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RV Electricity – Industry Update: New No~Shock~Zone, Inc. non-profit corporation

By Mike Sokol

I’m announcing my new No~Shock~Zone, Inc. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

After 10 years of writing hundreds of articles for the RV industry, there’s a lot of interest in electrical safety from dozens of the RV rallies and owner groups across the country. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them have no budget to bring me to one of their rallies, and I mean not enough to even pay for my gasoline or a hotel room. While I do get a fair amount of support from my I Like Mike donation campaign and, that’s barely enough to pay the internet bills let alone costs for me to fly or drive around the country to teach seminars, which is what I really want and need to do.

While I can get limited support from some of the manufacturers for demonstrating their products at the large trade shows, the smaller rallies are largely ignored since there’s little or no sales opportunities there. And a lot of the topics I write about just aren’t popular with many of the gear manufacturers. What marketing group wants to support me discussing the electrocution dangers of hot-skin voltages? Or how about CPR and AED Basics? I’m sure that no portable electric heater manufacturer is going to pay me to create a test and video of a power strip catching on fire from one of their products.

But all is not lost since I just recently applied for a non-profit 501(c)(3) status for No Shock Zone, Inc. And by casually discussing this project with a few RV colleagues, one of them called and said he would like to start the ball rolling with a significant challenge donation. In another week or two when the paperwork comes back I’ll be ready to announce this challenge campaign, which could potentially gather enough funds that I can increase my No~Shock~Zone and RVelectricity article and video output even more, as well as present more live seminars around the country without having to pay for travel out of my own pocket.

In the meantime, know that I’m working hard to educate the RVing public and technicians about electrical power and safety through my various RVelectricity blogs, articles and videos. Stay tuned for the official announcement shortly.

Let’s play safe out there….



Mike Sokol is an electrical and professional sound expert with 50+ years in the industry. His excellent book RV Electrical Safety is available at For more info on Mike’s qualifications as an electrical expert, click here.

Email me at mike (at) with your questions.

For information on how to support RVelectricity and No~Shock~Zone articles, seminars and videos, please click the I Like Mike Campaign.



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2 years ago

Best wishes. Will be awaiting the challenge.