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Considering your age, how would you describe your health?

If someone asked you right now (oh, wait, we’re asking you right now!), “How’s your health?” What would you say? Excellent? Very good? Good? Poor? A disaster?

Also take your age into consideration when you answer this question, please. We don’t know how old you are, so we’ll take your word for it.

As always, thanks for voting.

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KellyR (@guest_218696)
10 months ago

“Considering your age……” I continue to ask that question of myself, so I’m not sure. This 35 year old is trying to figure out how to function in a 70 something body AND how in the world did this 70 something body all of a sudden show up anyway? “I’m not as good as I once was, but I am good once (in a while) as I ever was.”

Steve (@guest_218691)
10 months ago

My health is pretty normal for my age. Could be better or could be worse.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_218674)
10 months ago

The last full work-up i had showed all my organs and levels (including blood pressure) are fine. The doctor told me that other than having MS, I am in good health.

Roy Davis (@guest_218669)
10 months ago

I think this is subjective. My vital organs are working well, my lungs function perfectly and no trace of cancer. However both knees are needing replaced and I have rheumatoid arthritis in most joints and even arthritis in my spine. Yet I still can walk and get around and will turn 70 this summer. I’m in better condition than many of my classmates from school so I consider myself in fairly good health however others might say I’m not.

tom (@guest_218661)
10 months ago

Still upright, still moving. Way out of warranty and very few spare parts.

Larry Boswell (@guest_218633)
10 months ago

82 in April. Still looking at the green side of the grass. I survived VietNam, 30 years of teaching public high school, and 57 years (on January 30) of being married to the same woman. God has been more than good to me. I can still “chop” my own firewood, I have most of my teeth, and Darlene and I are at Quartzsite now, awaiting the Big Tent/RV Show. Life is good! (@guest_218632)
10 months ago

My last bike ride in September was 35 miles. That said, in the last few years I’ve had a mini-stroke and my third malignant melanoma surgery. It involved the removal of ten lymph nodes from my right thigh followed by a year of Ketruda infusions. A routine CT scan after that showed a spot on my spleen. Regular biopsy not possible due to location and bone marrow biopsy was inconclusive. So I have another CT scan on Wednesday and my spleen comes out on Friday so they can finally tell if it is malignant. Hopefully, no treatment will be needed after that, but I’m ready if it is. This getting old isn’t for wimps and I’m not ready to check out yet!

Diane McGovern
10 months ago

Good luck, Ron! We wish you much better health in 2023, and many miles of bike rides! Take care. 😀 –Diane at

DPJ (@guest_218680)
10 months ago

Prayers for good news!

Leonard (@guest_218631)
10 months ago

63 and just getting started on our RV adventures! Good gene’s, decent lifestyle, and now clearly knowing that I can’t do, eat and drink the way I did earlier in my life I consider my health excellent. Zero meds, lots of golf walking where courses allow, and eating properly. I hope to make it to 100!

GrumpyVet (@guest_218629)
10 months ago

With all the crap I did while young, I am lucky to be alive!

JAMES (@guest_218638)
10 months ago
Reply to  GrumpyVet

Me too, my parents told me I wouldn’t make it pass 30. I’m now 70.

Richard (@guest_218647)
10 months ago
Reply to  GrumpyVet

Ditto. Didn’t expect to get past 40.

Gary G (@guest_218621)
10 months ago

I checked good but could be better but not poor by any means. Still upright every morning 😁, just takes couple of minutes to get upright, must loose some weight.

Ed K (@guest_218620)
10 months ago

Other than Muscular Dystrophy, I am in good health for 73. Eventually i will be in a Wheel Chair and have to give up the Motor Home, but while I can, I am going to enjoy it. My form of MD is Limb Girdle and is not a death Sentence, so I am lucky.

Bob M (@guest_218619)
10 months ago

Even though my health is good, our health can change within a moment. My brother years ago was working out in a gym and died. A woman gave him CPR. Than the ambulance came and they had some kind of equipment that continued the CPR till they got him to the hospital. Somehow a Dr brought him back and saved his life. Life is a gift enjoy it.

Bob (@guest_218617)
10 months ago

I try not to talk about health issues or politics!!

Skip (@guest_218609)
10 months ago

Even with some medical issues I’ll say good. Good any morning you get up and put your feet on the floor.

Bob (@guest_218607)
10 months ago

I am 73, 74 in three months. Up until last year I was in very good health. Somehow I had a disc in my lower back move, L5/S1. I don’t remember doing anything to cause this. Medication and PT has helped but I still have moderate pain. My ortho said surgery is a last resort because of where it is located. I keep up with the exercises, and it helps.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_218610)
10 months ago
Reply to  Bob

In my game, the L5 disc was always referred to as “the truck driver’s disc”. I was a driver and my L5 got wrecked. I avoided surgery with physical therapy.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tommy Molnar
DPJ (@guest_218681)
10 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Same here~~ went to see top Doc in Seattle. He said that unless I lose control of bowels surgery could do more harm than good. Ruptured my L4 & L5, Physical Therapy and walking was my answer. 15 years later no lower back pain…good luck!

Dr4Film (@guest_218605)
10 months ago

I turn 79 this year. I have been very Blessed with good health for all of those years which has given me the ability to full-time RV for over 14 years and now part-time RV for 7+ years. Not about to hang up the keys anytime soon unless things go south quickly.

Wayne (@guest_218604)
10 months ago

Not too long ago I asked my primary care physician a question. I asked ” on a one to ten scale, what is my level of health”. She replied that I sure asked some interesting questions, then replied “7”. So based on that I voted good.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_218602)
10 months ago

At 72 (next month) and 160 lbs, I’m in really good health. But it does take a little more effort to lift heavier objects or to get up off the shop floor while working on the 87 year old Terraplane. I keep Toby Keith’s song “Don’t let the old man in” from Clint Eastwood’s movie, “The Mule”, in mind. One line asks “How old would you be if you didn’t know the day you were born?”. I really feel about mid-50s.

Jay (@guest_218594)
10 months ago

I’m soon to be 74 and after 46 years driving semi’s my body said “you’re done bubba.” Well I had colon surgery in 2002 , left shoulder replacement in 2003, heart attack 2009, right shoulder June of 2021, and just last November of 2022 right knee done. Now I need left knee. But overall I’m in good health. Just never took time to stop the wheels and take care of the body. Retired in 2021 so I could glamor and relax.

John S (@guest_218593)
10 months ago

Despite a couple of bumps along the road this year (pulmonary embolism & colon resection), I consider myself in excellent health. The embolism is completely behind me as will recovery from the colon surgery. Attitude plays a very large part of ones perception of health status. I’ve always done hard work but as Bob p says, not all day long any more. Not a reflection of health but reality based on advancing age.

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