Monday, September 26, 2022


Do you get spam text messages?

Spam phone calls are common. And they’re annoying. And frustrating. And sometimes they make you want to throw your phone across the room! They just. won’t. stop.

What about spam text messages? Do you get any of those? And if so, do you get them frequently? They’re just as annoying, and no matter how many numbers you block they still come through. Ugh!


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robert gardner
6 months ago

Now that the Texas primaries are over mine will be drastically reduced!

6 months ago

Never have.

6 months ago

Seems like the government could tax the spam industry for their use of auto dialers. Say 25 cents a call. At least maybe some good would come of it.

Jeff Craig
6 months ago

Been getting a mess of them since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Not related to it (Medicare payments, Mortgage approval, Lottery Winning, Job Offers….), but it’s like the bots have been unleashed!

6 months ago

I said yes but rarely but honestly they come in cycles. right now it is good.

John Koenig
6 months ago

I always report spam (whether voice or text). That number is then added to a database which helps spam filters cull it out in the future. It IS infuriating that carriers do SO little to stop spam. Maybe a Federal regulation requiring carries to pay a fee for every piece of spam they facilitate (say $0.25 per incidence) would be the “encouragement” they need to act.

Bernard Hoppe
6 months ago

Not daily but at least weekly, I then block the number, same with spam calls.

6 months ago

My wife and I both get spam calls daily.

6 months ago

This is why I still keep a landline. When I have to give out a phone number, I give the landline. It gets a lot of spam calls, no real calls, and probably a lot of spam text messages but since it’s a landline, those don’t get through. My cel never gets spam, because I only give it to people I know.

6 months ago
Reply to  Debbie

A free google voice number will do this for you as well. I have a junk gmail account and a junk google phone number. 🙂

6 months ago
Reply to  Debbie

The poll was about spam text, not spam calls.
Reading is fundamental…

6 months ago
Reply to  Gary


John Eibeck
6 months ago

I use an app on my iPhone called Mr. Number. I rarely receive spam text or phone calls now.

Neal Davis
6 months ago

I use the free versions of both yahoo mail and gmail. The spam blockers are effective and I never get a spam message via yahoo mail and only rarely via gmail. I do sometimes have messages erroneously sent to the spam folder by both, but I usually find those before they get automatically deleted.

6 months ago

Yup and just delete without opening.

6 months ago

I have recently been getting spam text messages that are sent to a large group of phone numbers, but the origination of the text is an email address. They keep changing the address and each time I get one, I block it, just like a block phone numbers. Doesn’t seem to help and is very frustrating!

James LaGasse
6 months ago

I always report them as spam or place them in the junk folder, one hardcore spammer always advertising free stuff is always reported as spam but keep changing their address so it keeps coming through. Until the email services get serious about eliminating spam it will never stop!

Connie Calhoun
6 months ago

How do you stop them ?

6 months ago

I put a few a week. If it is election season, it is a lot more than a few a week. Would love to get off those lists!

6 months ago

I get Phone calls about every other day, either my car warranty is about to expire or there’s a warrant out for my arrest

Wayne Braxton
6 months ago

Even more than normal now during the mid term political crap going on
No policy offered just damnation of their opponents.

Wayne Caldwell
6 months ago

I also block and delete the number, but I also respond with, “FYI, Jeremy committed suicide last week after murdering his wife and two young children. He probably won’t be needing your services in the future”. I know it isn’t nice, but the look on their faces (if they even read the response) would be priceless.

David Stansbury
6 months ago

I just pretty much don’t get any on my phone. Don’t really know why; haven’t done anything to prevent it.

Last edited 6 months ago by David Stansbury

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