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How often do you wash your RV or tow vehicle’s windshield?

If you’re driving down the road to your next destination, whether you’re driving through snowy mountains, desert dust, or city grime, your RV or tow vehicle’s windshield is bound to get dirty… and fast.

We want to know how often you clean your RV or tow vehicle’s windshield? Do you do it every night when you arrive at camp? In the morning before you leave? When you get gas? Never?

Go ahead and leave a comment after you vote. We want to hear what you have to say about those dirty windshields. Thanks!


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5 months ago

I clean pre-travel, fuel stop, upon arrival at campground, and during Love Bug Season (FL) everyday to prevent staining and clear coat damage to body of RV and Car. I use Invisible Glass cleaner and it does a great job of cleaning and not streaking.

John Koenig
6 months ago

There should have been a choice of “On travel days”

Jeff Craig
6 months ago

I said ‘fairly often’, but only because it gets cleaned every few days when we are on the road for travel days, and we hit a PFJ (where they have pretty reliable window wash buckets). I carry an extendable squeegee and that’s saved my backside a few times.

Pat Daubenmier
6 months ago

I had to answer in terms of the hubby. My choice wasn’t there which would be ” not often enough!”. When traveling, I do wash it while he fills the tank. My job takes longer than his.

Tom H.
6 months ago

Seems like a silly question. When it needs it, of course!

Roy Davis
6 months ago

I have the advantage of having a power washer with hot water so I rinse the windshield off, along with the front cap, right after we get parked.

Gordy B
6 months ago

I double “Rainex” before each trip and it seldom gets dirty between fuel stops. Wash with plain water when needed with my own squeegee. If it is a long trip, I may reapply Rainex again if needed. If it rains, I seldom need the wipers. Happy Trails.

Jim Soper
6 months ago

Whenever it gets fuel or it gets too dirty to safely drive.

6 months ago

The beginning of every travel day and every fuel stop.

6 months ago

When we are traveling the front of our coach gets debugged every day.

Bob p
6 months ago

Every gas stop

6 months ago

At a campground in Williams, AZ and seeing a sign saying ” No RV washing”, I asked the desk people if I could wash our windshield before leaving. They said fine and off I went to do so. As I was washing, along comes this woman asking if I had a paid permission slip to wash my RV. Nope, but had permission. ” Well, we will see about that” and off she went. I put away my washing gear and stopped at the office on our way out to make sure they knew that person. They did and said she was an owner, but they said we could and we could. No, I said, we don’t want to p##$ off the owner and left.

6 months ago

When they are in need, I’ll try to wash mine clean. Ha, Ha, Ha. Well, I’ll try.
PS. Love RV-travel.

Last edited 6 months ago by Larry
Bob Weinfurt
6 months ago

Before leaving on a trip, then as needed.

6 months ago

I wash them every evening when we stop for the day or as needed during the day if needed when stopping at rest stop or fuel.

6 months ago

everytime we stop for gas which is usually once per day during stretches of travel.

Ron Lane
6 months ago

An additional choice should have been added to the list. Since the windshield will only get dirty when traveling, I always wash mine at every fuel stop or overnight stop.. That could be every day, or fairly often, or only wash it when it gets dirty.

Bob R
6 months ago

Those should be totally two different questions, LOL, I wash RV twice a year, but windows every fuel stop

Neal Davis
6 months ago

Including using the squeegies at truck stops, fairly often. Excluding that, then about once per trip.

6 months ago

And blessings on the service stations that now offer long-handle scrubbers!

6 months ago
Reply to  wanderer

and buckets with actual cleaner in them. but i always carry my own long-handled sponge, a water blade for wiping the windshield clean as well as window cleaner and a bucket…just in case.

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