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How often do you go into a bookstore?

Bookstores can be magical places, don’t you agree? Most bookstores are cozy inside and they welcome you in like a big hug on a rainy day. Oh, we love going into bookstores, both at home and when we travel!

When you’re traveling in your RV and you stop in a city or town and come across a bookstore, will you stop and go inside? How often do you go into a bookstore? All the time? Only if you need a new book or the store looks appealing? Never?

Tell us where your favorite bookstore is in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it and add it to our list.


  1. Read all the time, getting about 20% from the library via the Overdrive app, and the rest from Barnes & Noble on my NookHD and phone app with a few from Amazon Kindle due to credits for waiting on packages.

  2. Bookstores, Libby both reading and audio books including magazines MUCH MORE (through our library). We are never out of books. Having an audio book while driving is great! We are fortunate that my husband and I enjoy the same type of subjects, mystery, period pieces, romance etc.

  3. My wife reads everyday without fail- has for many years now. She has always been an avid reader though.
    she gets most of her books on Amazon for her kindle.

  4. back in the day…,very frequently. i was a voracious reader, sometimes reading 2 or more books simultaneously. Book-of-the-Month club first. then i “discovered” bookstores with discount sections. i’d come home with 6 at a time. we still have all of those books. these days, i’m not that much of a reader. tried the tablet thing…not for me.

  5. I voted for “As often as I can,” which is true. However, it is also true that I almost never have the opportunity to do so. Further, it was probably at least 20 years ago that I regularly had opportunities to frequent bookstores.

  6. Always looking for used books .. Usually book stores that advertise for ‘used’ or the ‘Little Libraries’ that exist at many RV camps and many communities throughout the west.

  7. When in Las Cruces, NM check out the COAS bookstore downtown on Main st., new and used, and their other smaller store on Solano Dr.

  8. I voted never, as there are no book stores in my area, and the “local” library is in a town 30 miles away. However, I purchase books weekly and read alot as ebooks are my main way to find reading material. I also belong to Good Reads and several book email newsletters.

  9. New bookstores, used bookstores, little libraries, take one leave one. Books and more books.
    Nocculalua Falls Campground in Gadsden gets the library removals. Our local restaurant has a take one, get one by the restrooms.
    And, of course, there are estate sales galore.

  10. We use the local library quite a bit, as well as about 4 little free libraries in the neighborhood. If we do need a book to keep, like a travel book, I generally order it through the small local store instead of Amazon.

  11. Sometimes. We visit any used book store we come across in our travels. New book stores are very hard to find except for Barnes and Noble.

  12. Rarely because wife and I read mostly eBooks and eMags. We belong to “bookbub.com”, selected which genre of books we read and get emails every day of free or discounted books on Amazon. The books are stored on Amazon and in the last 6 years we’ve stored over 11k books. You read that right, 11,000 books. We have them stored in several different categories such as Sci-Fi, mystery/thriller, romance, US History, Tech/Info and Fantasy just to name a few. And with an Ereader/Tablet we can enlarge the print to make it easier on our old eyes. Wife uses a Kindle Oasis and I use a Samsung Tab S8 that gets used for a lot of other things too.
    We recently lost our extensive library of travel and bird books/guides in our motorhome fire and do not plan to replace them with print versions. Electronics and store them in the cloud.
    Happy reading no matter which form you use.

  13. I’ll still look at used books when I see them for sale, but I have enough un-read books in the basement to fill my needs for the forseeable future.

  14. I chose never since it’s been years that I’ve stepped foot in a book store. I visit books daily online though. Avid reader doesn’t come close. We gave away hundreds and hundreds of books when we downsized. Now I’m an ereader and audible book listener. I read EVERY day, I just choose to read electronically!

  15. I don’t know if this counts, but I said OFTEN because there is a thrift store in our town with a very large supply of used books. I frequent it often, as well as other used book stores, or preferably thrift stores with a large selection because they have better prices. I don’t see new book stores very often.

  16. We especially enjoy campgrounds with swapping libraries where it is “take a book – leave a book”. But I have also been seriously contemplating getting an e-book to assist in our effort to declutter our MH while also reducing its weight.

  17. I voted for rarely simply because I rarely see bookstores anymore. Like Gigi, if I’m let loose in a book store there’s no telling how much moolah I’ll leave behind.

  18. I voted rarely because I love books and can’t be trusted not to spend way too much money in a book store. But if it’s a used book store I will go in every time. I shop for books in library used book sales, thrift stores and anywhere I can find cheap books. I am never without a book or two. Then I leave them anywhere for others to find and read.


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