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How often do you shop in Dollar (type) stores?

As prices rise, dollar stores are as popular as ever. In some small, rural towns, dollar stores like Dollar General or Family Dollar may be the only option for groceries and household items.

How often do you shop at dollar stores? If you’re not a full-time RVer, do you tend to shop at dollar stores more often while you’re on the road RVing or more often while you’re at your sticks and bricks home?

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Bill (@guest_183126)
1 year ago

Big Lots! We get our paper products, bathroom stuff, detergent, and some food items. They have good name brands. The biggest surprise is quality furniture like Broyhill. 20% off everything coupons come regularly.

Lindalee (@guest_182899)
1 year ago

A couple of years ago (pre-COVID) I would have said “often”. It seemed like at least two or three times a week I was in Dollar General. Since COVID appears to have moved in to stay and I’m 74 yo with COPD I don’t go anywhere! Nobody wants to wear a mask and stay 6 ft. away from me (you’ve got to be kidding). I was horrified when last week my roommate and I dared to go out to eat breakfast and nobody, not even the wait staff, had on a mask while going/coming. I am SO tired of COVID. Please, people, get vaccinated and wear your mask for a while longer and maybe, just maybe, we can beat this damb thing!!!!!

Irv (@guest_182871)
1 year ago

Mostly when they’re the only store near a campground.

There’s a huge difference between stores in this category. Some are dirty and disorganized, some of the newer stores are clean, organized, and have a broader variety of goods.

Rosalie Magistro (@guest_182860)
1 year ago

I’ll buy certain items only. I bought a pair of summer shoes for $7 and after 6 weeks they fell apart,I took them back and was told that I couldn’t get my money back ,so I said …. those shoes cost me almost a dollar a week,not a good deal !!

Thomas D (@guest_182855)
1 year ago

I discovered $1 tree recently and found a lot of stuff in groceries that i normally buy in a grocery store and SO much cheaper. You got to know your prices though. Canned veggies, $1 where you night find them at a grocery store for .75 cents.
My biggest complaint would be they raised prices from $1 to 1.25. 25% is outrageous. I can understand a raise because of inflation but 25%.. But mostly still a good deal.

Jeff Craig (@guest_182861)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas D


Welcome to Capitalism.

Bob M (@guest_182886)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Just think for every million dollars of merchandise they sell. They now make an additional $250,000. I’m waiting for them to start charging an additional 25 cents again. Wonder how much a bonus their CEO got for the additional 25 cent charge recommendation.

Marci Burton (@guest_182848)
1 year ago

Where we stay in the winter is 45 miles from a major grocery store. The dollar stores are only 8 miles so we get a lot of our staples there. Also, it’s the cheapest place to get the beer!

Gary (@guest_182864)
1 year ago
Reply to  Marci Burton

If only they sold good beer.
It’s a good place to get cheap reading glasses though.

Martin (@guest_182847)
1 year ago

we buy distilled water at these stores for our humidifier as thier price is usually way cheaper than markets in our community.

Steven N (@guest_182846)
1 year ago

Why not buy something for a dollar instead of paying five at a big box store?!

Wayne (@guest_182843)
1 year ago

I’ve always found value at Dollar type stores. I also find items that the big box stores don’t bother to carry. Poop bags 6 for$1.25. At regular stores 4 for $4.95. Same bags.

Patty (@guest_182878)
1 year ago
Reply to  Wayne

Get the muttmit on Amazon 100 for 19 bucks. They are the best poop bags ever

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