Sunday, May 28, 2023


Do you plan to spend more time RVing this summer than last?

Now that the pandemic is *mostly* behind us, RVing is a pretty safe activity, and so is visiting your favorite destinations… and seeing your family… and friends! Woohoo!

Do you think you’ll spend more time RVing this summer than you did last summer in 2022? A lot more time? A little more time? Or do you think you’ll spend less time RVing than you did last summer? About the same?

As always, thanks for voting. We appreciate your input.


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12 days ago

4 trips a year booked well in advance and usually on weekdays and never big holidays to avoid big crowds.

12 days ago

We’re full-timers, all winter, all summer, every year is the same timeframe. Only the scenery changes.

13 days ago

Now we’re both retired, we do our RVing mostly before and after summer. On a long trip right now.

Bill Bamber; Edmonton Alberta
13 days ago

HRH has Retired so am hoping we follow plan & spend more time this Summer out at RV with Friends. Never realized being Social could be so much Fun & Laffs!! We even can sleep in or get up early & go for a Walk!! & Totally amazing!!

Bill Byerly
13 days ago

A bit less this year. Last year was 8200 miles, give or take, San Diego to Maine, 2 1/2 month trip. This year up the west coast into Canada and back, 6 weeks or so. Plus all the local trips

Kevin C
13 days ago

We will do a three week trip from San Diego to Idaho and spend time with the kids and grand kids. Basically the same trip as last year, but going through the sequoias on the way over. Then make our way back home through the eastern sierras for what we hope to be some epic trout fishing!! Safe travels.

13 days ago

we never RVed in the summer…don’t like crowds. spring and fall were our seasons…while school was still in session.

Sandy S
13 days ago

I camp hosted the past 2 summers in SC. Too hot! Not camp hosting in the summer anymore. So I will probably go on about 1 camping trip a month through September. I’ll go for about 4 to 6 days each time.

Greg Bryant
13 days ago

We have too many other things going on this summer. Probably won’t RV till the fall. But we’ll winter in Texas so we look forward to that.

Neal Davis
13 days ago

Less this year because last summer was atypically heavy with travel. We were on the road for about two months total and covered about 6,000 miles. This summer probably will be more normal for us and include about 4 weeks and maybe 2 or 3 thousand miles.

13 days ago

I didn’t pick up my new camper until 8/3 last year, n we now travel full time.

13 days ago

Retired 1.1.23. Leaving for Alaska from So Cal on 6.1. Won’t be back until late August or early September

Gene Bjerke
13 days ago

I’m hoping to spend about as much time as last year, but because of new health issues, it will be arranged differently.

Diane Mc
13 days ago

About the same….none. We don’t travel in the summer time. Used to, long ago. Too crowded. Plus we are gone 2 to 3 months Jan to April, then May/June (first half). Used to go for 2 weeks in August to the redwoods in North Cal. They have a challenging 9 hole golf course at a RV park nestled in the hills, but due to drought, water pump issue, and trouble finding help golf course got pretty bad. We had to book our sight on Jan 1. If we go this year, it would be in September after Labor Day.

13 days ago

We planned on being on the road for 2-3 months, now I need my hip replaced so maybe a few weeks at the beach.

Tom E
13 days ago

We’re in our RV 8 months each year. This past year it was 5 months FL, 4 months home in our S&B’s, and 3 months in the NE. This year we’ll be stretching the NE time to 3-4 months and reducing the amount of time we spend in FL. Late spring and early fall weather is a bit warmer now in the NE – especially up in the Adirondacks. Next year we may extend our summer visit by heading on up to the NE Canadian islands. It will depend on how much maintenance there is on the RV and S&B’s – which I work on in mid-spring and mid-fall.

13 days ago

Due to health issues my wife is having we won’t be able to travel as much this year.

13 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Same here, but it’s my husband who is in poor health. Hard, isn’t it? Best wishes to you!

13 days ago

My wife finally made the decision to retire. Now we have reservations for two (2) weeks per month at different places across the State (PA). Next years big travel plan is Bar Harbor, ME.

13 days ago
Reply to  Stitz

Make your reservations at Bar Harbor now! We like the cape for its beaches and bike trails. Also many beautiful places along the way between PA and Maine.

Jim Johnson
13 days ago

Most of our RVing is in the winter. But with fewer family responsibilities this summer, we hope to do a bit more travelling than in the past.

13 days ago

Any more and we would be full timing.

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