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Are you a cat or a dog person?

Most people think of themselves as either a cat or a dog person. Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, we’re not quite sure, but we think it’s something along the lines of which animal you like most, relate to, and enjoy being around more. If you’re a cat person, you probably love your cat more than your dog, or you probably don’t even own a dog. Same goes if you’re a dog person.

Which do you consider yourself to be? A cat person or a dog person? Or maybe you’re neither!

Oh, our tails are just wagging at the excitement of seeing these results! (Most of the RVtravel.com staff are dog people, with a few cat people thrown into the mix.)


  1. I was a dog person until I was 58 years old and adopted my first cat. She is still with me and will be 18 in September. I still have a dog too AND I’ve adopted two more cats. One is going to be 18 in April and the other I just don’t have a clue but she is fairly young.

    I’m glad you included both!!

  2. I grew up on a farm and we had cats, but they were barn cats whose job was to control mice. Some were friendly some not. My wife and I had both cats and dogs almost all of our 50 years of marriage but we haven’t had a cat since for the past few years. I have a Jack Russell terrier and my wife has a cocker that travel with us.

    • Another JRT lover it seems. My wife and I travel the east coast and into the mid west to trial (show) our dogs. Joan is also a judge of the breed and has judged the Canadian and US National JRT trials. At one of the US National Trials she judged there were 1,400 JRT’s on a 30 acre site. Not really that crazy, but who counts after 2?

  3. I had to choose both, but I probably like dogs a little more because of how they want to please humans and training them can be so rewarding. You can train cats, too, but it takes a much different approach.

  4. Dogs are my favorite and only have one Sheltie at the moment Have had cats though along with dogs including an Asian Bengal Leopard cat – which was an interesting time. Hard to get her trained but she eventually came on camping trips with us along with a Manx. Bengal and Manx hated one another so Shelties were always between them keeping them both in line. Most we camped with was 3 dogs and the 2 cats along with two daughters and a mother-in-law and this was with a 15 foot trailer. Good thing we had a canopy for the truck and a bed in there for the mother-in-law – girls usually slept in with their grandmother and a couple of dogs and a cat. Fun times.

  5. I like both dogs & cats BUT, I am allergic to dogs. If I’m going to be around a dog(s) for more than a short time, I need to use an OTC med like Allegra / Claritin etc. I choose NOT to have a pet but, enjoy interacting with friends’ critters.

  6. I do like both. As far as having inside the house, it must be a type of Terrier that doesn’t shed. Once my last dog passed away, I “adopted”, or they did me, two stray cats. they have been with me for over 15 years. About a week ago another one showed up and is just as happy as the other two. When traveling, our neighbor is kind enough to feed and water them. I leave the feed in an outside bin to keep the other critters out (possum and raccoons).

  7. I love both dogs and cats. Don’t have a cat since we don’t want to leave it home alone when we travel and would not want to take both a cat and dog.

  8. Dog person and especially beagles. But like most every dog. We have a cat. It is the wife’s and the darn thing thinks he’s a dog. At 22 lbs he’s as big as the smallest beagle.

  9. Heck, we couldn’t even keep fish alive (some {bleeped} who shall remain nameless put a bass he caught in the aquarium with our fish) how would a pet survive? I don’t mind either as long as they are someone else’s, not to mention I am allergic to both!

  10. Dog. There is one on my lap and one at my feet as I read this newsletter. The cat, a stray who arrived a few years ago, came in at 4:00 am, gave “morning announcements” , ate, and was gone five minutes later. He may show up in another six hours. Then again, he may not. And we know better than to pick him up! We might not see him again till the next day!

  11. Dogs without a doubt! I am proud and privileged to have the tenth generation of the same bloodline. I have had this bloodline over 50 years now. The three dachshunds we have now bring us many smiles and give us lots of love. My wife of course feels the same way. But she also has a fish and a turtle. She loves cats and rats, lizards, and has raised a possum from a kitten for 3 years.

  12. We like both as pets. Currently have 4 cats that travel with us in the RV. Best feature is not having the walking detail. Cleaning a covered litter box is pretty easy. Just a little more often.
    Have been looking at medium sized rescue dogs, if we take on the responsibility.

  13. We are cat people we now have 5. Two 4year old and 3, 4-month-old which haven’t been in the motorhome yet. First trip should be interesting.

  14. I replied Dog Person, but to be clear, I meant a real dog; not something I’d hurt if I accidently stepped on it (like the one in the picture).


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