Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Are you doing something special today for the 4th of July?

What are your plans for tonight? Will you sit at home just like any other night, or are you headed out to a big fireworks celebration at your local fairgrounds? Or maybe you’ll gather with some neighbors in the RV park to blow off $200 worth of “cheap” fireworks and light a few of those weird little worms that expand as they burn on the sidewalk.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to attend a fireworks celebration or a festival in a small town that you just happen to be in this weekend. That can be a great treat — watching the locals observe their Independence Day rituals. Maybe you can eat a corn dog and some buttered corn on the cob. If you’re really lucky, you’ll hear Ethel Merman belting out “God Bless America” over the PA system as the fireworks grand finale sets the sky ablaze!

So what are your plans? Tell us in the comments below the poll.


  1. My wife and I help out at a small town 4th celebration. We run the games for the little kids and they always win. We buy the prizes and then all money goes to the community center that is doing the celebration. Our little way of giving

  2. I was stuck here in the hospital in Houston, and my room window did not face the direction of the fireworks. But, there was no shortage of ‘illegal’ displays.

    • Sorry to hear that, Gene. I hope everything is OK, and that you have a much better day today (and from here on out). Take care. 🙂 –Diane

  3. my amateur radio club provided comms for our community’s July 4th parade. fireworks were in the 3rd and a neighbor’s cookout preceeded the fireworks. otherwise I had a nice lomg nap after the parade.

  4. We went to the local town parade and their Frontier Days celebration. They had a large tank for the kids to catch a fish. Lots of food choices and the usual trappings for sale. Not a bad way to spend the 4th and tonight we can watch fireworks in person or on TV (depending on the weather).

  5. I am getting ready to leave on my most expensive trip ever next week. Going over 4,000 miles in our RV that gets about 6mpg. The greedy gas companies love me, my kids hate me.

  6. My “special activity” today was to re-read a short biography of Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene. His life story always inspires and reminds me of who a true American patriot is, what they did (or do in current times), and brings into very clear focus what this day is about.

    Never heard of him? If not for his selfless courage and full devotion to the cause of freedom we may not be celebrating our independence.


  7. I replied “yes, other”. We are packing the RV for a trip tomorrow. The joy of retirement ~ travel after the holidays😁

  8. My sister and her husband are visiting us for the 4th of July weekend. This morning her and I got up early and planted a small US flag on the lawn of each of my neighbors.
    Proud to be an American and served ten years in the US Army.

  9. We stay home on holidays. Let others fight the fight. Retirement let’s us celebrate when WE want to. Usually daily! God Bless those who made this possible. God Save the U.S.A.

  10. Staying off the roads (70 mph as soon as we leave the driveway) packed with frantic vacationers. BBQ ribs on the porch. Hoping to shoot off a few fireworks tonight, if the thunderstorms don’t come back (over an inch of rain yesterday, mostly in a half hour).

  11. Attending the Cody WY 4th of July parade, Rodeo and fireworks show. God Bless America and I want to thank all service members past and present for making this day possible

  12. We’re traveling today and avoiding the parade crowds. Our no frills, not even a public restroom rv park, is too expensive to stay another day ($70/n out in the boonies), so moving are we.
    Happy Independence Day y’all!
    Let’s hope and pray for better days ahead!

  13. What better way to celebrate America the Beautiful than with family and friends and enjoy what those who fought for our independence had to give up to set us free! Never take our greatest country in the world for granted! Happy 4th of July! God bless America!

  14. Had to start pre surgery preps today so no food except jello and broth. Clear liquids only. Does that permit vodka or gin? Certain wine? Will watch fireworks on TV

  15. My family and friends will celebrate The 4th Of July in 2024. We feel The American Constitution will be respected and Admired Again!

  16. On the fourth of July we always go to watch the Barbara Fritchie Classic in Frederick, MD. It is the oldest running half mile motorcycle race in the country. A great way to spend the day. It is always over around 5pm which leaves plenty of time to get to Baker Park to watch the city fireworks.

  17. In our case…doing nothing today is “special.” We rarely have a day together that doesn’t include some type of agenda. I’m EXCITED! HAPPY 4TH!!!


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