Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Are you a procrastinator?

Would you consider yourself to be a procrastinator? Do you easily get distracted and put off projects for longer than you should?

According to thrivemyway.com, back in the 1970s only 5 percent of adults were considered to be chronic procrastinators. Today, that number is about 20 percent. Do we think it has something to do with shorter attention spans? Additionally, 25 percent of adults say that procrastination is a defining characteristic of their personality. Are you part of that 25 percent?


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Robert Nelson
16 days ago

Back in the early 1970’s I bought a paperback for 35 cents on procrastination. I’ve never opened it. TRUE STORY !!!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
16 days ago
Reply to  Robert Nelson

OK, Robert, you’ve procrastinated long enough. I DARE you to open the paperback (and maybe even read it). 😆 Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

18 days ago

Nope!! I can’t sit still, gotta be doing something. I’m cleaning the dishes as my husband cooks. I’m so the opposite I would drive most people nuts.
That’s called pre-crastination.

Gary G
18 days ago

I answered “some things” but to be more honest perhaps I should have answered talk to you in couple of days 😎

Bob Weinfurt
18 days ago

No sense in rushing things now that I’m retired. I prioritize things. A nap is usually at the top of the list.
Why do it today if it can be put off ’till tomorrow. Better yet, why put it off ’till tomorrow if you can volunteer somebody else to do it today.

18 days ago

Being retired, many things can wait

18 days ago

I’ll tell you more later…

John Koenig
18 days ago

I’m surprised there weren’t more: “Let me tell you tomorrow…” responses 😉

Last edited 18 days ago by John Koenig
Michelle Smedley
18 days ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Usually I “wait” to read the newsletter until night time. Bet there’s more of those that do that…

18 days ago

I would NOT characterize myself as a PROCRASTINATOR.
I prefer to characterize myself as a METICULOUS PLANNER.

18 days ago

Like most people if it needs doing I”git er done” Some things need doing but not necessarily right now.

Seann Fox
18 days ago

I am the king of procrastination, my Batman is typing this in for me

Bob Palin
18 days ago

I’ll tell you later…

Bob p
18 days ago

It depends on the weather, being retired unless it’s an emergency if it’s hot or a torrential downpour it can wait for better conditions. Here in the heat of a FL summer most of my outside work happens early in the AM.

18 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

Agreed, And not just in Florida.

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