Friday, October 7, 2022


Would you stay in a hotel that had a reputation for being haunted?

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal spirits? Have you ever come into contact with one? If so, you MUST tell us the story in the comments. We here at have been to many haunted places around the country, and we love a good ghost story.

If you knew there was a hotel that was haunted would you stay in it? Would you be excited to stay in it? Would you stay in it but not care that it was “haunted”? Would you never, no way stay in a haunted hotel?

In case you’re curious, here are the top 25 most haunted hotels in the U.S. Spoooooky.

Thanks for voting! Happy hauntings!


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6 months ago

We have stayed in haunted hotels and B&B’s.
No encounters but fun!!

6 months ago

I would even stay in the room that was the source of the haunting. Bring it on. But for now? I am not sure if I did stay at hotel that was. Will need to ask next time I book at stay.

David carlson
6 months ago

the question should be “would you stay at a Harvest Host that was in a Cemetery”.

Last edited 6 months ago by David carlson
6 months ago

I already have.

Rosalie Magistro
6 months ago

I’d love to stay in one. That is haunted..

6 months ago

No way because I had my fill of motels working. My own bed every night, please and thank you.

6 months ago

Not that I stay in hotels anyway, but if I did, being ‘haunted’ would be last of my list of requirements.

6 months ago

likely not but not because of “ghosts”. any such hotel is likely to be old and lacking in the amenities we like in the rare cases when we stay in a hotel.

Ron T.
6 months ago
Reply to  Rich

And they probably charge a premium because of their haunted reputation. So no.

Roger lee lyle
6 months ago

Depends on who is haunting there. ??

6 months ago

What! Give up my own bed in my class a to pay for an overpriced room?

Bob Palin
6 months ago
Reply to  Jeb


Jeff Craig
6 months ago

Love to – but since spooks, specters and ghosts are not real, it’s all just marketing.

Tommy Molnar
6 months ago

As a couple other folks have mentioned, we never (as in NEVER) stay in motels or hotels. There are a couple of ‘haunted’ places up here in northern Nevada.

6 months ago

I put no, but if it was just rumors on the internet or some of the locals I wouldn’t worry but I have been to too many “Haunted” locations where all they could talk about was how horribly somebody died and no thanks I am not interested in morbid tales about how someone died where I am staying. I don’t watch or read horror stories and would prefer not to live them.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jed
6 months ago

The Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ is supposed to be haunted. Stayed overnight on 2/14/13, also took ghost tour. Didn’t see any orbs or ghosts.

Dr. Mike
6 months ago

Strange having a hotel question on an RV site, but sign me up now! I’ll stay as long as you like if you are paying the bill!!

Last edited 6 months ago by Dr. Mike
6 months ago


Bob p
6 months ago

We don’t stay in motels.

Wayne Caldwell
6 months ago

As far as ghost stories, back in 1980 I bought a house that the previous owner, a little old lady, had died in. For several years I would wake up around 2:15 in the morning and sense someone in the house. Then again, maybe “It was just my imagination, (once again) running away with me”. (I couldn’t resist that last line from the 1971 song by the Temptations 😁😁😁)

6 months ago

This is assuming I would stay in a Hotel. Much prefer our coach…

Ed K
6 months ago

If the price is lower than others in the area and it is where I need to be, why not. There is no such thing as spooks anyway.