Monday, December 4, 2023


Have you ever ordered groceries to be delivered to your RV campsite?

Grocery delivery was, and still is, a booming business during the pandemic. Who doesn’t want to save a trip to the grocery store, especially with such high gas prices now? But did you know you can also get groceries delivered straight to your RV? It doesn’t have to be just to a sticks-n-bricks home!

Have you ever had groceries delivered right to your RV’s door? If so, will you tell us and other RVers about your experiences with it in the comments below the poll? Was it easy? Is it worth it? Did they pick out perfectly ripe bananas for you?

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Carolyn (@guest_219425)
10 months ago

I have used Kroger for delivery to my stick and brick but never to my travel trailer. Very satisfied so might try it some time.

Jeff Craig (@guest_219020)
10 months ago

Maybe sometime when we go full-timing.

Neal Davis (@guest_218953)
10 months ago

Pizza? Yes. Groceries? No.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault (@guest_218943)
10 months ago

What a great idea!

Deborah Johnson (@guest_218939)
10 months ago

Never to my RV but several times to our sailboat in Ego Alley, Annapolis.

Wyn (@guest_218937)
10 months ago

We don’t have a toad and a Lyft costs far more than a tip for my shopper.
They have always picked the same quality fruits, vegetables and meats that I would and let me know if the quality was less than optimal so I could cancel the item.

Rich (@guest_218925)
10 months ago

even during the pandemic i had no worries about doing in-person grocery shopping. while we were home in july of 20 there was a very slight chance that we had been exposed to covid so i decided to try home delivery of groceries. despite indicating “no substitutions” our order had several substitutions. that was our first and only experience with home delivery,

Last edited 10 months ago by Rich
Bob (@guest_218923)
10 months ago

No way, I want to pick my own fruit and veggies and if they are out of something pick another item of my choice.

Spike (@guest_218927)
10 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Yep. Can’t imagine letting some teenager working at a store to pick meat, veggies, or fruit out for us. They can’t even bag properly putting chemical products in the same bags as food, or bread and eggs on the bottom.

kat (@guest_218921)
10 months ago

Never to campsite. Only once to home, I was sick with COVID with husband out of town, so they were delivered to front porch and I was one happy camper!

Wayne (@guest_218915)
10 months ago

Never have, never will. Not at home or at the campground.

Larry (@guest_218913)
10 months ago

Yes. During covid’s initial days. Later I would order but picked-up at the store’s parking lot.

Dan (@guest_218906)
10 months ago

To be fair, my older brother and his wife did that until he passed away. He had a lot of trouble leaving the house. They loved it, but I’ll wait until it’s choosing grocery delivery or a nursing home. I did see someone having pizza delivered to a boat ramp once.

Bob M (@guest_218922)
10 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Grocery delivery would be the better choice than a nursing home.

Ed K (@guest_218905)
10 months ago

Until we are Bedridden, we will never order groceries. Best way for the store to get rid of less desirable “Fresh” items.

Bob (@guest_218916)
10 months ago
Reply to  Ed K

I’ve seen the “store shoppers” filling orders to be delivered. They just grab stuff at random without checking the condition of the food, especially fruits and vegetable. Plus, things like milk, frozen food and meat that may sit for over an hour in a holding room at room temperature. Then sit in a hot vehicle while all the other orders are being delivered.
No thanks.

Seann Fox (@guest_218900)
10 months ago

I’ve never ordered groceries EVER.

Bob (@guest_218904)
10 months ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

Me either!!

tom (@guest_218909)
10 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Second that opinion!

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