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Record price paid for lot in North Carolina luxury RV resort


If you are one of the fortunate 1% you might want to visit a North Carolina luxury motorcoach resort where you can fix up your home base lot just the way you want it. Owners of one lot upgraded their “campsite” at Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort with a 400-square-foot coach cottage with a 900-square-foot covered patio, inclusive outdoor kitchen, fireplace, dining, and entertaining areas. Additional outdoor amenities include a “lavish” landscape, hardscape, fire pit, and built-in stone seating areas.

Oh, and the lot located on “The Ridge at Mountain Falls” in Lake Toxaway, NC, just sold, reports Woodall’s Campground Management, for $1.6 million – a new record on the sale of a motorcoach lot known to industry experts.

“In my 25 years of involvement in the motorcoach lifestyle I am not aware of this price point ever having been seen before,” noted Ken Hamill, the creator of “Big Rigs, Best Bets,” an annual directory in print and online of motorcoach resorts across the country. “I have visited motorcoach resorts from coast to coast. Given its unique location, the views and all the finely finished amenities, it is probable we will see more sales around the $1 million mark on the Ridge at Mountain Falls.”

The developer of the Ridge at Mountain Falls has set a new focus. Mountain Falls Partners LLC has secured the land and submitted applications to the municipalities for the land disturbance permit for the development of their next luxury motorcoach resort. This new project will be located in southwest Florida.

The new luxury motorcoach resort, called Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort, will “afford all the fine finishes and amenities as Mountain Falls with a clubhouse and a 90-acre recreation lake. Additional options will allow coach villas with bedrooms, oversized lots with boat docks, electric boats, boathouse with recreation equipment, waterside bar, and pickleball courts.

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4 years ago

That’s not a campsite. It’s a luxury vacation home with parking and hookups for your luxury motorhome. It’s only relation to the word campsite is it’s location in a “campground” – now called “Motorcoach Resorts” to distinguish between the upper and lower classes of recreation.

4 years ago

Any way you look at it, some people have way too much money! You can always give me some, LMAO!

4 years ago

I think this may be incorrect. It appears that is a total in sales and not for one lot.

Leo Suarez
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim

I agree, this article is incorrect. I live in NC and spend quite a bit of time in the NC mountains with our class A. I have even stayed at this place, it’s very nice and you can rent a site for about $85/night. Pricey, yes, but the resort and location are beautiful.

Gary Harris
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim

It is one lot. I live in Brevard, NC, about 40 minute drive from Lake Toxaway, half way to Asheville. My neighbor is one of the appraisers that work in the area. He says appraisals on veiw lots up there are running over $million dollars in that resort. He has done two.