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Pet owners: Do you prepare your pet(s) special meals?

Okay, pet owners, now is the time to fess up! Do you ever prepare your pet or pets special meals? Birthday cakes on their birthday? A special egg breakfast on Saturdays? No lying allowed…

Do you cook your pet special dinners, or cook something to add into their dinner like ground turkey, chicken broth or veggies?

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment and tell us what special meal(s) your pet(s) enjoy. We won’t judge!


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Rob Kidder
1 month ago

I cook chicken breasts to add a small amount to her kibble dog food.

1 month ago

We give our Chihuahua Mix an egg IF we are having eggs for breakfast (or dinner)! Otherwise she eats Little Ceaser Beef/Chicken bowls!

1 month ago

My dogs know when it is Sunday and remind me around 5pm that it is dinner time and they want their scrambled eggs! Every other day each gets dry with half a Little Caeser’s, some salmon oil and a couple of times a week a tbsp of yogurt.

1 month ago

Their special is left overs that they can have in small portions. We make a rice turkey soup with peas, carrots, string beans and sometimes sweet potatoes. Freeze in small containers. Every now and again bring out and warm up for them.

1 month ago

We only make homemade food for our Furbaby. She eats twice a day and yes we give her purchased dog treats and homemade treats. Easy for us because it’s a habit and we 99% of the time cook for ourselves. We adjust the foods to be safe for our pup.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Occasionally, I make something up that’s healthier for my dog than even the best commercial food on the market. By-products and fillers aren’t nutritious, healthy ingredients.

1 month ago

our sheltie loves peas…when we have them, I will add a tablespoon or 2 to her kibble

1 month ago

We feed our 4 cats a premium brand of cat food. Most Senior (19 years old) gets special creamy treats because he had several teeth removed and he cannot deal with most solid foods.
We do have one cat, who thinks the inexpensive cat food from Wal-Mart brand is actually a treat.

1 month ago

Our dogs get home cooked meals! Home made treat cookies too! If I won’t eat it my dogs shouldn’t either

1 month ago
Reply to  GkEddy

Exactly 💯 and Thank you for taking the effort.

1 month ago

I eat organic so do my Chihuahuas. I combine organic chicken breast diced up often times with slices of organic carrots, sometimes organic green beans cut up and also organic sweet potatoes diced in small pieces. To this I add organic chicken broth and store the mixture in glass jars in the freezer. A batch of their prepared food often lasts at least a month or more. They get a tablespoon or so of this prepared feast added to a small amount of organic kibble twice a day. The three of them love their food and are healthy little dogs! After supper, they go crazy for each gets an organic treat.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nigel
G Smith
1 month ago

Whenever we have any broth or juice left over from cooking, especially from the Instant Pot, I put it in the fridge overnight so the fat hardens. The next day I scrape off the fat and strain the juice into an empty ketchup bottle. Our three Whippets really enjoy a squirt of it on their dinner kibble.

Leslie Schofield
1 month ago

Since being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease he gets nothing that isn’t on his very restricted diet. He use to get a raw bone every evening and a bully stick. He loved his evening routine and so did we. We are teaching him new games in the evening to take his mind off begging for his bone and chew stick.

alan W householder
1 month ago

With unknown junk in dog food we switched to making our dog food from the same thing we eat

Neal Davis
1 month ago

My answer was, “No” because we do not cook special things to feed him. However, we do doctor his food considerably. At 14+ years of age, he has numerous maladies. All meals include a spoonful of canned pumpkin and a cup of dry dog food. His breakfast includes an allergy pill, a couple of different pills to combat dementia, a CDB treat and CDB oil, and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. After his morning walk, then we give him glucosamine chondroitin and multivitamins. If we eat ice cream, then he gets a cup of Frosty Paws, a whey-based product that resembles ice cream but is better for a dog’s digestive system than ice cream.

Last edited 1 month ago by Neal Davis
1 month ago

We absolutely do. Special ice cream for pets, omelets, cheese treats,scrambled eggs etc. They’re family so why not!!

Leonard Rempel
1 month ago
Reply to  Wayne

Because they are harmful to pets, that’s why not!

1 month ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

Not true. Depends on what you give them.

Pauline Brookover
1 month ago

I make my dog healthy dog treats and birthday treats. I also make her an egg and a small blueberry pancake (no syrup) if I am making it for myself.

1 month ago

My dogs eat a species appropriate raw diet. They get ‘special’ meals every day.

1 month ago

If you love your pet, give them the very best you can and be aware that they could be allergic to some things.

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