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Wine drinkers: Do you usually opt for white or red wine?

If you like wine, you probably tend to favor white or red (or rosé), right? Research from found that 60 percent of Americans enjoy an occasional glass of wine. Out of that 60 percent, 34 percent drink wine at least once a month. So what kind of wine is America’s favorite?

Red wine is more popular than white or rosé, the research says. Within that, Merlot is the most popular type of red, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, then Zinfandel. The favorite for white wine? Moscato.

So, if you were to pour yourself a glass right now, what would it be? Tell us below. Thanks (and cheers!).


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7 months ago

We are a split family. I like white wines and my spouse usually drinks a red. We do find common ground with a pinot grigio

Diane Mc
7 months ago

Only drink wine when going out to dinner. Sometimes not even then. Used to only drink red. Got headaches and more importantly, couldn’t sleep at night. So I usually order a Pinot Grigio as it is light and not too sweet…and no headaches or sleep issues.

P Daubenmier
7 months ago

Depends on if it’s with food or sipping, so I marked about equal.

Don H
7 months ago

We’re regular wine drinkers, and 95% of the time it’s Red, with Cab being our “go to” choice and Bordeaux Blends a second. When it’s white, it will be a Chardonnay most often. We only put Moscato on pancakes… (Kidding of course, but we gave up on sweet wines decades ago).

7 months ago

I don’t drink but I use wine in cooking.

Lisa Adcox
7 months ago

Moscato is one I like if I have wine at all.

7 months ago
Reply to  Lisa Adcox


7 months ago


7 months ago

Rhine Whites. Actually so seldom, I get nice stuff.

Bob p
7 months ago

Not being a wine drinker, my wonderful wife of 6 1/2 years introduced me to blackberry wine. We’ll have a glass every 3-4 weeks, that’s all.

Caren Kelly
7 months ago

White wine spritzer in hot summer and red wine whenever we feel like it. Sometimes depends on the meal.

7 months ago

I just wonder why the RV Travel staff would entitle a survey question that asks “Wine drinkers …..” and then provide an optional answer “I don’t drink wine.” The wording of the survey question would imply to me that the intent is to poll those who actually drink wine. What’s next? A poll asking “If you bring a dog with you in your RV do you feed it canned food, dry food, or freshly prepared food and provide a fourth response that states “I don’t have a dog.”

Last edited 7 months ago by Carl
John S
7 months ago
Reply to  Carl

Carl, your comment is well taken. I hear RV Travel is looking for full-time volunteer editors…

Bob p
7 months ago
Reply to  John S

At least they did provide many options, usually it yes,no, or I don’t know. Lol

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago
Reply to  Carl

. . . Or, “I don’t feed it”.

Ron T.
7 months ago
Reply to  Carl

It just allows more people to participate. Usually it’s people saying there’s a response they say was missing. Guess you can’t win either way eh Diane?

RV Staff
7 months ago
Reply to  Ron T.

I don’t do the poll questions, so just go with whatever the writer puts in there. Someone finds something to complain about almost every time, however. (I don’t drink wine, either. 🙄 ) Have a good day, Ron. 😀 –Diane

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