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Have you ever used your RV’s first aid kit in an emergency?

You DO have a first aid kit in your RV, right? If you don’t, stop what you’re doing right this very second and go order one. Seriously. We’re not kidding. Do it now.

OK, now that you’ve ordered a kit or have one already, we want to know: Have you ever had to use yours in an emergency? The kits can save your butt (literally and figuratively) for so many things such as cuts, burns, stings or bites, sprains, blisters… the list goes on.

If you have a pretty extreme story about using your kit, please share it with us in the comments below. And make sure you convince those that don’t have a first aid kit to get one! You never know when you’ll need it… Better safe than sorry!

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David carlson (@guest_168104)
1 year ago

we carry multiple first aid kits; we have a deluxe one in the RV, a travel one in the car and smaller one for biking and hiking.

Gregg G. (@guest_167536)
1 year ago

Needed one for a minor cut in the middle of the night, no big deal just wouldn’t stop bleeding without a bandaid. First aid kit was in the truck… Now always have one in the truck and one in the TT.

Patty (@guest_167368)
1 year ago

Funny this is asked. We have one for humans and one for pets. Our Dalmatian was running up the steps in our Newmar London Aire to load on Tuesday and slipped on the step and tried to go backwards and sliced her back paw. I have never seen so much blood on the floors, blankets, couch. Everyone needs Quick Stop.

Gordy B (@guest_167365)
1 year ago

Would not hesitate to use First Aid kit if someone was in need. Used it one time in Michigan when a young lady on a 10 speed in the rain could not stop and ran into the duals on the trailer of a semi. She had a bad gash on her head and was in shock. We put pressure on the wound with a large compress pad. We lost a good blanket, trying to keep her warm until the ambulance arrived, when they loaded her in the ambulance they left it on her to keep her warm. It went to a good cause.

Roger lee lyle (@guest_167346)
1 year ago

we had to use some out of one we put together ourselves. only had to for minor issues

Roy Davis (@guest_167341)
1 year ago

We had someone camped next to us that one of their kids got cut pretty badly. I also have used ace bandages and ice packs from it.

Bob (@guest_167340)
1 year ago

Sure have! Walked into a slide corner and cut my scalp. That’s why I have pool noodles on them now.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_167339)
1 year ago

Fortunately, no, at least not yet.

Jeff Craig (@guest_167325)
1 year ago

We have First Aid kits in all our vehicles, and a large one in our RV. I answered no, because we haven’t had to use it for what I’d consider an emergency (accidents, someone badly injured) but we do use it for mundane things like bug bites, minor cuts, etc…

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Craig
Pat Daubenmier (@guest_167323)
1 year ago

Hard to answer as written…no real first aid kit but plenty of supplies in the cabinet for use.

Jeb (@guest_167321)
1 year ago

Not emergency use but normal everyday use. Cuts, burns. I enhance my store bought one with ace bandages and cold packs, just in case.

Steve (@guest_167320)
1 year ago

My wife had the tailgate of our Ram 2500 fall on her head when trying to close it after we had hooked up the fifth wheel. Head cuts are extremely bloody, so it took a lot of cleaning, antiseptic, and gauze pads before I got it stopped. Needless to say, it was painful enough to require several days of Tylenol and took a while to completely heal. However, it can’t happen again because we are older and even weaker, but wise enough to have replaced the fifth wheel last year with a small motorhome!

Rich (@guest_167317)
1 year ago

band-aids is about as serious as it has been.

Joe (@guest_167312)
1 year ago

We have a good supply of emergency medical supplies on board. If I have the tool box out doing repairs and I cut myself I will usually use electrical tape. Plugger remedies work best for me.

Cathi (@guest_167311)
1 year ago

I said no, because I haven’t had to open the actual first aid kit. We do have bandages and ointments in the medicine cabinet for day to day life.

Marty (@guest_167305)
1 year ago

My husband is an EMT so we have a professional type first aid kit. While he has been asked to check out a camper one time resulting in them going to an Urgent Care he has only used bandaids so far.

Neal Davis (@guest_167301)
1 year ago

We actually have more medical-type of stuff in the RV than our house. We have only used allergy, cold, and headache remedies. No cuts, scrapes, bruises, or worse have been treated — yet (after 5 years of RVing).

Sharon L Boehmer (@guest_167299)
1 year ago

We FT so our “home” emergency first aid kit is all full sized, in both the medicine cab and a drawer in linen closet, use it frequently. We keep a normal sized first aid kit in our truck and have used it not only for ourselves but also when we saw a hiker take a tumble. Nothing too serious, but at least we got her cleaned and bandaged up enough so she could get home.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_167295)
1 year ago

A tip for stopping excessive bleeding is to put cayenne pepper on the cut. It doesn’t burn and will stop bleeding.

Mike (@guest_167313)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Good to know, thanks

John M (@guest_167289)
1 year ago

I am always scraping my arms or nicking my fingers while doing things, We keep band aids and Neosporin on hand for everything.

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