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Did you ever have a teacher who significantly changed your life?

Teachers and/or professors can have a profound impact on your life. If you’ve ever had an amazing teacher, you know what we’re talking about.

Sometimes these teachers or professors come into your life unexpectedly… perhaps you didn’t even know you had an interest in that subject until you were partnered with the right teacher.

Did you ever have a teacher who significantly changed your life? If so, can you tell us about them in the comments below? What was so special about them and what subject did they teach? We’re curious!


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3 days ago

I had 2 different math teachers that changed my thoughts and way of counting. I, after having both of them in different grades (one in junior high, and the other in high school), learned to zip through numbers only using a five digit system as opposed to a ten digit system. My main draw back was I never attended college for further education.

3 days ago

No teacher but a Guidance Counselor that did influence my career path. I ended up joining the Air Force getting my education there and retiring after 30 years then 33 years state service. Best advice I have gotten.

Neal Davis
3 days ago

I was blessed to have Mrs. Potts as my English teacher my last two years of high school. However, I was doubly blessed to have her as a friend for the next 40 years, until her death. We only saw each other once a year, usually for 3 or 4 hours, but each visit was essentially a continuation of the previous one. She was a special lady who taught me far more than English.

3 days ago

My old school farmer Uncle was the best teacher of all teachers in my life. He didn’t teach me to memorize a thing – he taught me to think.

Randall Davis
3 days ago

I am an Emergency Medical Educator. My style of teaching was influenced by my original Paramedic educator, Dr. John Shea, a neurosurgeon. His use of pertinent experiences, subject knowledge, and student participation influences my approach to teaching Emergency Medical subjects.

Gary Nichols
3 days ago

I was a lazy student. Then I got a teacher who told me that I put more effort into avoiding study than the effort it would take to just do the study. She convinced me that it was not a question of my ability, only of my work ethic. After realizing she was right, in my studies up through my MBA and on to my career, my work ethic was totally changed. Now retired, I still look back on this as the pivotal point in my personal growth.

3 days ago

My physics teacher was the best and really challenged me. He inspired me to become an Electrical Engineer, something he said he wished he would have done when he was younger, he later did become an engineer after many years of night and summer courses.

Tim Slack
3 days ago

My 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Coughlin in Morningside MD. She instituted a ‘reading club’ wherein we got stars for every book we read. I read a lot anyway, but really wanted those stars! She was full of praise for every child participating. I have loved reading for these more recent 68 additional years — including RVTravel!

3 days ago

in all liklihood each and every one of them had an influence but none stand out in my memory. thanks to them all?

Sue Winnie
3 days ago

I loved our high school math teacher. He was so interesting. I took 3 years of math, l enjoyed math so much I thought about being a teacher but nursing was my first love. He even hosted a party for our senior class. Drove students home if they neeeed a ride.

3 days ago

Most teachers are pretty good at passing on “book knowledge,” but it is the rare teacher, at any level, that can convert that into “life knowledge.”

Had a University business professor that, as an assignment, showed a business chart that defied logic but he said it was possible. The assignment was to figure out how the numbers on the chart could be true. A legally blind student I assisted and I reviewed the information and concluded the chart was severely flawed and could not be fact, regardless of what the professor said. And that was the lesson he intended…in business never just trust information presented to you by anyone. Think, question, critique everything! While not “life changing” it is something I held onto my entire career.

Pamela Holt
3 days ago

Physics teacher was encouraging; Latin teacher awarded the top prize to a rich guy who openly cheated on tests.

Diane McGovern
3 days ago
Reply to  Pamela Holt

I’d be curious how that cheating “rich guy” is faring these days. Have a great day, Pamela. 😀 –Diane

Michal Vorkapich
3 days ago

I had a teacher that, with a negative act, changed the whole direction of my life. When I was in Elementary school, I joined the school band. My instrument of choice was the flute. I ended up being decent at it and kept with band until 10th grade. Then we got a new music teacher and she told me that boys were not allowed to play the flute, it was reserved for girls. Being young and not knowing better, I took her at her word. So I dropped out of band and found the school had a radio station. So I joined that. It guided the rest of my life. I ended up in the Navy as a Radioman, where I learned electronics and computers. Unfortunately, I didn’t tell my parents about why I dropped band at the time. It wasn’t until years later that I realized how terrible it was for her to say that to me. It ended up with a positive outcome. I’m very happy with the life I ended up with.

3 days ago

I had such a teacher that treated me badly and it ended up that it made me do more to succeed which I did very well, ended up valedictorian of my class after changing schools..and on to completing university. Years later my former classmates got together with the main purpose was to get rid of this teacher..they ran for school board with the one thing to get this bad apple out of our school district..she had 2 years before retirement…they did not renew her contract and she ended up having to drive a 60 mile round trip daily before she retired. She was the cause of several kids dropping out of school. Teachers can make or break a child, to be blessed with a caring one can be life changing.

3 days ago

MD whom I was working with on a rotation for PA program. Down to earth mentor with a phrase that has carried me through my career. Medicine is 85 % relationships and 15% medical knowledge. You can’t fake the 85 % but you can always ask someone else for some medical knowledge that you might be lacking in that situation.

Pat D
3 days ago

Yes. My senior physics exam was oral and it brought to light that after twelve years of school that I had facts and information but didn’t really know how to think. That formed my teaching philosophy….learn to think; to use the information to solve problem. I mostly taught science but also applied the idea to English teaching.

Paul B.
3 days ago

Having been ‘educated’ in California public schools I’d say that I had 2 teachers who were competent. Fortunately, I was a good learner and could teach myself.

3 days ago

I had a couple of teachers/instructors in my first year of college who helped me believe i deserved to be there vs some of my high school teachers who seemed to not care.

Roger Ewing
3 days ago

I had two who changed my life. Jerry Neely in high school. Jerry now lives in Auburndale, Fl. In college J. Robert Hill who lived in Elizabethtown, Ky. now deceased . Both were excellent teachers. Actually I worked with another teacher who had a great influence on me also . That being Preston Bailey of Elizabethtown, Ky.

3 days ago

I had three such teachers in high school, a very long time ago. I learned from all of them that just because you have to be very serious about something doesn’t mean you cant have a little fun at the same time. A smile and a touch of nonsense goes a long way in any relationship.

3 days ago

I remember some teachers, others are lost in the dust of history.

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