Tuesday, July 5, 2022


How many prescription drugs do you take on a regular basis?

More than four billion prescriptions are dispensed in the United States each year. It has the highest consumption of prescription drugs in the world. More than 131 million Americans take at least one prescription medication, that’s about 66 percent of the population.

How many prescription drugs do you take on a regular basis? One? Two? Four? 10? More than that?

As always, thanks for voting. And remember, these surveys are just for curiosity. We don’t know how you answer. If you take a bunch of prescription drugs, we’re sorry you have to deal with so many medical issues and we wish you well.


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Jay W
2 months ago

How does, “More than 131 million Americans” equate to “about 66 percent of the population.”? Last I heard was the US population was in the ballpark of 330 million.

John Olson
2 months ago
Reply to  Jay W

You have to fact check everybody these days… LOL

Rod B
2 months ago

At 65 I didn’t take any meds either, but now at 80 I do take 3. It’s amazing what 15 more years does.

Rosalie Magistro
2 months ago

65 yo. healthy female ,no medication,a few vitamins and some allergy meds in the spring..
I love to walk and ride my bicycle..

Neal Davis
2 months ago

At age 65 I am still free of prescribed medications. However, as with other commenters, I take numerous over-the-counter medications for my seasonal allergies.

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Luckily, none. Take plenty of OTC allergy meds when needed and sometimes an edible for arthritis or joint pain.

2 months ago

best advice….don’t get old-er.

George B
2 months ago

I assume this group of viewers are an aging crowd and therefore are more apt to be using medicine.

Michael Galvin, PhD
2 months ago

Poll doesn’t allow for taking 10.

Diane Mc
2 months ago

Blessed. Zero prescriptions. 72. BP 110/65. Dad lived to 98 at home. Mother is 93. Maternal grandfather 100 (he was an alcoholic!), Paternal GF & GM 85, 95. Aunts/Uncles: 98, 95, 94. Had a great Aunt I met at 100, she lived to be 106. Now, if I don’t get hit by a bus. 😊

2 months ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

You come from hearty stock!!!

Leonard Rempel
2 months ago

62 years old and born with good genes. ZERO meds.
I also made the decision 1.5 years ago to lose weight to nearly ideal. I dropped 25 lbs. (10 more to go) and I did this by eating better, exercising, and committing to better health.
Too many people I know are obese and taking loads of meds. No easy path, but start with a better diet and exercise. Rocket science it is NOT.

2 months ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

Way to go, LR! Obesity has become an epidemic in this country due to what’s ingested, how much is ingested, and lack of exercise. America is the only country where poor people are fat, think about that. Based on this survey, 86% of you are taking one or more prescriptions on a daily basis. How much of that is due to being overweight? The pharmaceutical industry loves you! It’s not always about genes, it’s about choices. Want to lose weight fast? Try cutting out the alcohol for a month and see what happens to your waist line. Consider the health and safety of the first responders that show up to deal with an obese body, especially within the confines of an RV…

Bob p
2 months ago

The Lord blessed me with good health, a former family Dr told me his 7 kids would starve if he had more patients like me, my response was I didn’t have anything to do with his kids so it was his problem. Lol

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