Friday, June 2, 2023


Does your RV serve as your office for your full- or part-time income?

The COVID-19 pandemic really changed what work looks like. Even three years later, more people are working from home or remotely than ever before, and employers are finding out that it is, in fact, a productive, healthy way to earn a living.

Perhaps if your working days are gone (hellooooo, retirement!) you still run a small business from your RV to make some money here and there. Perhaps you sew scarfs and sell them on Etsy, or perhaps you make videos and monetize them on YouTube. Or maybe you do like some writers for and write articles for which you’re paid.

Whatever it is, do you use your RV as an office for full- or part-time income? If you don’t mind sharing what you do, please tell us in the comments. We’d be curious to hear. Thanks!


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Steven N
23 days ago

My work doesn’t lend itself to remote working but my wife has been known to work from the RV from time to time.

Last edited 23 days ago by Steven N
23 days ago

Work part time the RV is relaxation only.

Bob Weinfurt
23 days ago

Now I’m retired but when I was on vacation, I left my work behind.

24 days ago

I’m retired now, but the career I had (and I’ll admit, my personal work ethic) often required doing some work while technically on vacation. So for decades I did work from our RVs…even laptops around the campfire! Now how sick is that?! 🙂

Gary G
24 days ago

Retired, money is now working for us. HOPEFULLY!

Jim Johnson
24 days ago

While I voted for working from the RV when traveling, in full disclosure, I did that until I retired. I am no longer a wage worker. So, when I WAS still working… My FT job was done remotely for years. It made no difference if it was in my home’s office or my fully equipped if miniaturized RV office. I paid for cellular-based high speed internet with a VOIP business phone. My project team was often working from multiple time zones – we were all remote workers. We did need to be reasonably close to a commercial airport as clients wanted us to be on site for key project decision meetings.

24 days ago

I have now retired from full time work. But for 18 years I worked as a Loss Control Consutant for a nationwide company. Our customer base was Insurance companies. I performed inspections on almost any industry imaginable. At times I covered five states. The RV served as a convenient way to use distant locations as a base to complete several jobs without daily back and forth drives. I don’t stay in hotels!

T & S
24 days ago

Need more options. I do volunteer work that requires office space when in the RV.

24 days ago

Work is a 4 letter word.

24 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I agree with Tom

Tommy Molnar
24 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Me too. 🙂

Bill Byerly
24 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Yep, me too!

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