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Do you like to play Bingo?


Back in about 1530, the lotto was being played in Italy. In the 18th century, an at-home version of the lotto, called Tombola, was created in Naples. This version had the addition of cards, tokens and the calling out of numbers. The game gained in popularity and spread across Europe. The French version, Le Lotta, appeared in 1778. The game featured 27 squares in columns and rows. This led to Bingo’s modern design.

In the early 1920s in America, Hugh J. Ward created the standardized game of Bingo for carnivals around Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. He had the game copyrighted and even published a rule book. And so goes the history of Bingo!

Do you enjoy playing Bingo? A lot? A little? Not really? Or perhaps you never play so you don’t really have a care either way. Come on, tell us!

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Bob Weinfurt
25 days ago

When I was in my 20s, I used to go with an older friend to a charity bingo in Vermont. One evening, the regular caller got sick so I offered to help and take his place. Having never actually done it before but seen how it was done, I just winged it. Fortunately, I didn’t make any major mistakes. I found it to be more fun calling the numbers than playing it and alternated weeks with the regular guy calling it for a few years. After that I just kind of lost interest in it.
30+ years later, I still have my chips so maybe someday……

Last edited 25 days ago by Bob Weinfurt
25 days ago

When We first moved to Florida we saw several bingo parlors and decided to go try it. You pay your money get a tablet that has the cards on it. When they draw a number it automatically plays on the tablet. All you do is say bingo if the tablet says to. Needless to say in ten years we have not been back. Bingo can be fun but setting and watching a tablet play is not so much fun.

Deborah Mason
25 days ago

Except in summer, when the tourists are here, we go to the weekly Bingo at a local bar & grill.

25 days ago

NO! You will not find me at a bingo game.

Wayne Caldwell
25 days ago

Personally, Bingo here is sooo slow. “B……..4” “B…….4”. I.played Bingo in Spain when I was stationed there in the late ’70s. Theirs is numbers only and had a camera showing the numbers when called and it was fast, i.e., “5 30 42” (but only in Spanish). There was either a “linea” (row across the card) or “bingo” (full cover) and the cards had 20 numbers. Their payouts were pretty good as when we (my then wife and I) would go, we would usually come home with the equivalent of about $100 to $300.

Caren Kelly
25 days ago

It’s ok, but it’s hard for me to stay quiet and not talk or have fun while playing, after all it is just a game but too many people take Bingo too seriously.

Joe Allen
25 days ago

Played a game on a Carnival Cruise line and won a free 5 day cruise playing bingo. So, I would say I like this game!

Ed K
25 days ago

I was taught how to play, I believe in Grade School. Teacher had us playing for some reason or lesson. I haven’t played since.

25 days ago

Just another way to guilt free gamble.

I prefer to exercise my hormone receptors with some other form of excitement.

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