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RV Gadget: Fridge Fixer keeps residential refrigerator doors closed in RVs

Americans are an ingenious lot. We see a problem. We solve a problem. Whether that problem be big or small we don’t hesitate to provide a cool solution. And speaking of cool, one of the problems many RVers have is that their residential refrigerators don’t stay closed when going down the road.

Solution? Fridge Fixer™. 

The Fridge Fixer is a pretty clever solution to having the doors of the fridge fly open during travel. It does not modify the refrigerator and is really, really easy to use and install. Essentially, a bracket is attached to the refrigerator itself. That has an extension that fits between the doors and then a “plug” fits into the extension keeping the doors closed. 

Better yet, the company puts a magnet in this plug so it just sticks to the doors when not in use. As a bonus, you can use this system to prop the doors open if you’re storing the fridge unused. 

Speaking with Carl Abrahamson at the one-person company, there are models of this for all sorts of residential refrigerators. These include French door models, top freezer models, bottom freezers, four French doors and even quad doors. The only styles the company hasn’t gotten their product to work with, yet, are side-by-side models and mini fridges. 

The story behind the Fridge Fixer

Abrahamson, a retired Systems Engineer, invented the Fridge Fixer after buying a new coach 1200 miles from his home.  

The manufacturer only put a bungee cord around the handles of the French door refrigerator. “When my young son tried to get a soda from the refrigerator, he lost control of the bungee, it cut his cheek, the refrigerator doors were flying open, and I had nowhere to pull over…not my best day.  But after that incident, I created the first prototype Fridge Fixer out of aluminum and a wooden block.”  

“I was going to declare victory and move on, when one day my service adviser saw the device and remarked that she had so many customers that needed it.  So, I got a patent and a trademark, and my retirement has pretty much ended.”

Essentially, the Fridge Fixer is installed by removing the inner screws holding the door of the fridge on. It’s only the two most inner screws, the others stay in place. Then you install the wide metal bracket of the Fridge Fixer into place using these screws and center the mount. Tighten it up with the included Allen wrench and you’re ready to go. 

There are actually quite a few models of the Fridge Fixer that are made specifically for your refrigerator. Prices are under $100 for the complete kit and, interestingly, all the models are created using a three-dimensional printer. So not only is this an ingenious product but one that is created by an RVer for RVers using the latest technology. 


You can find Fridge Fixer on Amazon (of course).



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3 months ago

Must have or you will have dented doors

9 months ago

Installed on ours because factory installed lock opened all the time. Never a problem since.

Joe Allen
9 months ago

Have had this for 3 years now and wouldn’t be without it! Very handy and it works!

BILLY Bob Thronton
1 year ago

Neat gadget

James Charters
1 year ago

I have one and it works. Had problems with the original locks put on by the manufacturer, breaking or falling off.

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