get girls attention to run to me so I could lock us in room but she never seen me. Finally another Camper came and went to office up the hill and police came. Scary moment.

Last edited 7 months ago by Lisa Adcox
Glenda Alexander
7 months ago

I had to call the police when a group at the top of the hill across from the RV park had extremely loud music. The dishes in my cabinet were actually vibrating and the walls were buzzing; I could feel it in the floor! The police came and the music was quieter — until the police had left the area — then it started up again. I called again. This time it worked.

7 months ago

Twice, once in Yuma, AZ because a leaking propane hose caused a motorhome to blow up. And then again as a rather drunk older lady crashed her truck just outside our campground in Branson, MO. The lady was fine, not so much for the motorhome owner.

7 months ago

I didn’t actually call the police, but did report an incident to the campground owner. We were camping in Lake George NY during Americade. There were two tenters next to us at the beginning of the week. Two days later there were 7 tents on the site. Then the drinking began. Loud, foul language, a rip roaring fire and people wandering through others sties well into the night.
I called the owner and he approached the only one with a reservation, the others just showed up without paying, and let him know about the problems. The next night the same thing. All of a sudden at 12am two sheriff’s cars showed up along with the owner. They were all told to leave immediately. Packed up their tents and escorted out of the campground by the sheriffs and banned from the campground.

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