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What’s the maximum you would pay for dependable, screaming-fast WiFi at an RV park?

WiFi is important, and screaming-fast WiFi is even more important! We have a lot to do these days online, right? Read this newsletter, read other newsletters, explore, watch the YouTube channel… you get the point. Wink.

At an RV park, how much would you be willing to pay per day for screaming-fast WiFi? $5? $10? $15? If none of the above, do you already have your own fast WiFi, maybe through a hotspot or other device?

Feel free to leave a comment after you vote. Thank you!

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Ray (@guest_175223)
1 year ago

Anything more than $1.50-$2.00 per day seems unreasonable. I get unlimited high speed Internet at home for $50 month.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_175118)
1 year ago

I don’t need fast WiFi. If it’s not included, I’ll live without it for a few days.

Jeff Craig (@guest_175091)
1 year ago

T-Mo Magenta Max (with military, paperless billing, and family plan discounts) gives me plenty of lines, with 40Gb of hotspot on each line. We have 3 lines when we go camping, and have never needed a parks WiFi in the last five years. We recently used the T-Mo Home Internet ($50-) in our RV while my wife was in another state for three months, using it for wifi, and our security cameras, Alexa and alarm system. It worked very well with speeds around 180/30Mb.

Vanessa (@guest_175053)
1 year ago

Through FMCA a Tmobile hotspot that has worked great everywhere except where there is NO cell service for Verizon either. Cost $50 a month and is truly unlimited service. I used over 900gb a month when on the road last year.

Gloria Sluder (@guest_175131)
1 year ago
Reply to  Vanessa

This is what we use and it works great.

Bob p (@guest_175038)
1 year ago

After investing many $$ setting up the motorhome with antenna, receiver, booster, and all the other BS I found the campground didn’t broadcast the WiFi and I had to go stand in line and wait my turn to use the WiFi in the recreation hall. I heard about Verizon MIFI and haven’t looked back. 4 years ago they offered unlimited service for prepay accounts and I signed up for that. I kept that even through the 3 weeks we stupidly signed up for Spectrum, never will have them again. No customer service.

Chris (@guest_175036)
1 year ago

We have a 4g and a 5g modem in ours. We have 4 kids and a grandson that travel with us and it’s nice for them to be able to watch TV or play games while I’m driving the motorhome. Once we get to the site we don’t really use them very much but anytime I have ever tried to use the campgrounds wifi all I ever get is stuck at the trying to connect screen or even if I manage to connect to it all I get is Hulu telling me to get better internet.

Ron Jewell (@guest_175024)
1 year ago

The answer depends on how long I would be staying in the campground.

Harry Ward (@guest_175007)
1 year ago

One dollar a day max.

John (@guest_175006)
1 year ago

I went coast to coast in March. Never paid “extra” for wifi and yet I was able to work and stream shows without issue. While I would be willing to pay for it, I am not currently. I will, however, pay for Starlink should it ever be completed.

William Salmon (@guest_175000)
1 year ago

How about choice #6? Wifi should be included at no charge everywhere. Add it to the included cost of service. The costs to manage the payment and support far outweigh the poor customer service that is inevitable.

Roy Davis (@guest_174999)
1 year ago

I think the results of this survey shows how the majority of RVs are finding alternatives to campground WiFi. That is because of the poor quality of it at most campgrounds. I really don’t even look to see if it is available any more. Instead I check the reviews for cell signal strength. I don’t have a satellite system but stream my TV watching as well and that seems to be the growing trend.

scott velie (@guest_174994)
1 year ago

screaming fast means 1 Gb or better yes I would pay for that.

Diane M (@guest_174990)
1 year ago

We’ve never used WiFi while camping.

Bob Palin (@guest_174985)
1 year ago

Starlink FTW!

Vanessa (@guest_175054)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

On the road? Thought it wasn’t set up to be movable YET!

Diane Mc (@guest_174981)
1 year ago

We’ve stayed at several parks who have high speed internet, capable of streaming….at no cost Yes, of course it is priced into their rates. It’s a nice benefit. Everything we do financially, staying connected to family, finding places to eat/visit, is through the internet…at home or traveling. We don’t use streaming but just want to be able to get on & off quickly so we can get on with enjoying our travels. Also, it can be critical for weather information to decide if and when we move on. We did stay at a park that had high speed free for overnighters, $5 for 2 days for 4 devices. That seemed fair & small price not to waste time. Know many pay for devices to have their own hotspots (we use the ones on our iPhones) but we only travel 3 to 4 months out of the year. When at home we don’t need it and in fact use very little of the data we have on our phones when not traveling.

Tom (@guest_174980)
1 year ago

I don’t go RVing to watch or stream movies. I’d check in by email with my kids, using cell service that is

GeorgeC (@guest_174965)
1 year ago

Although I answered “have my own hotspot” (actually travel with 3), I have fast and reliable access at our winter “sticks and bricks”. It costs me $3.50 per day all in. If campgrounds want to upcharge and resell at a higher cost, then they should be regulated as a utility.

Kareem Ricardo (@guest_174964)
1 year ago

i’ve never seen a campground with even decent Internet – capable of Zoom calls, streaming, good photo sharing between devices and friends. Campground wifi is pathetic.

I would pay $10+ for actual good Internet (50 mps+) with low latency. Calling shared geostationary satellite Internet “good” is worse than a lie; it is fraud.

Peggy Bradley (@guest_174957)
1 year ago

$0. I pay $49/month for a Frankin 10 mifi device (via FMCA) unlmited, unthrottled 5g service. I love it. Works everywhere!!

GeorgeC (@guest_174968)
1 year ago
Reply to  Peggy Bradley

Did you pull some strings to get 5G? I thought the basic FMCA-TMobile service was only 4G.

Vanessa (@guest_175055)
1 year ago
Reply to  GeorgeC

Started upgrading last year to 5g.

Keith (@guest_174950)
1 year ago

You missed the most important question on survey. I will not pay anymore for wifi. I expect a basic level of reliable service to be included in site fees. Note i said reliable! Almost never find that…only need to pick up e mail

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