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RV “influencer” article creates a lot of “buzz”

I wrote an article last week (if you missed it, read it here first before continuing on) about some of the information being provided in articles and blogs in various publications online from RV influencers. It was an extremely popular article and topic, so I thought I would share some of the comments I received, which would help provide a follow-up to the conversation.

Photos provided by authors and RV influencers, not companies

First, I would like to address the MSN and Lippert screen capture regarding the ad for RV stairs and the photo MSN provided. See below.

I wanted to clarify that the photo was not provided by Lippert, rather a filler from the MSN source and not indicative of what Lippert has been trying to provide when it comes to the RV industry. I have worked with Lippert for more than six years through the RV Repair Club and my seminars. They have been outstanding at providing technical assistance and documentation.

For those of you that read my “Ask Dave” column here on, you know that I often refer readers to Lippert for not only technical assistance but also customer assistance at the dealer level when they are having issues getting a Lippert component fixed. Lippert has purchased many long-standing OEM companies such as Power Gear, Kwikee, Atwood, and others. What has truly impressed me is the support they provide owners even after the sale! Most companies that purchase a brand have the tendency to cut ties with anything or anyone prior to the sale, but not Lippert.

Lesson learned!

Ironically, this morning I came across another ad on for a Lippert RV step. I would imagine someone at got a lesson on what an RV really is. Whew!

RV influencers often choose the wrong photo for their article. Here, Lippert learned their lesson and used a photo of an RV to describe an article about RVs.

Here are some of the other comments I received about RV influencers:

“Let’s not just isolate this to RV influencers. First of all, not everyone who writes an article is an influencer. There seem to be at least 500 articles for every one actual influencer. Secondly, you’re leaving out manufacturers, product companies, and dealers. The amount of misinformation is astounding and comes from just about every nook and cranny within the RV industry. My most recent experience is Camco selling its magnesium anode rod SPECIFICALLY for an Atwood water heater!! Packaged and on the shelves. If I was an influencer I might suggest this in an article, sourced directly from an established RV retailer.” —DW1

This brings up a good point, and something that I would like to expand on. Not all RV influencers are misleading, and not everyone who writes or provides information is an influencer.

Jason Epperson, of RV Miles, says, “While I agree with the sentiment here, the ‘influencer’ frame of reference is unfortunate. Most actual influencers (who mostly hate the term ‘influencer’) care deeply about their audience. I think you’re mostly referring to wannabe-influencers and SEO bloggers. Influencers have influence because their audience trusts them. People don’t trust people who post this stuff. I’ve certainly got things wrong a time or two, and so has We all have. It goes with the territory. But we do our best to provide quality, reliable content, and I find the ‘othering’ of content creators unfortunate. We’re all in the same boat.”

Our friends Julie and Marc Bennett, of RV Love, wrote, “Thanks for sharing this article. We share your frustrations at the inaccuracy (and often danger) of much of the content we see, usually by RV newbies and/or SEO bloggers that farm out their articles to people who just do random Google searches to piecemeal a story together.

“However, we also agree with Jason Epperson’s comment about the use of the word ‘influencers,’ which is misused. Influence is not based on churning out hundreds of cruddy articles, or thousands of YouTube followers, but based on a history of building a relationship of trust and respect, and a proven track record of producing quality, accurate, well-researched content.

“We’d hope people can see through the garbage. It’s shocking how many get their ‘news’ from a headline or blindly believe what they read on the internet or see on social media.

“It takes time to produce quality accurate content. And it’s frustrating how many steal content from those of us who put in the effort to share accurate information!”

I agree!

A follow-up comment

Lastly, I really liked this follow-up comment from the above reader, DW1, who says, “I believe the real problem is using as a news source.”

Just to clarify, I don’t use as a news source, rather a supplement to my cartoons in the local paper! It is rather funny at times.

So, whether you call yourself an “influencer” or, like me, you are an “influencee” (receiver of information/influence), you/we need to try and educate ourselves as much as possible and verify our information sources. After all, we are all just trying to make our RV experience much more enjoyable.

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

Read more from Dave here



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Jason Epperson
8 months ago

Dave, really appreciate the update. The internet is a mess. It’s the wild west. And it’s great to have smart people like you on it.

9 months ago

I believe a much bigger problem is using FOX opinion programs as their ‘news’ sources! Is RVtravel becoming as divided politically as everything else?

RV Staff
9 months ago
Reply to  MrsE

Well, many of our readers are divided politically, as is apparent from the diverse opinions expressed in their comments. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Bruce Williams
9 months ago

Funny, Jason Epperson (RV Miles) is one of those GO-TO websites that I have learned to trust and find his (and his wife’s) info usually very relevant and accurate. Having a good reliable source of current RV information that you can trust is important (like Does he have sponsors? Yes, but I don’t begrudge them for that. He is open about them. I actually had the opportunity to meet them when they passed through Biloxi and found them humble and down to earth…like most RV’ers. Find the “influencers” you trust and stick to them, and you might learn a few things. Been RVing for 40 years and can tell you I have learned a few things from Chad and Tara and Phil and Stacy. Heck, been to places following them that I’ll never be able to get to on my own.

K & LG
9 months ago

Just to correct a couple of recent slams on as a news source. clearly credits their many news sources (to keep from getting sued), such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, National Review, Washington Post, NY Times, etc., even Fox News (for whatever that’s worth, which isn’t much, unless you’re looking for news about tanning your private parts).

9 months ago
Reply to  K & LG


Irvin Kanode
9 months ago

I suggest reading all Tips and Articles with a skeptical mind. Everyone, even I, sometimes gives out incomplete information that doesn’t take into account all the possibilities. Maybe the tip is only valid for a certain class of RV or a certain type of hitch.

9 months ago

Dave, could you do a review on the new 16 cubic ft Furrion 12 volt frig?
Now standard equipment in some major brands.

dale rose
9 months ago

The only “Influencers” that I pay attention to are on RVTravel. I’ve looked at some of the others, and I have to laugh at how little they really know about RVing.

9 months ago

“Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.” Did you write that yourself Dave? Humble brag.

Glen Cowgill
9 months ago

Dave, the real problem is, which audience are you trying to reach? How technical must you be? Your writing tends to be more simplified as to reach the average Joe. I tend to write to reach the average technician which requires more technical terms and explanations. You do a wonderful job doing what you do.

As a former educator of young students in the automotive field, I had to bring them from the uneducated level to at least the apprentice level and in some rare cases, the technician level. I had to get rid of misconceptions, lies, hearsay and bad habits. It is easy to assume that your intended listener knows something which should be common knowledge. This assumption misleads a lot of people. Our world has way too many people who miss the fine details.

Keep up the great work.

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