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Have you ever moved from a campsite because of an undesirable neighbor?

Most of us have had the misfortune to be camped next door to someone we wished were across the park from us and not on our doorstep. Sad to say, but in many RV parks, RVs are packed so tightly you can hear your neighbor snore at night.

There are times when it’s too much. The problem could be a bunch of beer-chugging good-ol’ boys who want to party all night, or a family with a half-dozen loud, badly behaved children, or a camper who loves to play his Conway Twitty tunes so loud your belly fat vibrates on the low notes. Of course, there’s the guy who smokes cigars and watches Rambo movies on his big screen, outdoor TV (with Dolby sound) six feet away from your bedroom window.

So, our question of the day: Have you ever just packed up your RV and moved to a different site, or even a different park, because you simply could not tolerate staying another night in the campground equivalent of hell?

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Wayne Kinstad (@guest_172110)
1 year ago

I haven’t moved because of a bad or annoying neighbor. But I have certainly given more than a passing thought.

David (@guest_171964)
1 year ago

Yes, it was not about noise it was smell, every time a breeze came by a sewerage back up smell came with it.

Dale Gilbert (@guest_171963)
1 year ago

came home

Dave (@guest_171962)
1 year ago

ZZ Top bearded, inked dude with a trained police dog lecturing us about nano particles in the COVID vaccine. Would hang around OUR site for hours talking nonstop arguing about COVID and how he travelled as a spirit. We slipped away in the night

Ric (@guest_171958)
1 year ago

Christmas light flashing all night . Stereo left on all night outside. Dog’s pooping in our area not theirs and they stand there and watch.

Bill (@guest_171957)
1 year ago

Smoking, fires, and big rigs with rumbling industrial HVAC systems will get me moving.

Heather (@guest_171956)
1 year ago

I haven’t moved because of a neighbor, but I don’t go back if the workers can’t/won’t get the situation under control.

Bryan (@guest_171954)
1 year ago

I haven’t moved but certainly would have if there was an option. A long weekend with at least three parties happening right around our site. Doesn’t help when Resort staff aren’t on sight after 9pm. Haven’t been back to that resort.

Linda j (@guest_171942)
1 year ago

We, had a mom of 3. Camp next to us. 13 yr.old, 7 & 3. Blast music with lot of F words.2 p.m. still on at 2 a.m. moved to another site in a.m. the mom. also left 13 yr. Old to watch the other 2 kids-said swimming in a lake. ‘Beer run she yelled.
Another federal campsite- group of 12-14 dirt bike riders in 20’s, blast music, whooping & hollering till 3 a.m. camper next to us, loudly played country music- said payback for dirt bike party. My husband, asked him to just turn it down a bit. Didn’. Wanted to start a fight. He left after we got phone out, said calling cops.
Been camping since ’78. Not the same

David F. (@guest_171936)
1 year ago

Ha!!! Had a camper move because of us!!! Met my B-I-L and his family at a nice State Park in OR. Sites were sort of tight, you could talk to your neighbors behind you if you wanted. Couple of good ol’ boys and the kids came in behind us, no ladies in the group. They broke out a couple of good size coolers. We broke out a bible study, we had 5 kids with us, and they were popping up Bible answers, and we were praying, all sorts of church stuff. They moved to the other side of the park!!!

Roy Davis (@guest_171932)
1 year ago

We were in St Catherine Ontario on a 4th of July weekend and had a drunken party going on at the site on right next to us at 2 in the morning with a bonfire shooting fire15-20 ft. into the air showering our trailer with sparks. Complained to management and was told they couldn’t do anything about it even though it violated campground rules. We packed up and left but they did refund our remaining nights that we’d paid for.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Davis
Manxe Kitairn (@guest_171930)
1 year ago

Camping, not RVing, in 1971, we went into the Feather River valleys northeast of Oroville. We took trails through the forest looking for a decent camping site, until late afternoon we found a couple doing the same. He had some experience and knew the area, so he led us down switchbacks on a four wheel trail to get to the Feather River, about 4 miles long and 1 mile vertical. We found ourselves in a whitewater paradise, but there were some people already there, mostly men on motorcycles. As we stopped and prepared our site, more and more motorcyclists showed up. After dusk, the gunfire started. Whoops and shouts told us they were drinking heavily. That made both ladies nervous, and we decided to pull out. Climbing the dirt trek in the dark was exiting, but other than the jeers and gunshots from the bikers when we left the river, the rest of the evening was uneventful. We found another rude camp, and had a peaceful rest before trail-riding the next day.

Do I get the prize?!

David Lange (@guest_171922)
1 year ago

But I have come close a few times.

Tom H. (@guest_171919)
1 year ago

No, but I’ve seriously thought about it on several occasions. Mostly because of neighbors getting louder with every beer. Especially after quiet hour!

Travelingjw (@guest_171917)
1 year ago

No, not yet. At Mount Rainier a few years ago we had two families move in to the next two campsites. They were constantly yelling at their dogs and their children. At night they put their dogs in the back of their pickup and the dogs banged around. One night one of the dogs escaped and I had to wake them up at 3:00 in the morning. Had we been there more than a few more days I might have moved.

Donald N Wright (@guest_171916)
1 year ago

Oops, I regret, I had a family move because of me. They were going to have a family reunion
and the reflection of the afternoon sun from the side of my Airstream Trailer could of been painful.

Donald N Wright (@guest_171914)
1 year ago

Gardner State Park is beautiful, and down the hill we had loud, aggressive, foul campers with the music blasting. At ten pm, the Jeeps rolled in, and the officers wearing Stetsons paid them a visit. Silence, and the next morning, the foul campers left.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_171909)
1 year ago

So far, no. (The picture looks like Larry the cable guy)

Tony (@guest_171895)
1 year ago

We stayed at a campground for a month to visit family. The management refused to enforce the roaming dog/leash policy. My neighbor had their aggressive dogs off leash all the time. My complaints went unenforced. Every time, I went to leave my 5th wheel to walk my dogs, I had to look in every direction to make sure his dogs weren’t lurking. I asked for a different spot!

Eileen Brown (@guest_171894)
1 year ago

We have moved twice. First time at a COE park in the midst of 10+ rigs there for their annual reunion. We stuck it out for a couple of nights and then decided 2 am bedtimes weren’t our style. Moved to the quiet end, willingly paying the Rec.gov change fee.

The second time was up in Canada, at a tiny cg full of seasonals. They were out until about 4 am, and there was nowhere we could move to avoid them (cg owner was at the party, too.) We actually moved to a Wal Mart!

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