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Have you ever continuously stayed 3 months or more in an RV park or campground?

At any point in time during your RVing days, have you ever stayed continuously for 3 months or more at one RV park or campground? If yes, how many times have you done this? Several? A few? Once or twice? Or is it something you do on a regular basis? Or never?

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3 months ago

2 1/2 months in a 10 foot cold water only trailer. 2 little kids, temperature over 100. Thank God for the pool. Being btwn homes is no fun.

3 months ago

Stayed 1 month at Henry’s landing in Scottsville mi this past summer. Have considered a seasonal .

Raymond Clark
3 months ago

We meet friends at a campground every winter for a few months every year.
We also moochdock a few months at my kids

Wil Boyer
3 months ago

We are just completing our third summer as seven-month seasonal campers at Piedmont Lake Campground, a part of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District in Ohio. We have a comfortable mix of seasonal and transient sites throughout our facility which was recently remodeled with excellent upgrades including full hookups, concrete pads, and a new bathhouse. Potluck dinners have been organized by campers and management, including fish fries, chicken barbecues with live music entertainment, soup dinners, and a Trick-or-Treat night. The popularity of these social events has become so popular as to draw a few invited guests from outside the general camper population.

Our decision to commit to such a permanent site was driven by the uncertainties of the COVID lock down and travel restrictions that were just lifting in Ohio and surrounding states. While we do miss many of our travel experiences with friends and family, we now enjoy the sense of community with our new campground families.

3 months ago

Every year my family and I spend all summer and parts of spring and fall in Wisconsin. We spend a lot of time at the Renaissance fair while we are there.

3 months ago

We live in our fifth wheel. Stayed in one place for 3 months for the winter. Then rent went up. Moved up the road 60 miles. We were there for about 4 months. Didn’t like the place, or the work I found. Moved about 30 miles further. Landed a good job and have been in the same lot for 13 months now, with no plans on moving anytime soon. Okay place, upkeep is GREAT. Close to my job. Rent is only $400 a month, everything included, except propane. No reason to move, as long as they will have us. Several trailers here, were here before we moved in, and are still here. Along with a lot that have came and went.😁

Last edited 3 months ago by Alan
3 months ago
Reply to  Alan

Where is this location?

3 months ago

I’m doing it now. I have no other choice at the moment.
The park I’m in has plenty of full time spots & plenty of short term spaces. It was developed that way to accommodate all the different types of RV’ers.
It’s not fancy but the people are great, its safe & ALL basic utilities are covered. You can get cable & internet for extra.

3 months ago

We do when we work camping, but I said no since we’ve never stayed 3 months or more paying for a site.

Debbie Shilobod
3 months ago

I am an experienced 60 yr old travel nurse, just bought a new travel trailer and will be staying at RV parks for at least 3 months at a time. My assignments as an operating room nurse are usually 12-13 weeks or more if asked to extend. My first TT RV park will be in Louisiana. I am leaving the snow here in my home state of PA for others to enjoy. I did my tenure with snow. Next stop, who knows but it will be in an RV park for months.

Jeri Hill
3 months ago

We have been full-time for almost 6 years. For the past 5 we have stayed in the Rio Grande area in Texas for winter. We are close to South Padre, and have enjoyed more than one winter holiday on the beach! Originally from Iowa, we enjoy warmer temps and little, if any snow.

Kelly Cooper
3 months ago

My husband works 13 week travel nurse contracts and then we take a break and travel a couple of months before taking a new job in a hopefully fun new location.

John Blackburn and Bob Heacock
3 months ago

We used to winter for three months in Tucson at Desert Trails R.V. Park, for three years in a row, until the park was sold for $4.5 million and the rents were raised forcing many of us out. DTRVP was a unique, one-of-a-kind community and we sure miss the wonderful people we met and lived with. After a year off, we are going to be wintering at the KOA in Desert Hot Springs in 2023. A different and refreshing change. For us, it is a get away from the cold and damp of the San Francisco Bay Area. And we will be closer to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for the potential wildflower bloom in spring. Can’t wait!

Karoline Moore
3 months ago

We stayed in one place for 3 month for my hubby to have his 2nd total shoulder replacement surgery and for him to have 3 month of physical therapy (that was in the fall/winter in San Antonio,TX). The other 2 times was as camp hosts on Dillon Reservoir in Colorado. We stayed from early May until October in 21 and 22…. During those stays we always wondered why people go through an amazing amount of work to set up their campsite for 2-3 nights. Most of our campers stayed less than 3 days since “our” campground (Heaton Bay) is in the heart of the Rockies, close to I-70, the towns of Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne plus Keystone and Breckenridge are oh so close, 60 miles west from Denver and on the way to Moab…. our personal normal stays are 7-14 days aka just enough time to explore an area and get our outdoors/indoors fully setup….

Steve H
3 months ago

We snowbird, but not for 3 months in one place. We also spent 3 months in our travel trailer to and from Alaska, but obviously not in one place more than a few nights.

3 months ago

I use my 5th wheel during employment instead of motel/hotel stays. I am at a site anywhere from 1 week to several months, depending on the length of the outage. The thought of staying at a site for me is no problem unless I find problems there when I get there. I have seen myself move to another campground in the area due to unwanted situations, or unforseen circumstances.

Sheri Ken
3 months ago

Does Boondocking count as a “Campground”? It is our Campground by ourselves and some friends at times. There are some restrictions that you need to move but you’re relatively in the same vicinity. (Works well for dumping and filling up).
We didn’t vote.

3 months ago

We work-camped at West Yellowstone for the 2020 summer. We are planning on a work-camp gig for this summer (2023) also.

Mike L
3 months ago

We stay in our Venture Sportrek 310 June thru October at the Moose Lodge in Waterloo, NY.

3 months ago

I live in my RV year round and have for the last 6 years and I love it

Ron L
3 months ago

Every summer from mid May to early October at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport Oregon. 65 degree weather all summer long plus many restaurants serving excellent seafood. What could be better?

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