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Do you set an alarm to wake up in the morning?

Do you usually set an alarm on your phone or an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning? If so, do you set one every day or just sometimes? Just for special occasions? Or do you just wake up naturally every day and not need an alarm at all?

Oh, and in case you need a lot of help getting up in the morning, perhaps this will do

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  1. After a zillion years working and having to get up at 6:00 A.M. I still wake up after being retired for 20 years.
    Get up hit the pee receptacle, then back to bed.
    If ME-TV has the old-old cartoons on I may view a couple until the ding-dongs put on one from the 60’s…
    The art work in the old toons I find amazing….Woody-Woodpecker was quite twisted back then…Love it.

  2. Only because my bride still has to go to wo#@ (it’s one of those 4-letter words I have difficulty saying). But when she retires, other than an early morning appointment, no more alarms.

  3. Coffee makes a sound when it’s ready at 5:43 AM, that’s when one of the cats hops on the bed and starts nibbling on my scalp. If that doesn’t work, he pulls on the sheet to uncover me. Dog gets agitated at cat, says “he’s not supposed to do that!”, other cat shows up and says “I guess it’s time for breakfast.”

  4. Yup set an alarm, but I don’t get up till my 4 legged fur partner charges up on the bed wanting to play. Unusually within 20 of alarm. Or sooner. 😆

  5. Not an alarm per se, but a light that comes on at 5:25. I’m usually awake to watch it come on. I got one of those accurate internal clocks. like when I set a timer for 5 minutes. I usually stop it about 10 seconds early. cooking in the microwave? same thing. Grilling a steak? same. Sometimes I WISH I could ignore the clock. maybe next year (when I retire.) until then, I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go.

  6. Just when we have important early appointments, as a back up. Normally we wake on our own. My husband used to have his watch set to go off every day. I finally told him….we don’t need that on days we aren’t going anywhere. He agreed! Every once in a while it’s nice to sleep in a bit

  7. I started getting up at 4:30 when my Dad would get me up to help milk dairy cows. I only had to be called twice….one time! As a business owner I was up early and the first to arrive to work. Only set an alarm for very special appointments. Now I wish I had to set an alarm to wake up early, because I wouldn’t!

  8. We are retired and don’t have strict morning schedules. Further I usually wake-up within a few minutes of the same time every day – – which is why I hate daylight saving time changes; but that is another topic.

    I set an alarm clock as a precaution whenever I do have a specific time I have to get out of bed; certainly if it is much earlier than normal. Otherwise, why bother?

  9. Ever since Marine Corps boot camp a light will wake me up, even when I was still working I used a 24 hr timer to turn on the bedside lamp and I would awaken and shut off the alarm set for 5 minutes later. Now I awaken with daylight coming in the window, I’ve never been a late sleeper even as a teenager my mother would wake us up for breakfast as she said she only fixes it one time.

  10. No need. Three fur kids up at Dawn with grunts, groans, ear flops from head shaking, the occasional bark and cold doggie nose on any accessible exposed skin makes an alarm clock useless. If they could talk at the crack of Dawn they would be screaming “Mom, Dad, we’re hungry, you need to feed us”.

  11. I set an alarm for appointments of the day, not to awaken. Today is oil change day on the truck.
    3:15 at the dealers.
    Nothing else planned

  12. Usually no alarm, since retirement.

    I used to get up at 5am for work because of early international meetings. For several months after retirement I would still wake up at that time…no alarm needed. Then I suddenly shifted to sleeping too much, sometimes until 9 or 10! Perhaps catching up on decades of sleep deprivation. Then it changed back to “early” @ 6am and seems to be staying there.

    • Same here. The first year post retirement I slept 9-10 hours a night, catching up on years of sleep deprivation. Now up at 6AM (7-8 hours of sleep). No Alarm!

  13. Yes, every day. Some days the earlier than others because of an appointment. Otherwise, I get up by 8:30 almost every morning by setting my alarm.

  14. The wife is an early riser. I wake but enjoy relaxing in bed while watching the morning news. If we need to get up early my wife will set the alarm on her iPhone.

  15. Only for early appointments and it includes driving distances. Otherwise I’m still running on military wake up after 20 years of service.

  16. For me, no, but the doctor said the wife needs to get out of bed by 08:00 so alarm is set for 08:00 & 08:30, she normally makes it out about 08:45.

  17. As a retired dairy farmer we were in the barn by 5 every morning now 20 years later still wake every day by 5. A habit that can’t be broken that started when in 7th grade.


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