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How often do you eat cereal for breakfast?

Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast foods in America, and even in the world. According to, 283.39 million Americans consumed breakfast cereals (cold cereals, not oatmeal or other hot cereals) in 2020. That’s a lot of cereal eaters!

How often do you eat cereal for breakfast? Very often? Sometimes? Never? After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite breakfast cereal is. Come on, make us hungry!


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Don Capellani
4 months ago

I’ve eaten 2 donuts every day for the last 50 years I have no health problems I’ll be 82 this October. Doctors say keep on keeping on

Ronnie G
4 months ago

I eat cold cereal about 10x per month, but never for breakfast. Plain Cheerios mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios or Rice Chex mixed with a small amount of Cheerios Medley Crunch. Breakfast if any will be scrambled eggs plus a very small amount of chives (green onions), maybe some spinach and salt. then, topped with shredded Cheddar or Colby Jack or both…no bread/biscuits or two McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with egg. sometimes I just nibble on a Honey Nut Cheerios n plain Cheerios mix. Per glucose meter even just plain Cheerios cause a consistent major rise in glucose…like a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. puzzling!! attempt after attempt after attempt.

Dennis Johnson
4 months ago

Never eat boxed or bagged cereal. Too many herbicides and pesticides. Also feel better from fewer carbs in my diet

Ron Lane
4 months ago

I probably haven’t had cold cereal for breakfast since I was a teen…more than 50 years ago For the past 20 years, I’ve made us a fruit smoothie every morning that has more than 15 ingredients… all natural…all healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients.

Bob Weinfurt
4 months ago

Sometimes hot oatmeal but usually Life or Frosted Mini Wheats.

Diane K
4 months ago

Cap’n Crunch!

4 months ago

Since last November I’ve been on a low carb diet and cereals are high in carbs. By limiting my carbs I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs.

4 months ago

oatmeal with raisins every sunday. we’ve been doing that for decades.

4 months ago

Honey Nut Cheerios & Simply Granola, both with fruit (blueberries & raspberries)

4 months ago

We’re retired – what’s breakfast?

4 months ago
Reply to  DW/ND

This. My first “meal” of the day is lunch.

4 months ago

I make a batch of steel cut oatmeal in the instapot every other week. Then just scoop out that mornings breakfast, microwave, add fruit. Enjoy

4 months ago

High protein, high fiber cereal with bananas and berries nearly every day. Fast and easy for both of us and no cooking required. Special K makes two high protein versions we love. Also Kashi, Quaker Oatmeal Squares and others. Several good options if you read a few labels. We’ll cook once a week for a bacon and egg breakfast.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Once in a long, long while, and most of that is when we are on the road during travel days. In our house, cereal (Cinnamon Toasters, Marshmallow Mateys, Frosted Flakes and granola) is mainly for midnight snacks.

John Macatee
4 months ago

Hot cereal; Oatmeal, cream of wheat, Grits, never with milk. But with either banana, Berries, fruit

Betty Dagle
4 months ago

I’m lactose intolerant and just haven’t learned to eat cereal with alternatives. It made me sick as a child when I was forced to eat it.

Irvin Kanode
4 months ago
Reply to  Betty Dagle

Lactose Free milk (like those by Fairlife) taste the same as regular milk.

Diane Mc
4 months ago
Reply to  Irvin Kanode

I find it is creamier than regular milk. Even the 2%. I’ve read it’s more “real” than regular milk due to how they process regular milk.

Ron T.
4 months ago

My empty cereal bowl sits beside me as I type. Earlier it contained my daily ration of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and skim milk. Good and good for me.

Bernard Hoppe
4 months ago

The only time I used to eat cereal was when I was in the Army and in the field, we were getting the small boxes of dry cereal for breakfast. There was always a lot left that no one wanted so I would grab then for snacking later. Frosted Flakes was my favorite.

Then my two tours in Nam caught up with me and I had a heart transplant in 2016. And my taste in several things changed, partially due to the rule that all my food had to be fully cooked, anything raw had to be washed. No “dippy” eggs for breakfast. I ate several flavors of Chex and loved it, still ate cold cereal long after I was allowed food that was cooked “right”. Also lost my love of Honey Crisp apples, peaches and most other fruit and gained a sweet tooth for anything sweet.

Life has been interesting.

Mary Martin
4 months ago

Are we talking hot or cold or both?

4 months ago
Reply to  Mary Martin

The article says, “cold cereals, not oatmeal or other hot cereals”

4 months ago

For myself, rarely do I have cereal for breakfast. My husband however doesn’t go a day without a bowl of GrapeNuts. He was not a happy man the winter of 20/21
when there were no GrapeNuts on the shelves of the grocery stores throughout America!

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago

As a kid I devoured BOXES of cereal (much to my mom’s chagrin). Now I don’t touch it. I try to eat something high in protein for breakfast because it seems to stick with me longer.

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