Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Is your RV your only “home”?

This question isn’t just another way of asking if you’re a full-timer or not. You could be a full-timer but still have another “home” somewhere else. Or you could share a home with family somewhere—who knows?

Is your RV your only “home” or do you have another home somewhere else? Please feel free to leave a comment after you vote and tell us about your home or homes. Thanks!

Remember, if you are on a slow internet connection it could take a moment for the poll to load. So stand by!

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Brenda Jackson
9 days ago

I just have a question and if it’s not allowed could you refer me in the right direction please? My husband and I plan to purchase and make RV’ing our home and will be traveling. We don’t have a permanent home per say, so my question is, how does Rv’ers living on the road like this, give someone their address?

Julianne G Crane
10 days ago

We have a destination trailer as our “Mother Ship” in an Escapee Coop Park and a 19-foot Escape for our RV travels. Best combination for us, especially (as someone else mentioned) since the pandemic hit.

Roy Davis
12 days ago

We still have what we call “base camp” that we would never be without. We planned from the start to be most-timers not full-timers. When the pandemic hit and campgrounds all around were shutdown, the wisdom of that decision became apparent. Not only did we have a place to go, we also had full-time friends who stayed on our property for a good 6 months.

Peggy Bradley
12 days ago

Going on twelve years as a solo full timer. Currently a Camp Host in Iowa. First summer of “sitting,” and not traveling around the country. Life is Good!

12 days ago

We sold our sticks and bricks (and nearly every other worldly possession!) and moved into our 5th wheel on May 12, 2021 and have been full timing for a year. Zero regrets! After surviving a pandemic my advice is to get out and live the dream while you have your health and sanity!

Selene Montgomery
12 days ago

After 3 years of RVing, and researching full-time RV living extensively, we decided that was the lifestyle for us. We first full-timed in a 2006 40 ft. Discovery motor home in 2012 (our RV mistake…was in bad condtion), and in 2014 we switched to a 2008 40 ft. American Tradition motor home, where we live today.

Brenda Jackson
9 days ago

Hi, my husband and I are thinking about going RV living full time but I have a few things that I’d like to know about it that I haven’t read from comments so far. So you say that you did some intense research on RV living? Did that include traveling as well with no home base?

Bob Weinfurt
12 days ago

No, but it’s my home away from home.

12 days ago

Right now it is, and will be for the next nine months while we wait for our new home to be built.

13 days ago

The coach was R HOME for 14 years with 8+ years traveling the country from Alaska to Key West FL. Then we decided to purchase a winter home in Flagler Beach FL back in 2016. Now we are 6 months in FB and 6 months someplace cool up north.

Pat Daubenmier
13 days ago

No….but we should be. In it more than half the year. This probably should have been a choice! Hate to give up the security of a home but would be happy to give up the taxes that go with it!

13 days ago
Reply to  Pat Daubenmier

I agree!
We are currently seriously considering it.
Yes, I think that should have been an option!
Yes, in our state, high taxes are a big concern, considering how little time we spend there.

T Edwards
13 days ago

My wife and I can’t give up our 1300 square ft home base in the Upper Cumberland Plateau, though we only live there 5 months each year. I work on the 5th wheel and truck under the RV port. We watch fall arrive then depart to Florida for late fall and winter, return to watch spring arrive then depart for the Adirondacks for late spring and summer. No below 25 degree or sweltering 100+ degree days.

13 days ago
Reply to  T Edwards

Sounds like a great setup.

Bob Weinfurt
12 days ago
Reply to  T Edwards

I live just outside of Adirondack park. It is a beautiful area, albeit very cold in the winter. Lots of places to boondock and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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