Saturday, December 2, 2023


How many air conditioners are on your RV?

Can you tell we have warm, sunny weather on our minds? Sigh. We wish we were in need of an A/C right now! Alas, the heat must stay on…

How many air conditioners are on your RV? None at all? Just one? Two? Three? If more than one, do you use them both (or all three) ever?

Please answer below in today’s poll. Thanks!

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DW/ND (@guest_165895)
1 year ago

I answered two – altho we only have one basement unit – which has two systems at 50 amp. I removed the 50 amp cord (too heavy to handle). I use only 30 amp which is 1/2 of the capacity of the A/C, and it is more than enuf to cool front and back of our 34′ Class A Winnebago. A marvelous unit.

Rich (@guest_165893)
1 year ago

two, unless you count the open windows and door on nice days.

Jeff Craig (@guest_165891)
1 year ago

A 15k BTU one up front and a 13.5k BTU unit in the bedroom on our 35ft Class A. We don’t have to use them often here in the Puget Sound, but they get exercised monthly and have proven to be very reliable.

Patty (@guest_165868)
1 year ago

3 in our 45 foot DP and heated floors for cold places

Neal Davis (@guest_165867)
1 year ago

Reva the Revolution is a 43′ DP with three AC units, one of which is also a heat pump. We have never been unable to run all three when needed using either our 10kw generator or 50-amp service. (Should we need AC and only have 30-amp service, then we run two contiguous units and close part of the RV.) However, we have ordered Newton the New Aire and expect his arrival (and dear Reva’s departure) in late-May, early-June. Newton is a 36′ DP and will have two AC units, both of which are also heat pumps.

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Davis
Mike (@guest_166409)
1 year ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

A 10k generator will easily run 3 15k a/c’s. I run my 3 15ks on an 8k generator all day at racetracks.

Lisa Adcox (@guest_165861)
1 year ago

We have two and only a handful.of times have we used both here in South,TX this past 16 months. We have an awning that covers our whole site and it’s amazing what a difference it has made for keeping rv cool. Has been home base for us. Now on the 100 + degrees day we are nice and cool.

Norm Worthington (@guest_165850)
1 year ago

We’ve had 1….then newer trailer (2017 Redwood 37ft) had 2 which wasn’t enough so we bought a 2021 DRV 42 ft with 3 ACs…now we’re comfy in the heat….and yes, we run all 3 in the summer with no problems.

Martin (@guest_165848)
1 year ago

Wish you had provided an option for four A/Cs. I realize not many RVs have four, but you might have been surprised at the number had that option been available. When you live down south in the summer with a large motorhome, some days four A/Cs don’t even seem to be enough!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_165857)
1 year ago
Reply to  Martin

After spending a summer in Houston, I can fully agree with you! Our one A/C was NOT enough.

tom (@guest_165845)
1 year ago

13.5k btu, but when it fails, will replace with a 15k btu. Just enough on the side of too small for the Deep South.

Wayne Braxton (@guest_165843)
1 year ago

Just one at present but it is pre wired for a second one.

Scott R. Ellis (@guest_165840)
1 year ago

Zero, on purpose. No interest in anything that requires that much power. If it’s that hot, we go somewhere cooler.

bull (@guest_165846)
1 year ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

I’m with Scott.


I camp, explore and boondock.

My home has 5 separate heat/air conditioning units to keep me warm or KOOL as needed.

That’s enough!

McTroy (@guest_165838)
1 year ago

Just 1 AC and it does OK. If it is over 90 degrees and humidity we just stay home.

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