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Have you canceled a campground reservation in the last 60 days?

It’s the holidays; COVID-19, RSV, and the flu are still spreading around the world; gas/diesel prices are off the charts; and campgrounds are as crowded as ever. Oh, the joys!

In the past 60 days, have you canceled a campground reservation? If so, have you canceled more than one or just one? Are you thinking about canceling one (or two or three or four)? If you’re willing to share, please leave a comment telling us why you canceled and about your experience canceling (were you charged?). Thanks!

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JackieL (@guest_212774)
1 year ago

Yes, had to cancel 2. One in Sept and one in Oct. This was due to a collision that happened in July on our way to Alabama. Had to find repair shop close to home in Indiana to bring in for repair when trip was over. Repair shop took their time with the estimate and the insurance was reluctant to approve due to the cost. Lost some deposit $$. Looking forward to the planned spring trip

Kevin L Young (@guest_212770)
1 year ago

Had to cancel one due to a unexpected change of plans and a trip rerouting.

MrDisaster (@guest_212717)
1 year ago

After our truck was totaled in September we cancelled, modified and rebooked (and canceled again) reservations. The insurance cmpany wasn’t as responsive as I would have hoped. No trucks that would tow a fifth wheel were rentable, unless we were willing to go 750 miles. Finally coordinated two different tow vehicles to get to our winter quarters.

Jim Tilton (@guest_212704)
1 year ago

No never canceled, in Ohio and it’s winter time, camper is winterized. Just starting to reserve camp sites 6 months in advance for our state parks since we work we can only do weekends. Been camping for 8 years and now days you never know what the future holds. Can’t wait to retirement. 🤔😃

Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_212702)
1 year ago

Cancelled a reservation in Chincoteague VA after we read on-line the VA DOT was shutting down the only access road onto the island due to the storm off the coast.

Spike (@guest_212700)
1 year ago

In 40 years of RVing we have only cancelled once. It was due to a mechanical failure that made us unable to get to the campground. They were very good about it and waived their standard one night fee, and I didn’t even have to ask them to. Of course this was a Mom & Pop campground, not a corporate campground operated by workers with no authority to make decisions.

Dave Green (@guest_212695)
1 year ago

We’ve canceled two trips because of issues with the MH.

Diane Mc (@guest_212689)
1 year ago

Only one, because we changed our plans where we wanted to stay. This was for the end of February.

M D-B (@guest_212686)
1 year ago

We got off 3 days late today for a 2000 mile trip from northern Michigan to Benson AZ. We have reservations at Kartchner Caverns for this Saturday December 3rd. May have to call and tell them we’ll be late.

T. Hudson (@guest_212696)
1 year ago
Reply to  M D-B

I hope you make it. It’s a wonderful CG. Nice hiking trails, in addition to the caves.

Drew (@guest_212685)
1 year ago

I canceled on the same day we were suppose to arrive. Knee and hip issues. Lost $75.00 deposit.

Jeff (@guest_212672)
1 year ago

Canceled one reservation of 10days at a national park , did so 2weeks prior. Canceled a 3 day reservation at a state park nearly a month prior to the reserve date. National park refunded all but $20 . State park has a complicated equation based on how long you had made & your lead time of when you canceled. We lost 75% of what we paid. I doubt we will ever reserve 6 months out for state again .

Kim VanSchoonhoven (@guest_212671)
1 year ago

Had to cancel our stay in the Florida Keys for the month of November due to my husband needing double bypass surgery.

TScott (@guest_212668)
1 year ago

This doesn’t really pertain to me. I am a camp host at a state park and have been since July. But I did answer no.

Jilly (@guest_212665)
1 year ago

1 word – hurricanes. We canceled 2 1/2 reservations to go do disaster recovery in FL after hurricane Ian. And then canceled our 3 FL reservations after hurricane Nicole further delayed the reopening of our CG.

Jim Johnson (@guest_212661)
1 year ago

When my wife’s uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, we changed our travel plans for our annual move south for the winter. Our travel distance greatly increased to say goodbye. We had to cancel one overnight reservation and change two others. Yes I picked up the phone and called each campground. As we are repeat customers, everyone of the three parks immediately said “no problem” and no cancellation/change fees. We will be at all three campgrounds when we travel north in the spring.

Nanci (@guest_212659)
1 year ago

We needed to cancel one night in a regional park in California. I am very aware of the responsibility to contact the park to cancel and release the site to someone else., even when no refund. I called and called for two days, tried online to cancel, called main CA parks number and no answer. Finally resorted to leaving message on an obscure voice mail hoping the campground would get it.

Todd (@guest_212657)
1 year ago

We cancelled two weeks ago at our local campground due to the water being shut off because of a cold snap.

James Lagasse (@guest_212656)
1 year ago

We haven’t canceled but because of flooding in the state park where we had reservations all were canceled up to the end of November.

Barry (@guest_212654)
1 year ago

I had to cancel a recent reservation due to the dealership failing to have my MH repaired by the promised date.

Wayne (@guest_212651)
1 year ago

Weather can often make common sense the deciding factor for cancelling. We had to once in past six months.

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