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How often do you shop on Amazon?

“Amazon has taken over the world” seems like a pretty fair statement to make, wouldn’t you agree? Even if you’re not a regular Amazon shopper, you surely know someone close to you who is (and that could include your campground neighbor!).

What a world to live in, huh? Where tinned sardines can be delivered same day to your door as well as funny T-shirts, RV parts and, yes, even toilet paper.

How often do you shop on Amazon? Do you order something daily? Once or twice a week? Once a month? Never? Feel free to leave a comment where you can be more specific with your answer. Thanks!

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M J (@guest_203308)
1 year ago

Over the past couple of years I have found Amazon to be more expensive on most things I need then local brick and mortar stores, including prime. Every once in a great while Amazon will be cheaper, but most local stores I find will price match if it is.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_203254)
1 year ago

While I’m no fan of Amazon’s owner, I AM a fan of their service and what’s on their site. You just can’t beat it. As many others have stated, I too prefer to buy locally or support small businesses. But try and find what you want locally. Good luck.

Carol (@guest_203206)
1 year ago

I do not buy from links in the articles because (as a Prime member) I chose my personal charity- ALS Foundation, local chapter. Easy to do if you’re Prime and the yearly membership cost is offset by their donation to my Charity, not a business affiliate. So put the item in your cart, then go back through your app or personal login to buy.

Wayne (@guest_203181)
1 year ago

I can find what I need locally without concern for hacking, outrageous shipping fees, non delivery or porch pirates. And no, will not pay for “prime” status for free delivery.

George C (@guest_203168)
1 year ago

Selected every 2-3 weeks but that’s just when we are at our “winter place”. When on the road, much less as shipping options, delays, and problems are too limiting when we move every 1-2 weeks. Tough to plan an order, find a destination, get it shipped, have it (maybe) delivered, chase it down, (maybe) have it re-routed, (maybe) have it returned by shipper, (maybe) get a refund, and start all over.

Greg Bryant (@guest_203163)
1 year ago

I rather shop locally but by the time I drive to numerous stores not finding what I want, Amazon is easier all the way around. I have found that I can’t trust the online shopping from places that also have a store locally, like Walmart. Too often I’ll look and see if they have what I need and it’ll show that it’s available at my local store. I’ll drive right over and they don’t have any. So I begrudgingly shop Amazon way more than I would like to.

M.j. (@guest_203310)
1 year ago
Reply to  Greg Bryant

There’s this new fangled device that will Stop all that gull-dern driving around. And when used correctly it will tell you if it’s in stock. It’s called a telle-phone. You just ask the person at the other end to get the item and hold it with your name for will call. Also alot of times stores can order from other stores and get the items faster then prime.

Rich (@guest_203162)
1 year ago

mostly for stuff we can’t get locally.

Bob M (@guest_203159)
1 year ago

I shop Amazon mainly because our local stores don’t carry what I may want. Even Home Depot and Lowes don’t carry as much as they did.

Diane Mc (@guest_203155)
1 year ago

Besides using Amazon for many of our purchases, I use it for my Mom. She is 94, at home with caregivers. I subscribe to auto delivery for paper towels & toilet paper. and also save 5%. Also use for other items needed to care for her. I do price shop. I use Target (got a Target Red Card for 5% off purchases) for some of her things as well as Walmart. Such a blessing to have purchases shipped to her home so I or one of my sisters don’t have to personally shop and deliver. And I can do this while on our motorhome trips.

Michael (@guest_203126)
1 year ago

We live 40 miles from any store that offers a complete shopping experience. Amazon is an absolute convenience considering most items are delivered the next day. Considering a trip to town would cost $20 in fuel alone and a half day of my time, my prime membership pays for itself in a months time.

Bob p (@guest_203124)
1 year ago

Walmart has reduced the amount of merchandise carried in their stores. You can still find an abundance of stuff on their website, but then you have to pick it up in the store or pay shipping fees. Amazon offers next day delivery on most things and an abundance of stuff at your finger tip. Formerly 85% of my shopping was at Walmart, 10% at other stores and 5% divided between Amazon and EBay, eBay primarily until they had to start charging tax, now it’s mostly Amazon.

Bob Palin (@guest_203123)
1 year ago

Living 65 miles from the nearest Walmart/Home Depot (and stop light) and almost 200 miles from Lowes/Costco I use Amazon a lot.

Skip (@guest_203117)
1 year ago

Rarely before COVID, once a month during COVID and now back to rarely now COVID seems a little more comfortable working around it with vaccines. I think I’ve done more to on Ebay over the last 10 months.

Sharon (@guest_203116)
1 year ago

We have Prime. We get our money’s worth…As someone else mentioned, if you live rural, you can shop Walmart or use Amazon. There aren’t too many options unless you are really into shopping road-trips.

Jim Johnson (@guest_203121)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sharon

Ditto. And our nearest Walmart is a 30 mile round trip. If it is important I’ve learned to always verify what I want is actually in stock. Further, Walmart’s online shopping (and especially returns) still has a long way to go to catch up with Amazon.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_203114)
1 year ago

With the price of fuel who wants to fight the traffic, park in a lot where most people slam their doors into the side of your car. Go inside a store and risk getting COVID. Search the store for what you know they should have but currently they are out-of-stock and if it is in stock, finding your size. Forget it. I’m shopping on-line. LOL

Bob (@guest_203109)
1 year ago

I voted very rarely. If you do some research for the same item elsewhere, Amazon’s prices are usually higher. You pay for the convenience. Plus, unless the item is SOLD and SHIPPED by Amazon, returns may be at your expense, unless you are paying for Prime.
More than once I have seen items on Amazon and then checked the prices direct from the distributor. One case showed Amazon’s price was $65 and the distributor was $44, with free shipping. Another was when I ordered a propane regulator. Amazon’s description was for a vertical mount and when I received it, it was horizontal mount. The customer service person told me the description may be wrong, but it should still work. After speaking with supervisor, they agreed to send me a return shipping label.

G13 (@guest_203136)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

I’ve done shop comparison on numerous items online and “NO”, Amazon’s prices are not usually higher. Returns are stated on product descriptions if they are free or not. Also, if not satisfied with product, all you need to do is go online and either print return label or emailed to your phone. Spoke with a supervisor when it’s practically and easily done online, really? I know anyone and everyone will always comment or not like something, but Jeff’s “Amazon” must be doing something right, he’s laughing all the way to being the second richest man in the world, not the U.S., the world. Gotta quit crying over spilled milk.

Ron T. (@guest_203137)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

I recently replaced the microwave in our RV. Of course Amazon showed up numerous times in my search results. I noted the manufacturer’s name in one Amazon result, then went to their website to order it. I still got free shipping and saved $20 off Amazon’s price.

Tom (@guest_203106)
1 year ago

Living in rural America and having non-hunting and fishing interests, Amazon and other sites are the only way to get products that are needed.
“If Wal-Mart does not have it, it is not here.”

Larry Lee (@guest_203102)
1 year ago

I shop a lot on Amazon, and I keep a long list of items in my “save for later” list, but I actually buy something 8-10 times in a year.

Linda (@guest_203128)
1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

I keep a long list also. When I find a product that RV Travel suggests I will put that in my RV list for later purchases. Doesn’t mean I necessarily buy it from Amazon but it’s there for easy access.

Tom B (@guest_203101)
1 year ago

Like anyplace else, I will shop Amazon when looking for a specific item that I know is harder to find. A dual piston air compressor for the RV for example. Not a lot of places carry those. I can compare, and order what I think is the best value, and have it delivered to my door.

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