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RV entertainment: Government-provided road signs

By Jim Twamley

As a long time RVer I’ve crossed the country back and forth and enjoy seeing unusual signs. We frequently see signs that say things like “Elk” or “Deer Crossing” or “Moose next 5 miles.” When I first began driving I would get excited and attentive, thinking I might actually see wildlife.

We laugh at these signs now because in our experience these signs actually mean, “There is no chance at all you’re going to see anything of the sort.” So why do states waste the metal and manpower to erect signs like these? So hunters can have a little target practice? Just about every other sign you see with a “dancing deer” has bullet holes in it. It would be more entertaining for states to put up signs like, “Road Kill next 5 miles” or “Birds” or “Armadillo Crossing.”

Granted, if you hit a moose or a large deer doing 65 mph you could get killed; but other than entertainment value, do these signs really help?


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