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Do you normally carry a vacuum cleaner in your RV?

When you’re RVing, do you normally bring a vacuum cleaner along with you on your travels? We’re sure your answer depends on a lot of things (like if you have pets, if you’re a full-timer, etc.) but generally speaking, do you?

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner for your RV, check this one out. It’s one of the highest-rated on all of Amazon, and it will tuck away and store nicely. Happy spring cleaning!


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Gregg G.
5 months ago

We have an Armstrong vacuum, otherwise known as a broom

Jeff Craig
5 months ago

We use a Dyson V6 Powerhead that I bought refurbished from several years ago and have been very happy with it. We can hold the entire unit with one hand, but it certainly is NOT small.

Last edited 5 months ago by Jeff Craig
Roy Davis
5 months ago

While we have a central Vac, I bought a Roomba for the RV. However, we don’t have any carpeting inside the RV. I also have an air purifier which cuts down on the amount of dust we have.

5 months ago

Not in my new to me much smaller rig!

Pat Daubenmier
5 months ago

Central vac but I hate that big heavy hose. Would rather have a vac and suitable storage location.

John Koenig
5 months ago

I have a good selection of Milwaukee M-18 & M-12 tools including a hand held M-18 vacuum. Earlier this year, I replaced the HEPA filter (the original filter lasted OVER 5 years).

5 months ago

We have a built in.

Bob Weinfurt
5 months ago

I have a hand held Shark rechargeable.

5 months ago

I carry a Royal Scorpion handheld and a small stick vacuum that I purchased at a yard sale for $5 years ago. I boondock a lot and the dirt accumulates quickly.

5 months ago

NO CARPETS!!! Best invention since sliced bread. Have built in but have never opened the box and will never open the box!

Selene Montgomery
5 months ago

I answered ‘yes’ because I have a central vacuum system in our motor home.

Deena Jones
5 months ago

We have a central vacuum in our rig, and I love it! Just have to grab the hose and I’m vacuuming in no time, and it does a great job.

Dr. Mike
5 months ago
Reply to  Deena Jones

Same here.
We have the central vac in the house and in the basement.

Angela Klinger
5 months ago

We have the full size Shark vacuum and a hand held Eureka vacuum.

Rosalie Magistro
5 months ago

My dyson goes everywhere with us.

Tony Grigg
5 months ago

Two! Shark mini stick vac and a small wet/dry vac. Both used regularly.

5 months ago

A Miele “ pet dander” canister vacuum, we have a built in but never use it, the bag is too small for the pet hair. Then when we return home my husband gets the STIHL cordless blower out. That’s the fun part.

5 months ago

While we have a central vac in the rig we don’t like fighting the long kinking hose. We leave the hose and attachments for that at home and carry a small vacuum instead. We always fully clean the floors by vacuum followed by wet swiffer before bringing slides in.

We do use the little floor opening of the central vac system to suck up sweepings for quick cleanups. That function is pretty nice.

Last edited 5 months ago by Spike
David Stansbury
5 months ago

How could you not? Especially if going for more than a few days.

5 months ago

no carpet!

Paul Sansaver
5 months ago

Built in vac and carry a Shark Rocket.

Dennis Cox
5 months ago
Reply to  Paul Sansaver

Same with us

5 months ago

I think so. You’ll have to ask my partner. She’ll know as She knows everything!!
Some Days & Some Days more than others!!
Just sayin’………

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