Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Do you have vision or hearing impairment(s)?

Today we’re wondering if you’ll share something a little personal with us. Do you have vision or hearing impairments? Do you have both? Neither?

We try very hard to make RVtravel.com inclusive and accessible (there’s a lot that goes into it behind the scenes, from a website point of view!), so if you answer yes to either in today’s poll, will you please leave a comment and tell us what we can do to make your experience on our website better? We’d really appreciate it. Thank you!


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10 days ago

I was born hearing impaired along with my wife too. She has cochlear implanted done about 15 yr ago

10 days ago

Not “blind” anymore since having cataract surgery. Before I couldn’t get out of bed without reaching for my glasses. Now I need readers and unfortunately, I can’t use the $1.25 ones any more. One eye is a 2.5 and the other a 3.25

Roy Davis
10 days ago

Technically anyone who wears glasses are vision impaired so my 5 year old grandson would qualify as vision impaired. I don’t count that as an impairment personally. I also wear sunglasses a lot because I have light sensitively and get headaches. I am hearing impaired and need hearing aids as many people my age do. But none of this slows me down. Many things in life try to impair you but we adapt and keep moving.

11 days ago

Hearing loss due to working in the engine room for 3 years while in Navy. Eyesight I wear glasses for distance, reading is fine.

11 days ago

If wearing glasses is considered by you to be a visual impairment then the answer is yes.

Gary W.
11 days ago

Tinnitus from flying jets, and a damaged right retina from the removal of an ERM.

Bob Weinfurt
11 days ago

As for vision, I need glasses to read but my distance vision is pretty good.
As for hearing, I often have to say “I’m not deaf, I’m just ignoring you”

11 days ago

Like most people over 50, I have trouble reading without glasses. My long distance vision is also mildly impaired.
My boyfriend, with whom I travel, has fairly significant hearing loss due to drumming in a band for many years.

Brian Burry
11 days ago

The effects of combat, Vietnam Mekong Delta, with over 200 missions took its toll and I lost 75% of my hearing. We had no ear protection and I doubt it would have even helped much. It is so frustrating for people get upset when you don’t have hear, even hearing aids have limitations. It is the one disability that many parties suffer from.

Ed K
11 days ago

I guess I should change it to vision, but I have been wearing the same prescription since the early 60’s and can almost legally drive without my glasses and I prefer to read without them.

Neal Davis
11 days ago

Certainly the vision impairment, having worn glasses since 1965 and contact lenses since 1973. Dear wife adds that I am hearing impaired, but I have not been so diagnosed.

Gary G
11 days ago

DW uses hearing aids, I tested and don’t require hearing aids, although wife says my test must have been faulty. We both wear eye glasses.

11 days ago

I just need reading glasses, but my husband has hearing aids and prescription glasses.

11 days ago

I only marked hearing. Two hearing aids, and glasses for reading close up.

11 days ago

I don’t have a hearing problem I have a listening problem. There is a big difference in not hearing what is said and not listening to what is said. If I am listening I hear but I don’t always listen.

Chuck Dunn
11 days ago
Reply to  Terry

Yep, that is a common thing. We can’t help it if someone doesn’t have anything interesting to say, so don’t listen. However being deaf in one ear and not listening in the other, Blind in one eye and not looking with the other makes life interesting.

11 days ago

Depends on who you ask! If you ask me if my hearing is impaired I will say no, if you ask my wife she will say yes. She always says I didn’t hear a word she said!

11 days ago

Just a reminder to vets. The VA provides free top of the line hearing aids for most vets. Getting signed up can be a bit of a hassle (it took me three long telephone calls to get them to update my 20 year out of date address), but worth it. Batteries are also supplied free of charge.

11 days ago

Not me personally but my DW has a hearing disability. And since we are as one I answered yes. At times it can be very irritating! Any extraneous noise or a higher wind can take the sound away from her. I always attend her medical appointment to ensure she hears and understands the doctors questions and/or instructions. A major factor is lack of ability to understand phone conversations so I always listen in. Yes, she wears hearing aids, top of the line ones.

Jim Johnson
11 days ago

I don’t count fully correctable vision as an impairment. I don’t require hearing aids (yes I’ve been tested). My spouse on the other hand is in treatment to slow a vision impairment, probably not fully correct it, and she is wearing hearing aids.

Karen Grace
11 days ago

As with most, I do wear glasses when I need to read small print or view from a distance; and, my family notices a decrease in my ability to hear them (although a hearing test determined a loss not significant enough to get hearing aids). So, yes, to both, both not significantly!

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