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When was the last time you saw a movie at a movie theater?

Everyone seems to forget the magic of seeing a movie on the big screen until they’re seated in that movie theater chair with popcorn in-hand. It really is magic.

Do you watch movies? If so, do you mostly watch them at home or in your RV, or do you go to the movie theater? If you do go to a theater, when was the last time you went?

If you haven’t been out to see a movie in a while, there are many good ones playing right now. We suggest you go and find that magic once again.


  1. Top Gun: Maverick was the first, and so far only, movie we’ve been to since the spring of ’20. not because of fear of disease but because there hasn’t been anything worth seeing.

  2. Reading the comments here I can only shake my head at how ‘stick in the mud’ many of these comments are. Talk about a ‘crochety old crowd’….

    A movie in the theater is as, even more so, important than church. It is a shared, communal experience. It invites you into the lives of others and immerses you in ways no book or podcast can. Most of us on this site know what it is like to drive a Class A, but how many of you will ever get close to the cockpit of an F/A-18? Well, you can in Top Gun: Maverick. How many of you will ride out a bad storm in the North Atlantic? Watch ‘The Perfect Storm’ and you get a taste for it. Sure, there is a LOT of popcorn movies (Romy & Michelle, Moonfall, Goldeneye or Avatar), but don’t discount them. either.

    The RVing community can be open and welcoming – but these comments below make it seem old and insular.

    • Honestly I hear the same comments below from all generations. My husband and I have enjoyed watching the German language series “Babylon Berlin” and when “Babylon” came out last week our thoughts were “that might be something we would want to see on the big screen.” Looked up to see where it was playing and the price. “Oh well it’s a treat.” Then I read the critics reports and decided not to go. The movie sounded gross. We have some beautiful empty theaters in this country and the movie industry is hurting badly. However, that is no reason for me to throw away nearly $50 plus popcorn. Instead of blaming covid for the downfall of this industry they need to look at the comments below which are made by people with time and disposable income. I would guess the people who took the time to write spent their late teens and twenties going on dates which consisted of dinner and a movie. Any industry that fails to respond to their customers is lost and they are to blame.

  3. We’ve seen two movies in the last 30 years. Senna & Ford v Ferrari. Think there is a theme there😊. Being retired we can go mid week and have the theater to ourselves😎

  4. Shrek Forever After in 3D, 2010 with my boys at 8 and 12. That’s been 22 years. Over priced entertainment. Red Box 5 miles down the road so if I feel the urge it’s a couple of bucks. I got soda and snacks at home. I never need to see a movie right away. I can wait, maybe the plot will thicken with time. Ha

  5. The last two time I went to the theater was 2009 for Avatar and 2019 when I took my grandson to see A Quiet Place. Good movies today are a rarity, I don’t intend to spend that kind of money when the odds are it will be garbage.

  6. For us it’s the distance. The nearest movie theater is 70 miles away. When we go that far it’s for groceries, doctor appointments & such. With dogs, we can only be gone so long. If we have them with us, we can’t leave them unattended that long without worrying someone will “rescue” them, and even then only during cool weather. So we wait for them to be out on DVD so we can rent them.

  7. Perhaps the question should have been “On average, how often do you go to a movie theatre?”

    We just went to Avatar-The Way of Water a couple of weeks ago. But on average we probably only go to a theatre every three years. It has to be something we really want to see on the big screen vs just waiting for it to hit the streaming channels.

  8. For the past few years movies have been junk. Foolish babble and unbelievable plots. Just in the past few months has there been a movie we cared to see. In fact there are two movies on our list to see this month.

    • Yes! Daughter and SIL (primarily daughter) convinced DW and I to go to the movies. As soon as the lights dimmed the opening music was so loud I grabbed my hearing aids from my ears and put them in my pocket where they remained for the rest of the movie. I don’t remember the name of the movie, if I did I wouldn’t recommend anyone over thirty to see it. I fell asleep within the first 30 minutes due to boredom, the seats were unbelievably comfortable recliners. I awakened due to the loud music played during the credits. I will not return unless I’m in dire need of a 2 hr nap, which I can get at home and keep the $20 in my pocket, not including the $8 tub of popcorn, $3.50 drinks that are 3/4 full of ice. I told DW she can go but I’m staying home, she didn’t enjoy it either. Lol

    • We went in the afternoon some years back to see Peter Rabbit only a handful of people there. It was so loud and cold we were thinking we would have to leave. I went to the RV and got our coats and some tissue to put in our ears. The movie was good, the experience was terrible.

  9. Back in the 80s at the Philadelphia Naval Station Base Theater. Just haven’t seen any thing else that could tempt me into a civilian theater especially with the prices and the crap Hollywood is producing now days. My large screen TV and classic movies from the 30s-70s is great and good enough for my needs.

  10. Avatar the Water one with son and his girlfriend over this Christmas Holiday. Otherwise it had been way before Covid shut every thing down.

  11. Is Drive in theater count? That too as has been over 5 year too. Still waiting for good movie to go again as it is still active for the summer.


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