Monday, September 26, 2022


Do you wish your RV were five feet longer or five feet shorter?

Do you wish your RV were a little bit longer, say … another five feet? Maybe a bigger bedroom or bathroom would be possible. That might make bumping into your partner all the time a little rarer. That can get old, after all.

Or do you wish just the opposite … that your RV were a little shorter, maybe five feet shorter. That would make fitting in some of those compact National Forest campsites a little easier? Really, do you need all your present space?

Or is your RV just perfect for you as it is?

Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks for voting!


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Al Quinton
5 months ago

20 yrs with a 31′ Minnie Winnie, did its job perfectly, have a 41′ fifth wheel now, Minnie was a blast, getting older now and will be spending more time in the rv in the winter month down south, so it all depends on what you need it for, to me bigger is better but only if you’re comfortable maneuvering it around.

5 months ago

38′ 5th wheel and use it all except the dust magnet spaces above the kitchen cabinets.

Bob Weinfurt
5 months ago

My old 22′ MH works for me.

Larry Boswell
5 months ago

I checked 5ft longer, but really only want about 2ft, with a shower that I can turn around in. What I really would like is a dinette slide. I have a 2017 22R Minnie Winnie.

Roy Davis
5 months ago

Actually they don’t make them any longer and I wouldn’t want it if they did. I don’t see where 5 ft shorter would make it any better because we’d still be too long to fit in most National Parks, plus we would be right where many won’t offer a tag axle. But ferry and toll roads cost would be less. I have Friends who have RVs 5 ft shorter but they don’t get any better MPG than us.

Jeff Craig
5 months ago

At 35ft, two feet would be perfect, with another bedroom slide for the cabinets. Five foot would give us a lot of room, but isn’t very practical.

Gregg G.
5 months ago

Our inTech Sol Horizon is only 19ft, but like the TARDIS seems much bigger on the inside… Large booth dinette that can seat 6 adults (ok, that’s a cozy fit…), a residential queen bed, large wet bath, and nice kitchen; I’m 6-4, 275# and can stand up straight in our TT and have plenty of room everywhere – perfect for me, my wife, and 2 dachshunds!

David carlson
5 months ago

I like the size of our Coachman 34 foot MH had the best layout for the floor plan, we had a 31 TT and with the truck felt too long.

5 months ago

Started with a 34′ gasser. Decent sized but under powered and noisy. Upgrade to 40′ DP which wife would not drive and more difficult to park and maneuver. Down sized to a small 27′ class C and way too small but very nice unit. Ordered (delivery in May 2022) a 35′ DP with 450 HP and hoping it is the forever RV. Only time will tell. It has taken 5 years to get to this point.

5 months ago

When driving, 5 ft shorter. Inside longer

5 months ago

length is fine but I wish there was a bit less front area and a bit more bedroom space.

5 months ago

I’d like five more feet of space inside, and five feet less outside – basically an RV-Tardis! 😀

Matt Colie
5 months ago

We lucked out. Our coach was only built in two versions and ours is the shorter. If it were longer, it would not be able to winter in our barn. Yes, I would like to have more storage, but if we did, we would probably just carry more stuff that we don’t really need. But then again, we aren’t full timers.

Paul Schwengel
5 months ago

5′ shorter is my answer, spouse says longer w more closet space……

5 months ago

5 feet longer would be nice while we’re camping but towing and backing it into our driveway would be not so great. I guess we will keep the 20 feet we have.

Bob Palin
5 months ago

I’m happy with the size of my 33′ fifth wheel, but if forced to choose longer or shorter I would go longer. Longer models of my fiver were produced and had a few features I would like (an area where I could put a desk) but in most cases they just added more seating which isn’t of much use to me and the dogs.

Last edited 5 months ago by Bob Palin
Lew Mac
5 months ago

If my 17-foot Casita were 5 feet shorter, I’d have a serous problem.

Wayne Braxton
5 months ago

Grandkids have outgrown us. No need for bunk room in the rear. Take it off! LOL

John M
5 months ago

I like the length of our motorhome but hate the size of the bathroom.

5 months ago

Actually; Our RV is 5th. Wheel 35’6″ & parked where I can sit in Theatre Seats & watch a Ball Game. The “Princess” is on the Couch giving the Play by Play whether I need or not!!
So the Size is good!!

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