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Q&A on TPMS settings



Question from a reader:
I would like your opinion as to what would be good alert values to set in the TPMS on my trailer. I need to set high and low pressures and temperature alerts. Thanks. —Dennis

My answer:
First, let’s be clear that Trailer Cold Inflation Pressures and Motorhome and Tow vehicle CIP are established differently. While I have covered the specifics and the “why” for each application in other posts, I will summarize here.

1. Both trailers and motorhomes need to confirm the actual load on their tires by getting on a truck stop scale or similar when the RV is fully loaded.

2. Using the Load & Inflation tables published by tire companies, we should all learn the MINIMUM inflation needed to support the measured load for each tire.

3. Motorhomes should set their CIP at the MINIMUM Inflation in item #2 above plus a 10% margin.

4. CIP for Trailers is the the pressure on the tire sidewall.

5. The Low pressure alert for Motorhomes and Trailers should be the MINIMUM inflation needed to support the measured load.

6. Trailer tires should not be loaded more than 85% of the “Max Load” as molded on the tire sidewall.

7. Most TPMS come set with the max temperature warning at 70°C (158°F), which is just fine.

8. Based on input from many RV owners with TPMSs I would suggest the High Pressure warning be at least 25% higher than the CIP.

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