Friday, October 7, 2022


How often do you watch YouTube videos?

The wonderful, wonderful world of YouTube. You can find ANYTHING (and we really do mean ANYTHING) on YouTube these days. Funny animal videos, videos from outer space, TED talks, music videos, DIY videos, and, of course, everything (and yes, we really do mean everything) RV-related.

How often do you find yourself watching YouTube videos? Every day? A few days a week? Only if one gets sent to you or you come across one on another side (like, perhaps?). Or never?

Have an all-time favorite YouTube video? Share it with us in the comments!


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29 days ago

Usually watch many videos per day. It’s my go to “mechanic” before I tackle any job. I subscribe to the premium service and there are NO advertisements that get through. Certainly worth the $13 per month fee.

29 days ago

I watch several rv traveler videos. Helps us find new places to visit.

29 days ago

Every so often. Great for doing repair work rather on the RV or home, auto.

29 days ago

There are some farm videos I like to watch pretty regularly. Also go on the net for parts. Some youtuber “fix-it” videos can really get you in trouble – need to carry common sense with you when watching some. My problem with YouTube is that I can too easily fall down the rabbit hole.

29 days ago

mostly instructional or 70’s-80’s music videos.

Diane Mc
29 days ago

Just used it to troubleshoot our dishwasher. Once determined we needed a part found a YouTube on how to replace it & if we can could it (or want to). We can. Well, my husband with me as his assistant. Previously had an issue that involved replacing the “chopper assembly”. It’s a $20 part. Calling a repair guy would have been expensive. Never would have tackled ourselves without watching YouTube. I’m the researcher, he’s the repairman. Definitely use it with motorhome issues. Husband loves to watch anything race car related. He works on his own race cars so watching videos on engine rebuilds,etc, helps him. Sometimes he just watches things for “fun”, like welding videos.

Roy Davis
29 days ago

I may actually watch more YouTube than I watch regular TV. I know hundreds of full timers who swear by it when you need to know how to fix a problem. I laughed at a guy on House Hunters when asked if he had done a certain home repair when he said, “No, but I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos.”

Steven N
29 days ago

If you can learn how to filter out the BS it is a great help for those that are trying to learn how to do something on their own. You have to really watch out for the ones that take off down weird paths. If I can find two or three that take the same approach to fixing a problem I am confident I can follow their lead.

Larry Lee
29 days ago

Youtube is my “How to Fixit” channel, and since we have gone fulltime in our 2014 DP I find myself needing to fix things almost all the time!

Jeff Craig
29 days ago

Music Videos, game replays, astronomy videos, reviews and tutorials – YT can be a great tool. Just don’t believe all the BS that some people post. It’s also a breeding ground for conspiracy whackos.

29 days ago

Youtube is useful tool. Can get lost in the ethernet.

29 days ago

Since I have decided to do a cargo van conversion to a camper, I think I have watched a million… Like David said, YouTube can be a tool, and a great place to steal ideas. I have seen so many great ideas on what to do and what not to do. My 95 year old father is the one that turned me on to the YouTube instructional videos. He was watching a video on the mower deck for his Snapper Rider. After the video, he went out and fixed it.

Neal Davis
29 days ago

My favorite YiuTube video is a 40+-minute instructional video on how to drive an RV. It is at .

David Stansbury
29 days ago

To me, YouTube is a tool. If I need to learn how do do something, that’s
where I go.

Leonard Rempel
29 days ago

Absolutely the best resource for fixing things, especially on our 5th wheel!

29 days ago

Very rarely for myself, only if I am sent one. My husband however will get into the ‘You Tube vortex’ and watch for a couple of hours a few times a week!

Bob p
29 days ago

I watch YouTube videos while DW watches 70 year old reruns of TV from the 50’s. Lol

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Since I don’t watch or listen to MSM, I get most of my news from trusted YouTube and Rumble videos. I know, I know, many will disagree.

29 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Trusted? Youtube? Really?

Tommy Molnar
29 days ago
Reply to  Ray

There are a few I trust, and amazed they haven’t been forced over to Rumble. Probably not “controversial” enough. (:

Bob M
1 month ago

Mostly the video’s Tony post of RV’s